Manifest Desires - 7 Essential Insights
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Manifest Desires - 7 Essential Insights



The law of attraction is all about learning to manifest desires and dreams that you have in your life and here I am going to outline 7 law of attraction tips to help you manifest desires in any area ...

The law of attraction is all about learning to manifest desires and dreams that you have in your life and here I am going to outline 7 law of attraction tips to help you manifest desires in any area of your life. These essential law of attraction tips are based upon 15 years of teaching others and exploring my own powers and abilities so I know that you take these ideas on board with an open mind you will be able to manifest your desires more quickly. It is true to say however that leaning how to create the life you want and use the law of attraction takes time and effort, but with commitment anyone, including you can achieve the desires they have.



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    Manifest Desires - 7 Essential Insights Manifest Desires - 7 Essential Insights Presentation Transcript

    • Essential Tips To Manifest Desires to End Your Suffering
      David Marshall
    • What’s The Problem?
      Suffering, Pain, Guilt, Loneliness, Unhappiness,
      Health problems, Debt, Poverty, Lack of Time, Stress, Lack of Self Worth, Helplessness, Lack of Support….on and on..
      Answer…understand how reality works..end your suffering…
    • Manifesting Tip 1
      Start from where you are and do not try to run before you can walk. By this I mean that you must accept where you are at. Fully accept your life situation as it is but begin to accept that it is your beliefs that have created your circumstances and with a change of belief your experience can alter too.
    • Manifesting Tip 2
      To manifest desires you must have some goals. Most people attempt to manifest without having goals and this gives the conscious mind nothing to work with. Make sure that you write down your desires and turn them into goals. That way your ‘energy’ and mind will have something to work with.
    • Manifesting Tip 3
      Be reasonable! Too many people get carried away trying to create events that they do not really believe they can, there is no point in doing that so look at what you want and ask yourself if you really believe you can achieve those goals, it you do then go for it.
    • Manifesting Tip 4
      Your beliefs create your experience so learn to work with your beliefs. This is essential to your success so learning NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming or hypnosis will come in really handy when altering your beliefs.
    • Manifesting Tip 5
      The law of attraction is an understanding about the nature of reality so you will have to expand your awareness of how the world works. This means that you cannot manifest desires with the old rules of the physical world: this journey requires change so get used to it.
    • Manifesting Tip 6
      Do not let the law of attraction and learning to manifest desires take over every second of your life. You will have to do a lot of learning and personal exploration but have fun too. Sometimes I think it is best for people to get a hobby when they start with law of attraction so they have another outlet and do not get too obsessed!
    • Manifesting Tip 7
      Be committed and do not give up: just as your old beliefs created where you are now, new beliefs will take over and create new experiences but using the law of attraction is a art form that requires commitment and practice.
    • Manifesting Tip 8
      The truth is that ‘you get what you focus on’:
      TIP: praise what is good in your life and learn to change your beliefs in the areas that need changing
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