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All projects need documentation and many companies provide templates as part of a methodology. This document describes the templates, tools and source documents used by Data Management & Warehousing. It serves two purposes:
• For projects using other methodologies or creating their own set of documents to use as a checklist. This allows the project to ensure that the documentation covers the essential areas for describing the data warehouse.
• To demonstrate our approach to our clients by describing the templates and deliverables that are produced.
Documentation, methodologies and templates are inherently both incomplete and flexible. Projects may wish to add, change, remove or ignore any part of any document. Some may also believe that aspects of one document would sit better in another. If this is the case then users of this document and these templates are encouraged to change them to fit their needs.
Data Management & Warehousing believes that the approach or methodology for building a data warehouse should be to use a series of guides and checklists. This ensures that small teams of relatively skilled resources developing the system can cover all aspects of the project whilst being free to deal with the specific issues of their environment to deliver exceptional solutions, rather than a rigid methodology that ensures that large teams of relatively unskilled staff can meet a minimum standard.

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Wallchart - Data Warehouse Documentation Roadmap

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