Citrix Vision And Strategy Oct 2009


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Presentations from the Citrix Delivery Center events on 5th November at Chalfont and 26th November in Manchester.

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Citrix Vision And Strategy Oct 2009

  1. 1. Citrix Vision & Strategy Alex Hill
  2. 2. 99% of Fortune 500 200,000 customers 100M Corporate Users 75% of Internet Users Engine of Cloud Computing Top S S T 5 SaaS vendor d
  3. 3. Our Vision for Business A world where people can work and play from anywhere
  4. 4. Business Runs on Applications Decision Support Web & eCommerce Personal Financial Productivity Accounting Communication & Human Capital Collaboration Users Apps Development Customer Management
  5. 5. Users Want Flexibility and Business Needs Control IT is stuck in the middle • Globalization • Consolidation • Flex Working • Green Data Centers • Branch Expansion • Security • Web 2.0/Mobility 2 0/Mobility • C Compliance li • Consumerization • Continuity Users Apps • E-Commerce • Web Services
  6. 6. Traditional Distributed Computing Management Devices Security Network Servers Complex • Inflexible • Un-secure • Costly
  7. 7. Deliver IT as an On Demand On-Demand Service
  8. 8. Si l Simple.
  9. 9. Storage Servers Network Apps 1 image x 1M users $0.30/GB/mo 1 admin/20,000 $10/Mb x 4 upgrades/yr vs. vs. vs. vs. 1,000 apps x 5 $3.75/GB/mo $3 75/GB/ 1 admin/100 d i /100 $500/Mb versions x upgrades
  10. 10. Deliver IT as an On-Demand Service On Demand Desktops Applications Servers Virtualization Vi li i Management Devices Security Network Servers Simple p • Flexible • Secure • Low Cost
  11. 11. Deliver IT as an On Demand Service On-Demand Desktop  Application  Server Virtualization XenDesktop Virtualization XenApp NetScaler Virtualization XenServer Complete desktop  Complete desktop  Network Optimization App virtualization  App virtualization  Advanced web  High performance  virtualization for Windows app delivery server virtualization Citrix Delivery Center A dynamic virtualization system that transforms apps, desktops and IT into on-demand services
  12. 12. Changes the Economics of the Desktop and Datacenter XenDesktop XenApp NetScaler XenServer XenDesktop Desktop  XenApp Application  NetScaler Web Application  XenServer Server  Virtualization Virtualization Delivery Virtualization Complete desktop  Complete desktop  App virtualization  Advanced web  High performance  slashes TCO for  virtualization cuts application  for Windows reduces web app  reduces web app  app delivery consolidates  server virtualization desktops 40% desktops 40% TCO by 50% servers by 60% servers 75%+ servers 75%+ Citrix Delivery Center
  13. 13. Simplifies Operations for the Desktop and Datacenter XenDesktop XenApp NetScaler XenServer Desktop  Deliver a complete  On‐Application  On‐demand apps  Web Application  Accelerates web  Server  Reduce hardware  Reduce hardware  d Virtualization desktop experience  kt i Virtualization ll managed centrally  managed centrally  d t Delivery d apps by 5X and   b 5X Virtualization power & cooling  & li slashes TCO for  as an on‐demand  as an on‐ cuts application  for users to work   for users to work   reduces web app  reduces web app  protects from  consolidates  while increasing  service to any user desktops 40% desktops 40% securely anywhere  TCO by 50% malicious attacks servers by 60% control and agility control and agility servers 75%+ servers 75%+ Citrix Delivery Center
  14. 14. Traditional Distributed Computing
  15. 15. Virtualize to Control What Matters
  16. 16. Virtualize to Control What Matters
  17. 17. Simplify with the “Power of One” Power One
  18. 18. Optimize for a High Definition User Experience
  19. 19. • A device Any d i • Any location y • Any user
  20. 20. • High-performance over any network Broadcast • Si l connectivity f l Simple ti it for local d i l devices Plug‐n‐Play 3D  3D Technology p gy • Optimizes the p performance 3D g p graphics MediaStream  • Accelerates multimedia performance RealTime • Enhances real-time voice and video IntelliCache • Delivers data from optimal location
  21. 21. • One copy of each app • One copy of Windows One • O image of each workload One i f h kl d • One instance of data • One user experience
  22. 22. One Build once. Leverage infinitely.
  23. 23. • Open a branch office p • Start an offshore project • On board a new employee On-board Simplicity • Move a dept from building A to B • Add, delete & update apps • Apply security patches
  24. 24. • Don’t care about your TV Don t care what you watch • Don’t care what you watch • Predictable cost model • On‐demand service anywhere
  25. 25. Receiver Controller Delivery Network
  26. 26. Subscribe Advertise
  27. 27. XenDesktopp XenApp Branch Access XenServer Receiver Repeater p Gateway y NetScaler Delivery Data Subscribe Network Advertise Center Citrix Receiver
  28. 28. Deliver IT as an On Demand On-Demand Service