Simple law of attraction


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Simple law of attraction

  1. 1. Simple Law of Attraction Claim a copy of our new free report: “20 Things You Need To Know Before You Start With The Law of Attraction” by going to the website and signing up for our new newsletter: Simple law of attraction techniques/understandings are those that require little work or effort and although simple law of attraction techniques are easy to talk about they are not so easy to do. There is little in the law of attraction that is simple as it is such an amazing understanding but here I have outlined some simple law of attraction understandings. People ask all the time how to keep the law of attraction simple and so here are 10 simple ways to understand the law of attraction. 1. The law of attraction is a process of creating the life that you want and is about you and your life rather than the life of others. 2. When using the law of attraction you must accept completely that your beliefs affect your experience: without accepting this it will not work. 3. You need change only one belief system – yours. 4. Your life experience responds to your belief system and so you must change your belief system FIRST to see any results. 5. To gain the power to change your experience you must take responsibility for it: otherwise you are powerless. 6. The law of attraction works because the world we are in is NOT physical, you must accept this otherwise you will not be able to create the life you want. 7. The creation of your experience does not come from the you that you see in the mirror but from a broader and deeper aspect of yourself you are unconscious of. 8. You are your soul in flesh, a physical representation of the eternal self: you are soul stuff right now and do not need to die to experience that self.
  2. 2. 9. Do not try to change the world, it does not need saving. Focus on your own ‘personal’ reality and change that first. 10. Keep it simple: your thoughts create your experience so learn to change your thoughts. 11. Your emotions are responses to your thoughts, change your thoughts and change your emotions. Ok there are some simple law of attraction understandings that you must have in place to start creating the world that you know. Something you can do right now is to start exploring your beliefs and ideas about the world and what ideas you have: this alone will start the process of removing the limiting beliefs that you will have picked up during your life. For more simple law of attraction tips and understandings please go to David Marshall is the author of three books, a spiritual teacher and Master NLP Practitioner and Master Hypnotherapist and law of attraction expert. He is the creator of where anyone can receive professional training in the law of attraction and how they can consciously choose their life experiences. As an NLP and Master Hypnotherapist David combines his knowledge and skill to help others change their beliefs easily ensuring they are able to use the law of attraction more quickly and easily. Alongside this aspect of work David also helps his clients expand their conscious awareness of their identity, combining the spiritual understandings he has gained over this lifetime with the therapeutic skill as a Master Practitioner PS. We have just added a brand new report: 20 Things You Need To Know Before You Start With The Law of Attraction Go to http|:// and claim your free report and 8 training videos now..:)