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Villanova contmgmt t2

  1. 1. The Nation’s Leading Universities Online Villanova University Professional EducationCertificate Programs Online 2008 - 2009 Contract Management Certificate Programs Online 800-571-4938 | Intl. +1 813-612-4296
  2. 2. Villanova University Expand Your Contract Management Knowledge and Your Earning Potential!Villanova University, a coeducationalRoman Catholic institution founded in1842 by the priests and brothers ofthe Order of St. Augustine, welcomes In today’s increasingly competitive and fast-paced business environment, contractstudents of all faiths. The university management plays a vital role in every organization. It’s a critical discipline employed by bothconsists of five colleges: The College buyers and sellers who must manage customer and supplier expectations and relationships,of Liberal Arts and Sciences, The control risk and cost, and contribute to organizational profitability and success.School of Business, The College ofEngineering, The College of Nursing No other discipline is more important in reducing administrative costs, providing tighterand The School of Law. It is the oldest accountability, improving forecasting and ensuring happier customers. And no university helpsand largest Catholic university in the you master the concepts and best practices of contract management like Villanova University.commonwealth of Pennsylvania. For Our interactive programs are carefully aligned with the National Contract Managementmore than a decade it has been ranked Association (NCMA) Contract Management Body of Knowledge, the authoritative guide toby U.S. News & World Report as the competencies necessary for contract management expertise.#1 University in the North (Master’sDivision). BusinessWeek has rankedthe undergraduate business school THERE’S NO DISPUTING IT: YOU’LL GO FAR WITH DYNAMIC MASTER CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS With Master Certificates in Commercial Contract Management and Government Contract#12 in the nation. Management, you can conveniently acquire the skills to master contract management best practices and trace the contracting process from requisitioning through contract closeout.Villanova University offers onlinecertificate programs in various Each master certificate program focuses on competence areas such as contract law,disciplines: Project Management, Six administration, accounting, psychology, management and planning. These prestigiousSigma and Lean, Contract Management, credentials not only show your commitment to continuing education, but they prepare you toIS Security, Business Analysis, Software demonstrate your knowledge of advanced contract management principles through career-Testing, Human Resources, ROI building industry certification.Methodology, Leadership, andFinance and Accounting for theNon-Financial Manager. DISTINGUISH YOURSELF WITH NCMA CERTIFICATION Villanova contract management master certificates prepare you for industry certification, which can boost your income by 56%! The programs, which are endorsed by the NCMA,Hurry! Monthly prepare you to test for these NCMA certifications:Classes Fill Quickly. • Certified Federal Contracts Manager (CFCM) – Shows that you are knowledgeable about the government regulatory environment and capable of executing its tenets.ÎÎ 800-571-4938 • Certified Commercial Contracts Manager (CCCM) – Shows that you are knowledgeableÎÎ Intl. +1 813-612-4296 about the practice of contract management in the commercial environment.ÎÎ • Certified Professional Contracts Manager (CPCM) – Shows that you are knowledgeable about all facets of contract management, in both the commercial and government arenas. Individuals with CPCM certification earn up to 56% more than non-certified professionals, according to the annual NCMA Salary Survey. “Villanova has great instructors that always take time to help the student. I would recommend these classes to anyone who is working with contracts, whether commercial or government.” Josephine Lunderman, Boeing The Worldwide Leader in Professional Education – ONLINE! | | 800-571-4938 2
  3. 3. become a contract management expert – earn a master certificate! Experience AN UnmatchedBy completing three courses, you can earn a Master Certificate in Commercial Contract Online ClassroomManagement or Government Contract Management. Earning a master certificate demonstrates Our online classroom is second toa solid understanding of core contract management skills and illustrates career dedication. none! It’s dynamic, interactive and multimedia driven. Instant messaging Villanova’s comprehensive curriculum and shared virtual whiteboards allow provides contract managers with an in-depth you to interact with classmates and understanding of contract law, federal and faculty in real time. And two-way voice commercial law, procurement processes and over IP is a great personal touch for best practices. You will gain the real-world students who prefer to communicate knowledge and tools you need for decision- via voice to ask questions or discuss making and strong business performance. weekly assignments. These unique online programs, which Communicating with professors feature curricula that are constantly updated during virtual office hours and viewing to reflect the latest concepts, methods leading industry experts via streaming and practices, equip you with skills that video make learning faster than in the are in high demand. Strengthen your traditional classroom setting. You’ll do negotiating skills for the private, public or everything online in your own time, soGet certified! government sector through a more thorough you can work full time and continue understanding of the contracting process. your education.Your Master Certificate prepares you for Start earning your master certificate today!certification exams offered by NCMA. Program Benefits Unparalleled Features • Virtual classroom provides two-way Essentials Essentials • Learn the procurement process, from voice over IP with instant messaging Commercial Government requisition to contract enforcement and shared whiteboard features • Gain knowledge to test for NCMA • Professor-led classes through online certifications for contract managers streaming video • Develop an in-depth understanding of • Chat rooms and message boards Mastering Business Skills federal or commercial contract law for rich, real-time interaction with • Discover how to negotiate and administer professors and students alike contracts • Ability to study anytime, anywhere • Renew and negotiate contracts faster • No required login times – Advanced Contract Management • Curb maverick spending 24/7 access • Reduce unwanted renewals, • Multimedia access – not a overpayments and customer book-in-a-box, go-it-alone program underpayments Master Master Who Should Enroll? Hurry! Monthly certificate in certificate in COMMERCIAL GOVERNMENT Designed for contract administrators, contract managers, sales or business Classes Fill Quickly. ÎÎ 800-571-4938 CONTRACT CONTRACT development managers, project managers ÎÎ Intl. +1 813-612-4296 or others responsible for contracting MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT projects, these courses help commercial and ÎÎ government contractors succeed at all levels. Contract Management courses endorsed by the National Contract Management Association The Worldwide Leader in Professional Education – ONLINE! | | 800-571-4938 3
  4. 4. Certificate Course Descriptions & TuitionEssentials of Commercial Contract Management Mastering Business SkillsThis eight-week online course is designed to give you the tools This 12-week certificate course covers the critical bottom-lineyou need to understand the procurement process from contract business skills needed to be a successful contract manager. Thedefinitions and source selection to contract management and course, which is essential in preparing for the business skills sectionadministration. Trace best practices of the contracting process of the NCMA exams, includes a certification preparation sectionfrom requisitioning through contract closeout and learn the entire featuring hundreds of test prep questions for the business skillscommercial contract management process from both the buyers’ portion of the CFCM and CCCM certification exams.and sellers’ perspectives. What You’ll Study:What You’ll Study: • Operations Management and Quantitative Methods• Contract Elements • Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management• Contract Formation • Consumer Decision Making and Business Marketing• Contract Performance and Enforcement • Pricing Concepts• Principal and Agency • Accounting and Finance• Property Law • Organizational Behavior• Dispute Resolution • Financial Reporting• Contract Typos • Strategic Planning for Competitive Advantage• Contract Consideration • Internet Marketing• Statute of Frauds• Intellectual Property Advanced Contract Management• Business Ethics Expanded to 12 weeks, this course includes a certification preparation section featuring hundreds of test prep questions forEssentials of Government Contract Management both the CFCM and CCCM exams. New lectures cover the contractThis eight-week online course is designed to give you the tools you management process, earned value, terminations, internationalneed to understand the procurement process, from government issues and risk, classification of government property, propertycontract definitions and source selection to contract management management system and liability for loss, damage, destructionand administration. Trace best practices of the contracting process or theft. Learn how to write proposals that get attention and winfrom requisitioning through contract closeout and learn the entire contracts. Gain an understanding of legal issues and learn to protectgovernment contract management process from both the buyers’ both yourself and your company.and sellers’ perspectives. What You’ll Study:What You’ll Study: • Winning New Business Contracts• Pre-Award Phase • Contract Pricing• Types of Contracts • Cost Accounting Standards• Contract Law • Performance-Based Contracts• Award Phase • Subcontracts• Post-Award Phase • International Issues (NEW)• The Contract Management Process (NEW) • Government Property (NEW)• Fixed Price and Cost Reimbursement Contracts • Cost Analysis• Commercial vs. Government Contracting • Cost Allowability and Allocability• Role of Negotiation • International Risk• Contract Closeout: Administrative Closeout • Liability for Loss, Damage, Destruction or Theft The Worldwide Leader in Professional Education – ONLINE! | | 800-571-4938 4
  5. 5. Villanova Online Faculty and Practicing ProfessionalsVillanova University online faculty and staff bring a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to instructional development and delivery.Their expertise and interactive teaching methods create a dynamic experience where participants use a proven combination of “virtualclassroom” tools, online instructor-led discussions and streaming video.Jay Billings, PhD Douglas Goetz, PhD, CPPM, CFDr. Billings has more than 35 years of experience in acquisition and Dr. Goetz is Professor of Contract and Property Management at themanagement in roles ranging from Deputy Project Manager for the Defense Acquisition University. He is widely known as “the Guru ofPERSHING II Project Office to Senior Recruitment Analyst for a U.S. Property Management.”Army Major Subordinate Command. Gary Marcus, Esq.Wayne Brantley, MS Ed, PMP Mr. Marcus serves as counsel to Goldberg & Connolly’s FederalMr. Brantley is the Managing Director of Villanova University Contracts Group and has over 30 years of experience in state, localProfessional Education Online. He has more than 25 years of and federal contracting.experience in the Air Force as a project manager. Nelson L. Mellitz, MAM, BBA, BS, AS, CPCMTerry Carlson, MBA, BS Mr. Mellitz is NCMA Fellow and Chief of the Northeast Area FieldMr. Carlson is Director of Navigant Consulting, Inc., a government Procurement Operations for the Internal Revenue Service. He is ancontracts consulting practice. His expertise covers regulations, AFIT certified professional contracts manager.guidelines and cost accounting standards for government contractors. Ann Micheli, JDPaul Couture, MA Ms. Micheli, the President/CEO of her own consulting practice,Mr. Couture is owner of The Couture Group, Inc., a professional Phoenix International, earned her JD with a specialization inrecruiting firm. His experience spans a career as a U.S. Army Contract and Environmental Law.procurement and chemical officer. William Moffitt, PhD, MA, BSKim Crabtree Dr. Moffitt is a trainer, software tester and on-site consultantMs. Crabtree has more than 25 years of experience in progressively for federal contracting for CACI, Inc., of Arlington, Virginia. Heresponsible roles in business, marketing, sales and customer has taught SPS PD2 software to all four branches of the federalrelationship management in a variety of business sectors. government’s contracting offices.Ron Crabtree, CPIM, CIRM Daniel Munson, CSSBB, CQEMr. Crabtree is President of MetaOps™ Inc. With 30 years of Mr. Munson has more than 20 years of experience at Honeywellexperience, he is an internationally recognized expert in cutting-edge and Storage Technology. He has developed process improvementbusiness process improvement methodologies. methodologies worldwide for numerous leading companies.Paula Cushman, CPCM, CACM C. Lynn Northrup, CPIM, CPAMs. Cushman is Director of Contracts for Aviation & Missile Mr. Northrup is an author, authoritative business advisor andSolutions and Principal Manager in Cushman Consulting and consultant. He has over 40 years of experience as a controller, CPAContracting. She is an expert at managing contract activities. and operational consultant serving a wide variety of industries.Kathleen Dunn, MBA, MS OD William C. Pursch, PhD, MSMs. Dunn is Director of Training and Professional Development at Dr. Pursch, President of Pursch Associates, is professor emeritusthe law firm of Patton Boggs, LLP. She has more than 20 years of and former department head of the Air Force Institute of Technologyexperience in adult education and professional development. at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. The Worldwide Leader in Professional Education – ONLINE! | | 800-571-4938 5
  6. 6. Certificate Program Tuition Master Certificates in Contract Management Take all three courses in a program and receive your master certificate. Earning a masterThe University Alliance (UA) facilitates certificate demonstrates a solid understanding of core contract management skills andthe promotion and online delivery of illustrates your dedication and and professional certificateprograms from the nation’s leadingtraditional universities and institutions. Contract ManagementPowered by UA’s technology and Essentials of Commercial Contract Management orsupport services, our university partners Essentials of Government Contract Management $1,980have surpassed 300,000 onlineenrollments – making UA the largest Mastering Business Skills $2,280facilitator of e-learning in the country. Advanced Contract Management $2,280University Alliance partners includeVillanova University, the University TOTAL $6,540of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Master Certificate in Government or Commercial Contract Management $5,995Business, Tulane University’s FreemanSchool of Business, Thunderbird School Special Package: All four courses (a $1,525 savings) $6,995of Global Management, the University Continuing Education Units (CEUs): Earn 4.5 CEUs for any of the courses listed above.of San Francisco, the University of Professional Development Units (PDUs): Earn 45 PDUs for any of the courses listed above.South Florida, Florida Institute of ACE Credit Recommendations: The American Council on Education (ACE) has recommendedTechnology, The University of Scranton three undergraduate credit hours for Essentials of Commercial Contract Management,and Jacksonville University. Essentials of Government Contract Management and Advanced Contract Management.One simple call connects you to thebroad range of benefits offered by What types of Discounts and Assistance are available?the University Alliance. You will beassigned a program representative Tuition Assistancewho serves as your contact for non- Your tuition cost may be covered by your company’s tuition assistance program and may alsoacademic issues – answering questions be tax deductible. Consult your HR department and your tax advisor for more information.about financing options, helping youto enroll in the next class and more.Technical support personnel and other Career Training LoanSM SLM Financial, a Sallie Mae company, offers a comprehensive, flexible, low-cost loan productprofessionals are also easily accessible specifically designed to help working adults who enroll in an accredited university’s distanceevery step of the way. learning undergraduate or graduate degree program or certificate program. The SLM Financial Career Training Loan, with its quick application and approval process, will have you readyHurry! Monthly to enroll in the next available session. For more information on the SLM Financial CareerClasses Fill Quickly. Training Loan, contact a program representative today or fill out an online application. 800-571-4938ÎÎÎÎ Intl. +1 813-612-4296 Military Discount Special discounts are available for active U.S. military servicemembers. Please call forÎÎ more information. The Worldwide Leader in Professional Education – ONLINE! | | 800-571-4938 6
  7. 7. Corporate Programs A Diverse Network Join the growing number of companiesUnleash the Power of Your Organization nationwide who have experienced theEstablish a corporate training program today, and begin to see positive results in your University Alliance difference:organization immediately! • Accenture • Agfa • Alliance EnergyWhat You’ll Get • AT&TA well-educated workforce equals corporate success. Along with saving your company • Bell Southvaluable time and money, you’ll provide your employees with the opportunity to learn • Bethlehem Steelthe necessary skills to lead improvement initiatives that result in measurable sales growth, • Boeingeconomic value, customer satisfaction and retention, and employee satisfaction and • Chevronmotivation. These skills will help increase your bottom line and create a streamlined • Ciscowork environment. • CSX Transportation • DellStart With a Pilot Program! • Deloitte ConsultingRegister a group of your employees in an online class, and see how their newly acquired • EDSknowledge increases productivity and impacts your bottom line. This pilot program offers the • ExxonMobilfollowing services to your organization: • General Dynamics• Special corporate pricing • General Electric• A unique, expert-led online session to “kick off” the course • General Motors• A survey of employees after class to ensure quality and satisfaction • Groton Utilities• An end-of-course review with corporate managers • Halliburton• All employees will be in the same online class • HP • IBM “We’re witnessing a major power shift between information • Ingersoll-Rand technology and the rest of business … the technology companies • Intel • Lockheed Martin that succeed will be those that have developed skills at listening • Microsoft and a sophisticated understanding of their customers’ industries.” • Motorola Sam Palmisano, CEO • NASA IBM • PricewaterhouseCoopers • SchlumbergerGuarantee your staff’s success with Contract Management training from Villanova • SprintUniversity! Getting started is easy. Contact us today for complete details. • United Technology • U.S. Department of Energy • U.S. Military • Xerox Corporate Rates are Available ÎÎ 800-571-4938 ÎÎ The Worldwide Leader in Professional Education – ONLINE! | | 800-571-4938 7
  8. 8. University Alliance Online | 9417 Princess Palm Avenue | Tampa, FL 33619-8313 | © 2008 Bisk Education, Inc. All rights reserved. Company, products and service names may be trademarks of their respective owners. PDFVIL07 | v080303