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CIE Investor Presentation


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. PAY CELL SYSTEMS To Provide Alternative Payment Solutions in the Prepaid Wireless Industry
  • 2. Retailer Market• 59,543 Retail Wireless Businesses in the US.• 146,294 Convenience Stores in the US.• Debit Card Companies• MLM Members (Vitel, ACN, Lightyear & Solavei)• ISO Distributors
  • 3. Market• Retailers• Direct Consumers
  • 4. Problem• Businesses that fulfill payments for prepaid wireless customers are not equipped to accept payments by all available methods.• Most businesses fulfill payments with cash, in-store.• Existing airtime vendors do not provide businesses with additional payment fulfillment method.
  • 5. Solutions• Provide a system that gives retail businesses the ability to accept payments by phone, online, smart phone, e-check and text messaging.
  • 6. Consumer Market• Wireless market accounts for $178 billion in Revenues• Prepaid wireless accounts for 29.2% of market.• Prepaid wireless subscribers top 100 million in June of 2012 (1/3 of the entire market)• 65% of all new service activations are with prepaid wireless.• US Market Trends for Prepaid Wireless: – 70% China – 80% Latin America – 65% Europe
  • 7. Problem• Customers don’t understand how to pay for service.• Many prepaid providers do not provide after hours customer service to fulfill payments requests.• Jan-March Google Search Statistics – 21,291 clicks & 358,000 impressions.
  • 8. Solutions• Dedicated vanity payment phone numbers and abbreviated dialing codes. – Example Simple Mobile: – Dial Toll Free 855-6-SIMPLE – Dial **PAYSM from Any Cell phone• Pay by E-Check• Pay by Text Messaging – Text the word “PAY” to 8722228227• Smart Phone Enabled Web Site
  • 9. TEAM• C. Jibril Sulaiman II (CEO and Founder)• Serial Entrepreneur– Left college after 2 years to start my first business.• 10-year veteran in the wireless retail industry.• Former owner and operator of several independent retail prepaid wireless stores• Grossed as high as $3.4 million in one year of sales in prepaid wireless retail.• Intimately familiar with many of the needs and concerns of todays wireless dealers including: transaction reconciliation, product marketing, customer retention, phone programming, support, airtime distribution and more.• Cognizant of the core technologies and associated support strategies that are used by many successful wireless dealers.• Author of the upcoming E-book titled, "Making Money in Prepaid Wireless: Understanding the Industry"
  • 10. TEAM• Rick Bhalla (Sales and Marketing Director)• Top Ranking in B2B Sales & Business development on Elance• 15 Years Experience in Wireless Industry Marketing• Specializes in B2B Sales and Business Development for small, medium, startup, and International companies looking to grow in US market.• Many small, medium, startup and International companies, lack the resources and time required to hire, train and deploy sales professionals who can rapidly build a sales pipeline.
  • 11. TEAM• Thomas Auge (Frontend PHP Developer)• Project Manager for Axel Springer AG• Head of System Engineering for• Senior Network and System Engineer for Dr. Kramer Laboratories• Top 5% or Higher Elance ratings in: – Linux, TCP/IP, Ajax and CSS
  • 12. Technology• Proprietary fulfillment backend system• Flexible IVR integration• Hybrid Telephony / Text Messaging System• Prime vanity number acquisitions that represent the top prepaid carriers – 855-6-SIMPLE , 855-45-PAGE & etc.• Star Star Dialing Codes. – **PAGEPLUS,**PAYSM, **PAYH2O & **NET10• Flexibility to integrate with top level distributors• Incentive based payment App for consumers• 4 layer anti-fraud protection
  • 13. Customers• Direct Sales – Prepaid Wireless Subscribers• B2B Retail Channels – Convenience Stores – MLM Members – Debit Companies – Wireless Stores
  • 14. B2B Customer Economics• Revenue Per B2B Retailer – $49.95 setup / $9.95 per month + $2 transaction fee + .5% margin on cc processing fees – $99.95 setup / $39.95 per month + .5% margin on cc processing fees• Revenue Per B2B Distributor – $199.95 setup / $49.95 per month – $299.95 setup / $149.95 per month• Cost of obtaining a B2B retailer is always carried by the distributor
  • 15. B2B Customer Economics• REVENUE SHARING FEE SCHEDULE• A portion of the fee collected under the Agreement will be distributed to Distributor based on the following schedule.• Transactions occurring that are $25 or greater ($2 convenience fees)• 500-2499 transactions will yield a payout of $0.25 per transaction (12.5% of the convenience fees)• 2500-4999 transactions will yield a payout of $0.35 per transaction (17.5% of the convenience fees)• 5000 plus transactions will yield a payout of $0.50 per transaction (25% of the convenience fees)• Transaction occurring less than $25 ($1 convenience fees)• 500-2499 transactions will yield a payout of $0.12 per transaction (12.5% of the convenience fees) 2500-4999 transactions will yield a payout of $0.18 per transaction (17.5% of the convenience fees) 5000 plus transactions will yield a payout of $0.25 per transaction (25% of the convenience fees)
  • 16. Direct to Consumer Economics• Average revenue per customer – $50.00• Cost of goods – $44.85• Average cost to acquire each customer – $1.25• 20,716 payments by unique subscribers – 2,900 Active monthly payments
  • 17. Milestones• Next 12 Months• ANI (Automatic number identification) Enabled System• Recurring Billing Enabled System• Token Based Platform• Text-to-Pay• ILD Integration (30% margins)• Incentive based App
  • 18. B2B Partners• ILD Partners – Eric Itzkowitz – Voxcall – Jeff Lauzon – EZPOSA• Distributor Partners – Kevin Dufresne – Totalcom – Tino Patel – Skytelecom• Debit Card Partners – Alvin C. Rice – Banx, Inc
  • 19. Competition• Pay Cell Systems• Phone, Web & Mobile • Competition Web Based Platform • Web based platform for• Text-to-Pay dealers• Incentive Based • Recurring Billing Payment App • ANI• Multi-platform Integration
  • 20. Financials
  • 21. Financial History
  • 22. THANKYOU!