How to view your website stats in tableau


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With Tableau's new Google Analytics connector, you can pull your website stats into Tableau and use its powerful data visualization UI to create richly interactive dashboards of youwe website data

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How to view your website stats in tableau

  1. 1. How to View Your Website Stats in Tableau Ben Jones @DataRemixed
  2. 2. Here’s what we’ll build in this tutorial A website usage dashboard, Including: 1. Large call-outs of overall stats 2. Ability to select which statistic you’d like to see 3. Timeline with ability to change range of dates 4. Top destinations, sources and social sources 5. Visitor location world map and top country list 6. Ability to filter all charts on the dashboard by selection 7. Ability to navigate to destination pages by clicking on red bars 8. Logo image file
  3. 3. Connect to Google Analytics from Tableau Desktop 1. Connect to Data 2. Enter Credentials 3. Choose Fields
  4. 4. Create Parameter & Calc Field to Switch Between Different Stats 1. Create a New Parameter 2. Create a New Calculated Field that links to the Parameter
  5. 5. Create a Calc Field that turns the Destination into a URL
  6. 6. Create 4 Top Stats Callout Boxes
  7. 7. Create a Timeline View
  8. 8. Create a Bar Chart of Top Destination Pages Be sure to add “Site URL” to the Level of Detail
  9. 9. Create Similar Bar Charts for Source & Social Source
  10. 10. Create a World Map and Country List
  11. 11. Put them all together on a New Dashboard
  12. 12. Be Sure to: • Apply Date Slider Filter to All Worksheets • Use All Sheets as Filters • Add Images, etc. Create a New Dashboard Action to Link Destination Bars to URLs Put the Finishing Touches on the Dashboard