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Datamatics’ OfferingsDatamatics has a flexible approach to client relationships which can start at automating the process ...
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EOB Processing for Healthcare Vertical


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Datamatics offers comprehensive solutions that enable healthcare providers and insurance carriers across the globe automate their end-to-end process workflow of health claim documents (HCFA, UB & TPL) and Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Statements.Datamatics' manages the entire Claims and EOB processing cycle for its customers: from receipt of printed documents via fax, mail, courier, scanning, auto data extraction and validation to export and delivery.

Datamatics is a global Information Technology (IT) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) organization focused on delivering smart, next-generation business solutions that help enterprises across the world overcome their business challenges. These solutions leverage innovations in technology, knowledge of business processes, and domain expertise to provide clients a competitive edge. Visit

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EOB Processing for Healthcare Vertical

  1. 1. Healthcare EOB ProcessingBusiness Overview Datamatics’ Next-Generation SolutionsHealthcare providers & payers are faced with the common Intelligent workflow for high accuracy & speed forchallenge of capturing data from Explanation of Benefits forms processing EOBs(EOBs) quickly, cost-effectively & accurately. Extracting EOB Automatic capture & validation to improve complianceinformation & populating the data into core accounting & other Intelligent information mining & analytics for better patientmanagement systems is essential for organizations to: insights Recognize revenue quickly Seamless integration with existing accounting & Identify & resolve discrepancies management systems Streamline processing multiple claims Dashboard view for visibility & control of EOBs Maintain accurate customer records Assist with HIPAA complianceIn a highly competitive market with fickle customer loyalties itis extremely important to ensure high quality of informationprocessing, faster turn-around & competitive pricing.Intelligent automation of business processes reduces manualefforts, enabling healthcare providers & payers to address thechallenges.Datamatics’ Healthcare EOB Processing Receipt of Mail Room Scanning EOB Processing EDI 835 Dispatch of OutputEOB Documents using i-Q Conversion via FTPReceipt of Check Claim Data Reconciliation of EDI Creation of EOB MIS Reports Deposit Data 837 PDF 837, 835 & Check Searchable PDF Files Datawebsite: | email:
  2. 2. Datamatics’ OfferingsDatamatics has a flexible approach to client relationships which can start at automating the process on a project basis & worktowards an outsourced services model with volume-based payment options as per the client’s comfort levels.Consulting Services Process assessment Business process optimization Global benchmarks & best practices alignmentServices & Solutions Decentralized digitization services & processing for Configurable for industry specific high security requirements SaaS –based intelligent electronic archival Analytics & data mining for enhanced patient viewTechnology Tools iQTM: Intelligent document processing platform iDART: Intelligent records archival & management solution iPM: Intelligent workflow & Business Process Management (BPM) iMask: Intelligent Document Masking solutionDatamatics’ Advantage - Experience of working with some of - Expertise in global best practices - Powerful blend of Intelligent PROVEN TRACK RECORD DOMAIN EXPERTISE the world’s leading health insurance - Global experience & healthcare platform & managed services companies domain expertise - Real-time dashboards for visibility & PLATFORM - Datamatics Smart Document - Service capabilities, through control Processing platform acknowledged collection, processing, analytics & as a smart paper-to-ERP solution by reporting Butler Group in a special profiling reportSuccess Story About DatamaticsA US based state healthcare provider was challenged with Global Information Technology (IT) & Knowledgeinefficiencies in manually processing 5000 EOBs per day. Complex Process Outsourcing (KPO) organizationdocuments had to be reconciled with the payments posted by Delivers smart, next-generation business solutionspayers where manual process posed quality & accuracy challengesin auditing the Accounts Receivables (AR) process with the payers Trusted partner to several Fortune 500 companies& members. Capabilities built around technology, domain expertise & knowledge of business processesDatamatics implemented end-to-end EOB processing includingreceipt of hardcopy EOB documents, digitization, intelligent Featured amongst the Global Services 100 List in 2010capture, automatic image cropping, EDI data & data hosting. Decades of global experience having executed projectsExtracted data could be automatically validated at any level, across 60 countriesincluding service lines, patients, account numbers, diagnosiscodes, etc. The solution allowed automatic data conversion to EDI Alliances with global technology leaders such as835 & searchable PDF & reconciliation of amount by batch or Microsoft, IBM & EMC2check & compared with source EDI 837 claim data. Certified for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001 & SAS 70The client experienced a 50% reduction in EOB processing cost Global presence: U.S, UK, Germany, Switzerland,with a high accuracy of data (more than 99.5%) & faster turn- Australia & Indiaaround resulting in efficient cash flows & reduced AR cycle time.Associated Services Patient record digitization Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing Health Claims Processing Enterprise Content Management Enrollment Form Processing Workflow & BPM Accounts PayablesReceivables Processing Intelligent Portals & dashboards Document Life Cycle Management Unified Information PresentmentContactUSA UK Germany IndiaSuite #100 8 The Square Im Leuschnerpark 3 Knowledge Center, Street No.17510 Thornall Street Stockley Park, Uxbridge 64347 Griesheim MIDC, Andheri (East)Edison, New Jersey – 08837 UB11 1FW Tel : +49 (06155) 795370 Mumbai – 400 093Tel: +1 (888) 772 5532 Tel: +44 (208) 610 6105 Fax: +49 (06155) 7953719 Tel +91 (22) 6102 0000-09Fax: +1 (732) 635 0600 Fax: +44 (208) 610 6870 Fax +91 (22) 2384 3669website: | email: