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Flat Stanley in Beijing
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Flat Stanley in Beijing


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Flat Stanley traveled from Brianna in Coquitlam, BC, Canada to Katie in Dalian, China. Katie took Flat Stanley on a trip to Beijing and to the Great Wall of China.

Flat Stanley traveled from Brianna in Coquitlam, BC, Canada to Katie in Dalian, China. Katie took Flat Stanley on a trip to Beijing and to the Great Wall of China.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. FLAT STANLEY Visits BEIJING To Brianna & her class, from Katie
  • 2. ABOUT KATIE Hi, my name is Katie. Right now, I am 8 years old, and I live in Dalian,China. This is my secondyear living in China, I wasborn in Canada. Some ofmy favourite things that Ihave done in my life have been going to the Great Wall as high as I can go, ! 4 towers", riding anelephant in Thailand and petting tigers, also in Thailand. I hope you enjoy this book!
  • 3. 1
  • 4. Flat Stanley In BeijingMy grandparents came to visit us for Christmas.Then a few days later our whole family flew toBeijing. Flat Stanley came with us and had lots of wonderful adventures.
  • 5. One of the first things we did is we went to the Silk Market. All the workers there triedto get you to come to their store. They called me “Little Girl, Little Girl”, and my mom“Lady”. We had fun putting Flat Stanley in di#erent pictures. 3
  • 6. He paints with his fingers and hands!4
  • 7. These are small Terra$Cotta Warriors. Last year we went to Xi’an and saw the REALTerra$Cotta Warriors. This is Flat Stanley sitting on a terra$cotta horse. He and I made aTerra$Cotta friend. The friend liked Flat Stanley a lot and asked to hold him. 5
  • 8. The Great Wall of ChinaThis is the Great Wall at Badaling. Last year wewent to another part & the steps were harder!
  • 9. 9
  • 10. 11
  • 11. 12
  • 12. We went to 3 shows, the first 2 we could not take pictures. These two were Riverdance and The Legend of Kung Fu. I really liked theseFlat Stanley is a fan of Kung Fu. shows. 13
  • 13. 14
  • 14. This is the Flying Acrobatic Show. We could take pictures here. There were girls thatrode bikes and on one bike 12 girls jumped on the bike and made a magnificent pose. Iwas sad when it ended.
  • 15. We went on a Hutong tour, and we rode in rickshaws. We learned about paper cutting from a lady who invited us into her Me and my mom. home.16
  • 16. 17
  • 17. A friendly guard in Tiananmen Squ are18
  • 18. Dear Brianna,We went to TiananmenSquare and also to theScience Museum. We alsovisited with friends whowent to our school last year. Ihope you enjoyed ourBeijing tour. From Katieand Flat Stanley. :-) m Science & Technology Museu 19
  • 19. Where is Flat Stanley?
  • 20. Flat Stanley in BeijingTo Brianna and her classmates, January 1st, 2011