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  • Seo conference-microsoft 2013 short

    1. 1. Looking for more customers and revenue online? Internet Marketing Workshop • • • • • • • • Website Design •Mobile Website Search Engine Optimization •What it is? Social Media Marketing Google+ Facebook LinkedIn Video Email
    2. 2. For over 19 years, has helped companies increase profitability with strategic Internet Marketing. CLIENT EXPERIENCE (partial list) • Search engine optimization (SEO)  National  Worldwide  Local • Social Media Marketing • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management • Keyword research • Website usability analysis • Web analytics / Tracking / ROI • Contextual advertising • Email marketing • Website design / Re-design • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • American Marketing Association Orange County Cedars Sinai Orange County Register CeroView Corporate Investment & Strategic Alliance (CISA) Conferences Don Patton Construction eEye Digital Security eFormsNow Grapes & Olives iLeads Interseller Knot Corps Liti Holographics Long Beach International Marathon iMarketingMasters OCT Group On-Target Direct The Orange County Register Patient Care Technology Systems PaxGolf PivX PoliteMedia POP-i Music online music publication Strata-Media The Sturgess Company
    3. 3. Internet Marketing Options •Website Design •Mobile Website •PPC •Email •Search Engine Optimization •What it is? •Video •Social Media Marketing •Facebook •LinkedIn •Google+
    4. 4. Internet Marketing Options •Website Design •Mobile Website •PPC •Email •Search Engine Optimization •What it is? •Video •Social Media Marketing •Facebook •LinkedIn •Google+
    5. 5. Website Design •People take seconds to decide if they will stay on a website. •Design has gone to a simpler clean look. •Slide Show Format allows for more information on the page. •Responsive design for mobile is a must. •Your website is the center of your sales and marketing. •The rest is still part of you online marketing.
    6. 6. Website Design
    7. 7. Responsive Website Design Works on everything.
    8. 8. Pay Per Click / PPC Marketing
    9. 9. What is PPC? • Advertisers bid on keywords and keyword phrases • Advertisements are triggered to display when user queries keyword. • Pay only when a customer clicks on advertisement • Highly targeted • Cost effective • Instantaneous results / feedback • Detailed tracking "How America Searches Study" Harris Interactive
    10. 10. Paid vs Organic Search Marketing real estate license Natural Search Results generated algorithmically – unbiased and unpaid Advertising Your message reaches customers at the moment they demonstrate interest
    11. 11. PPC Development • Research Use Quality and Quantity of Keywords to match your entire product line and range of services. • Branding Develop and leverage your brand terms. • Keywords Group keywords thematically. This makes tracking more valuable. • Bid Strategy Develop bid strategies to align with goals. Determine your positioning goals, performance targets, ROI threshold, maximum bids and life-time value of customer.
    12. 12. PPC Development • Creative Write multiple Ad creative/messages for each landing page and keyword group. For editorial create optimized pages targeting different keywords and phrases. • Testing Test multiple Ad creative/messages and landing pages (A/B split testing) and test variations of usability conclusions. • Channels Continuously take advantage of alternative advertising channels such as shopping comparison engines, other PPC search engines, and contextual advertising. • Build-Out Build out your additional optimized web pages, channel keywords, creative, and messaging.
    13. 13. Local Advertising
    14. 14. Local Advertising
    15. 15. PPC Development • Contextual Utilize content targeting to expand your reach outside of search. Seek additional web sites that will generate traffic to your site. • Continue Bid Strategy Tweak your bid strategies to align with your predefined goals. • Tracking Review tracking to determine adjustments needed.
    16. 16. Holiday PPC Why PPC search engines love the holiday rush: • New inexperienced advertisers rush in. • They have no strategy. • They don’t test their ads. • They don’t measure results. • They throw huge sums of money into their PPC campaigns. • They drive the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) way up. • Everyone pays more.
    17. 17. In-House vs. Outsourced Case Study Client Internet filtering company needed traffic. Solution Outsourced Pay-Per-Click campaign BEFORE Monthly Budget Cost Per Click Visitors Per Month $5,000 $2.08 2,404 Monthly Budget Cost Per Click Visitors Per Month $5,000 $.32 15,702 AFTER
    18. 18. PPC Summary • Fast traffic • Highly targeted • Instant feedback • Great market research testing tool. Questions?
    19. 19. How up to date are your Email systems?
    20. 20. Capture Emails
    21. 21. Email Service Provider
    22. 22. SEO is best? Highest return on investment of any marketing. Targets those who want what you are selling. Searchers are active buyers.
    23. 23. What exactly is search engine optimization? op·ti·mize tr.v. op·ti·mized, op·ti·miz·ing, op·ti·miz·es 1. To make as perfect or effective as possible. 2. Computer Science. To increase the computing speed and efficiency of (a program), as by rewriting instructions. 3. To make the most of. 4. To initiate specific online marketing tactics onsite and offsite which allow visitors to quickly and easily find your website based on keyword phrases they use to query the search engines.
    24. 24. SEO Steps to successful search engine optimization • Word research • Competitive analysis • Proper site structure • Create content • Link strategy • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) • Site usability • Targeted landing and entry pages
    25. 25. Word Research Select the right words and phrases to target your desired customer.
    26. 26. Ranking Factors • Overall link strategy – Google was founded on the importance of links as references or citations. Page Rank is an indicator of the quantity and quality of links for that page. • Google Explains “PageRank relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page's value. …. Votes cast by pages that are themselves "important" weigh more heavily and help to make other pages "important."”
    27. 27. Follow-up Search Engine Optimization does not end when the visitor arrives. • Key direct response strategies • Capture permission to send email. • Follow-up the lead immediately. Call within minutes, if you don’t they will keep looking. Use a call center. • Have content that is worth looking at and worth giving up their email address for. • Games, contests, newsletters, White Papers have value and increase the staying power.
    28. 28. Social Media Marketing
    29. 29. Facebook There are 100,000 individual weights in the model that produces Facebook News Feed. Affinity, Weight and Time Decay — are still factors in News Feed ranking, but “other things are equally important,” Facebook Profile Facebook Ads Facebook Page Facebook Promote Facebook Events News Feed Ranking
    30. 30. Facebook
    31. 31. Facebook Page Insights Page Insights Has Improved
    32. 32. Facebook Events
    33. 33. LinkedIn
    34. 34. LinkedIn Groups
    35. 35. Embrace Google + Google gets better with a Google+ profile Create a Google+ profile with your own name! You need to have a personal profile before one can create a Google+ Page. Afterwards you can separate the Page and create a password for that and a gmail & YouTube channel, but first you must create a profile. Gerry’s Google + Profile
    36. 36. Implementation Options Model Cost Advantages/ Disadvantages In-house Portion of employee salary Long learning curve, employee may leave, unskilled employee could cause damage to web presence, company. Outsourced limited: One-time fee offers $99 - $250 Best case: 100% return on your $99 Worst case: Unscrupulous tactics could get you banned. $500 - $2K per month Experts initiate thorough analysis and implementation plan over time with regular feedback and adjustments. Higher perceived initial costs, but huge ROI. $100 - $150 per hour plus portion of employee salary SEO firm acts more like a consultant and helps train employee in-house. Good solution for companies that prefer more control. Employee may not implement properly. Outsourced: Comprehensive Hybrid / Retainer
    37. 37. Internet Marketing Workshop Half Off Special $1,000 of Services for $500 (760) 893-6422 Gerry Grant, CEO ~ ~
    38. 38. SEMINAR SPECIAL Half off one month Internet marketing. Just $500 for $1,0oo of SEO, Social Media and Pay-Per-Click management.