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Theo Vd Steen - Added Value with CDI for Swiss Life and its customers - Data Quality Summit 2008
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Theo Vd Steen - Added Value with CDI for Swiss Life and its customers - Data Quality Summit 2008


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. ‘ Added value with CDI for Swiss Life and its customers ’
  • 2. Zwitserleven (Pre-Merger SNS-Reaal)
    • Zwitserleven Customers:
    • Zwitserleven has 251.000 individual Life customers with a market share of 2,7%
    • Zwitserleven has 3200 group life customers in the SMB market with a market share of 4,5%
    • Group life customers have approximately 250.000 employees with a Zwitserleven Pension.
    • Zwitserleven works with 4200 Insurance Brokers and Fee Agents
    • These Brokers know an unknown amount of employees.
    • Starting Situation in 2006 when we started at Zwitserleven:
    • There are many product databases with customer data that conflict with one another
    • We have no address details for the majority of our group life customer employees.
    • We commit ourselves to privacy legislation, pension act legislation, Customer Due Diligence legislation and all other for our market relevant laws.
    • Zwitserleven is a multi-channel organization with single channel information and processes.
  • 3. The Dutch Pension Market is changing rapidly !
    • The New Pension Act has changed the playing field on multiple levels:
      • Relations between Zwitserleven – employer – broker/fee agents have changed ! More responsibilities for protecting the employee benefits are pushed to Zwitserleven
      • These responsibilities have led to all new types of communication (UPO, Startbrief, etc.), directly to employees of Zwitserleven Customers
      • Yearly multiple million additional paper mailings to contacts who have never been directly communicated to! UPO Alone is 12 pallets of postal packages !
  • 4. A new target audience for Customer Service Communication ? Zwitserleven Fee Agent / Broker Employee Employer Zwitserleven Good Old Days New Era Fee Agent / Broker Employee Employer
  • 5. So in 2006 we started a journey to be prepared
  • 6. Towards a single view ! Home Address: 's Gravelandseweg 25, Den Haag GBA Address: Hoofdlaan 28, Den Haag Unique Customer: Dhr. R. Jansen; Tax number: 12345678; Born: 8 February 1956 One view to our customers
    • Contract:
    • Participant group insurance
    • Annuity fund
    • Investment Profile
    • conservative
    • up to € 20.000,-
    • Customer needs:
    • Stop work at 60
    • Children Study funds
    • Campaign Response:
    • year check camp.
    • Pension Gap camp.
    Family: Family Jansen Spouse: T.Jansen 2 Children
    • Comm. attributes:
    • Do not call
    • E-mail allowed
    • Do not fax
    • No direct mailings use broker solely
    • Financial Profile:
    • salary € 43.456,-
    • bank#
    • preference for direct debit
  • 7. Towards a modern process based architecture (SOA-principles) Sales Sales Service Service ERP ERP Legacy Legacy Data Integration Centralized Business Logic Process Integration
  • 8. But hum; What was our starting reality !
    • Customer Service is fully product component / system oriented in their process and interaction
    • Customer data is part of product information, therefore stored multiple times in product systems
    • No deduplication of customer data (Siebel > 1.000.000 customer records)
    • No process integration on customer level
    • Very traditional daily batch based transport in a real-time world
  • 9. So we needed a phased approach !
    • First priority is to improve data quality; completeness, correctness and integration of DQ principles in daily work.
    • Followed by creating a Customer Lifecycle Process in our organization and ICT systems
    • Ended by creating one central and leading Customer Repository to serve the Customer Process
    Level of centralization
    • Collect Data
    • Clean Data
    • Dedup
    Time Data consolidation Data harmonisation Centralized Data Management
    • Data distribution
    • Centralized Data Management
    + +
  • 10. Which resulted in the following starting customer maintenance process Change Customer Details and contractdata in CRM system Validate and Identify Customer Details Extract, transform and route NAW + contract data Manual Checks Customer Due Diligence / List matching Insertion from Source or Channel LRD – GBA Check Validate Name Address Identifiy Customer CDD / Listmatching Insert/change Customer Master Change Cross Reference Merge Customer Manual Check CDD Manual Check Merge Manual Check validation Manual Check Identification
  • 11. What were the results
    • The main supporting infrastructure is build in 2 years in 8 phased releases.
    • Every customer of Zwitserleven has an up-to-date GBA address (GBA updates are processed straight through).
    • The first UPO mailing to approximately 250.000 employee’s, resulted in only 400 undelivered mail packs.
    • Every contact with Zwitserleven results in a check on additional information opportunities (e-mail, telephone, etc.).
    • Suspicious people are caught early in the commercial process, therefore no rework and costs for setup in a market where products make no money in the first year.
    • Next step (expected early on 2009):
      • Every new employee is entered Straight Through in the CRM system from MyWorkPlace (employer site), no manual intervention is needed and ‘startbrief’ communication is triggered.
  • 12. What are interesting topics to consider !
    • Have the end in mind, but start within the capabilities of your organization (SMALL baby steps).
    • CDI – One Customer View – CRM need a lot of believe and do not sustain without an extensive and strong business driver to succeed.
      • The drivers for Zwitserleven on CDI were;
        • Cost management for a new target audience compliant with legal requirements and strong service levels on customer service
        • Minimize organizational change for serving a new target audience
    • Modern Architectures need a new view on ICT and Business alignment.
      • Business becomes a manager of process exceptions and ICT becomes the manager of the process !?
      • ICT wants TCO reduction, business needs NEW Functions
      • Who is responsible for Data Quality, e.g. deduplication is a process on its own, with its own exception handling and results !
  • 13. Thank you !