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XenDesktop Features Presentation 25022010
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XenDesktop Features Presentation 25022010


Published on

Presentations from 25 Feb 2010 …

Presentations from 25 Feb 2010
Concorde Conference Centre, Manchester, United Kingdom, event.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. XenDesktop 4
  • 2. XenDesktop 4 HDX Features Feature Description HDX MediaStream Flash Redirection / Audio optimization with new codecs / Windows p Media Foundation support for Windows Media Player on Windows Vista and Windows 7 HDX Plug-n-Play Multi Monitor Flexible multi monitor support including U and L shaped Plug n Play Multi-Monitor Support configurations HDX Plug-n-Play Smartcard enhancements supporting Windows 7 and Vista with streamlined logoff Enhanced USB support / Webcams (“isochronous USB”) in LAN- like environments HDX Broadcast Enhanced ICA to improve user experience during logon and using hosted apps HDX Intellicache XD integration with Citrix Repeater (uses ICA Acceleration feature on Repeater) Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
  • 3. Adaptive Orchestration of HDX Technology Fallback: If possible, Server-side rendering in the Render on the endpoint device datacenter 2 Optimize using Inspect HDX Broadcast Network 3 Inspect 1 Endpoint Inspect Server
  • 4. HDX MediaStream for Flash Architecture (XenDesktop) Client Device XenApp Server pp End Result Thinwire Citrix Online virtual channel Internet Explorer p Plug-in 11.2 Pl i 11 2 Flash Player ICA Calls Flash HDX Flash Player HDX Flash virtual channel Flash Service Content User launches publishedtoon client. User navigatesare flash-based ActiveXICA HDX Flash ServiceFlash Playercontent on client virtual Flash Player isto sent Internetusing HDX Flash and syncs windows ActiveX calls downloads client over calls to Flash Player ICA Client places intercepts webpage Flash Player invoked flash Explorer
  • 5. HDX MediaStream for Flash Requirements • Endpoint device (Windows only) • Flash player version 10 or higher for IE • Citrix online plugin v11.2 or higher • Internet Explorer (required only to download the Flash Player) • Virtual Desktop (XP, Vista and Win7) • 32 bit I t 32-bit Internet Explorer 7 or higher tE l hi h • 32-bit Adobe Flash 10 player • Virtual Desktop Agent 4.0 or higher • No support for 64-bit Internet Explorer • Adobe has not provided 64-bit player for use in 64-bit IE • HDX Flash does support 32-bit IE on 64-bit OS
  • 6. HDX MediaStream for Flash Considerations •Falls back to server rendering if requirements not met Falls •Works for desktops and VM Hosted web (IE) apps •Control via GPO per machine or user •Blacklist URL's using GPO •Can be disabled on client via registry Can •Single-hop between client and virtual browser (e.g. Client Virtual Desktop Published IE is not supported)
  • 7. Virtual Desktop HDX RealTime: Audio Architecture WDM d i driver Client Audio virtual channel (bi-directional) VDA CTX audio ICA service service LAN Virtual machines DDCs LAN connected LAN-connected user with Desktop Receiver XenServer Pool WI XenDesktop Farm
  • 8. HDX RealTime - Audio Quality Samples/sec Bits/sample Channels Bandwidth Low 8000 2 1 16 Kbps Medium 8000 8 1 64 Kbps High 44100 16 2 1.4 Mbps Quality Codec Quality Index Channels Bandwidth Low XD4 Codecs 5 1 11 Kbps Medium XD4 Codecs 5 1 16.8 Kbps High XD4 Codecs 2 2 96 Kbps • Citrix Receiver online plug in plug-in includes the new audio codecs optimized for speech to p p improve VOIP
  • 9. Broad Softphone Support oad So tp o e Suppo t • Avaya One-X Communicator y • Avaya R5/R6 • Ci Cisco IP C Communicator 2 1 3 i t 2.1.3 • Skype, and • Office Communicator 2.0.6362.0 –The above have been tested but others should work as well
  • 10. HDX Plug-n-Play Multi-Monitor Support ug ay u t o to Suppo t • Broader application compatibility • Full-screen-only mode and Desktop Viewer • Can maximize a session over subset of local mulit-monitors • Support for U / L / T / X shaped monitor configurations pp p g • No more "off screen holes" •S Support for mixed resolutions tf i d l ti • Backward compatible with older clients p Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
  • 11. HDX Plug-n-Play Multi-Monitor Support ug ay u t o to Suppo t • Receiver sends local multi-monitor geometry to multi monitor VDA • OS and apps on the VDA perceive multiple monitors instead of bounding rectangle • Will be reflected in display control p p y panel applet pp • Taskbar visible on primary monitor (and only primary monitor) • No longer using MmHook for managing window & menu location which improves app compatibility, performance and stability
  • 12. HDX Plug-n-Play: Enhanced Smartcard Support Plug n Play: Feature set support for • Windows XP • Windows Vista • Windows 7 Backward compatible with B k d tibl ith DDC 3.0 Requires Win32 endpoint device Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
  • 13. Smartcard Features extended to Vista and Windows 7 • Smartcard authentication (logon, reconnect, unlock) • Smooth Roaming • Single Sign On from domain joined endpoints • Auto Disconnect with smartcard removal • Multiple smartcards • PIN reset t • Multiple Readers ( p (with limitations) ) Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
  • 14. Enhanced USB Support • Webcams • Security dongles • Headsets • Graphics tablets • Mi Microphones h • Bloomberg keyboard with audio • Scanners • 3D Mice Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
  • 15. Enhanced USB with Isochronous data • Designed for low latency/high speed LAN • Smooth data flow on high speed LAN • If bandwidth is not suitable, device will fail gracefully without locking up the endpoint device Note: but Note b t depends on the USB de ice dri er device driver • Online plug-in compresses the USB data using the standard ICA reducer Linux and Mac clients are not supported pp Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
  • 16. XenDesktop 4 Additional Key Features Feature Description Virtual Desktop Agent for 64bit VDA for 64bit WinXP, Vista and Win7 (non-aero) Active Directory M l i F A i Di Multi-Forest Support f XenDesktop farms across S for X D k f Support multiple forests Site Failover and Site Roaming Disaster recovery feature with Web Interface / users are redirected to failover site Alternate Protocols / RDP RDP connections to virtual desktops integration Desktop Viewer New improved desktop toolbar Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
  • 17. Virtual Desktop Agent Support • Windows XP (32 & 64 bit) • Vista (32 & 64 bit) • Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit) Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
  • 18. XenDesktop 4 Additional Product Enhancements Feature Description EdgeSight 5.2 for Virtual Desktops Monitoring the virtual desktops IPv6 support IPv6 ready Citrix Repeater integration ICA acceleration as with XenApp SDK: DDC Admin / WFAPI support for Workflow Studio integration / customize virtual desktop agent virtual channels / query ICA service connections Citrix Password Manager support Single sign on access with CPM 4.6 SP1 Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
  • 19. The best is even better with HDX IntelliCache Branch Repeater integration
  • 20. Branch Repeater Encryption C compressed and encrypted ICA data • ICA data is encrypted/decrypted on the fly • Support for Basic through 128-bit RC5; no SSL 128 bit Encryption XenApp 4.5/5.0 w/HRP4+ XenDesktop XenDesktop 4 Basic Automatic Automatic 40-bit RC5 Requires registry change on each XenApp Automatic – no registry change is required through server 128-bit RC5 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrent _ _ y ControlSetControlCitrixWanScaler SSL Not possible Not possible
  • 21. ICA Acceleration for XenApp and XenDesktop • Same functionality as XenApp and/or for Windows Server 2003 HRP4 ported to next version of XenDesktop XenApp 4.5/5.0 XenDesktop Requires HRP4 or (XenDesktop 4) • Requires enablement of ICA higher Acceleration feature on Repeater/Branch Repeater Repeater (5.0 or higher) (5 0 and Branch Repeater (1.5 or higher)
  • 22. HDX 3D Professional Graphics
  • 23. Extend XenDesktop to All Office Workers Productivity workers Knowledge workers Power users New! Pro graphics users
  • 24. HDX 3D – Extends XenDesktop Infrastructure Desktop Delivery Controller Host Infrastructure with Virtual Desktops Gateway y Apps User Settings Windows Endpoint Device OS with Online Plug-in Dedicated Blade PC Dedicated Blade PC Dedicated Blade PC GPU
  • 25. Broad Interest in HDX 3D technologies • Engineering •MManufacturing f t i • Oil & Gas • Aerospace • Automotive
  • 26. Enhances IP control, collaboration and global agility Data stays in data center Access via LAN or WAN
  • 27. Example • HDX 3D at 25% image quality • Notice compression • Used when motion is priority
  • 28. Example • HDX 3D at 100% image quality • Lossless • Used when image quality is priority