Autonomous Discovery: The New Interface?

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Dinesh Vadhia CEO @Xyggy talk at @ds_dln #strataconf 02/10/12

Dinesh Vadhia CEO @Xyggy talk at @ds_dln #strataconf 02/10/12

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  • 1. Autonomous Discovery the future interface? predictive computing anticipatory computing engineered serendipity …
  • 2. Dinesh VadhiaFounder/engineer at autonomous discovery Previously, senior product management rolesat Oracle and Sun in Silicon Valley and UK, with many years ofsoftware engineering first.Closely work with Professor Zoubin Ghahramani at CambridgeUniversity. One of the founding fathers of Bayesian machinelearning methods., @DineshVadhia
  • 3. The Autonomous AgeProbabilistic robotsCommercial unmanned aerial vehiclesSelf-driving cars
  • 4. Autonomous DiscoveryDiscover new things without doinganythingConvenience does matter> Keyword search volume? Probably
  • 5. Undefined IntentSearch intent defined by keywordsAutonomous discovery has undefinedintentWindow-shopping analogy
  • 6. New Bayesian ML AlgorithmDeals with things onlyData finds dataItem(s) per query
  • 7. Feature EngineeringThings defined by featuresCan mix multiple feature classes,including high- & low-level, unstructured& structured text, ratings, relevance,context and so on
  • 8. DynamicNo trainingDynamic predictions and rankingRelevance feedback 0.85634 0.83678 0.68321 0.59142
  • 9. ScalabilitySparsityIR + RecSysScalability
  • 10. Autonomous DiscoveryI am the query
  • 11. I Am the QueryGiven data about me, find new things I willlike.If I like a thing, find more like it, or removethis thing and others like it.Hit me with some serendipity.
  • 12. Quick Look technology showcase. autonomously discovers games and apps. android only. free. ad free.~300,000 apps, ~500,000 element feature vector. Xyggy
  • 13. Xyggy App UsageAutonomously discovers new Discover by Games or Appsgames and apps. categories, and Paid or Free.Learns what you like. Touch dice to take a chance with serendipityNo search box. No keywordsearch. To install an app you like, touch its icon to go to the AppIf you like a game or app, find Store.more (+) like it. Start-over with restart (o) atIf you dont like an app, anytime.remove (-) it and others like itgo away too.
  • 14. Last But OneData privacyDigital doppelgangerCold-Start Data: Help us spread the word to get moreXyggy app installs so that collective intelligence kicks-in for evenbetter results. The app is free and ad-free. Directions to installthe app are at Xyggy. Thank-you!
  • 15. A Must for ML Practitioners"A few useful things to know about machine learning" Pedro Domingos Department of Computer Science and Engineering University of Washington