Top Level Executives Pre Employment Screening – Five Steps for Effective Employee Screening!


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We have recently seen a top level executive employment screening success when Scott Thompson (Former CEO of was caught exaggerating his resume and using a fake degree of computer science.

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Top Level Executives Pre Employment Screening – Five Steps for Effective Employee Screening!

  1. 1. Top Level Executives Pre Employment Screening – Five Steps for Effective Employee Screening! ScreeningWe have recently seen a top level executive pre employment screening successwhen Scott Thompson (Former CEO of was caught exaggerating hisresume and using a fake degree of computer science.Similar story which was abandoned some years ago as the electronic media,defines the pre employment screening success story of RadioShack CEO David oymentEdmondson who resigned in 2006 after a newspaper reported that his twosupposed degrees were invented and that he was facing a trial for DUI charges.Higher management or top level executives means the higher need of credibility,reputation and integrity. As we have seen that Yahoo Inc. and Radio Shacksuffered a phenomenal humiliation and reputation loss, plus they have beenhighly criticized all over print and in online media. This whole scenario n only notshattered their trust in the industry but also they have lost a great deal ofbusiness as well.Hiring top level executives costs a lot, as they are all highly paid employees andlosing them in the middle means a loss of money and time. And the onl way to onlysurvive and prevent such disgrace is to perform pre employment screeningeffectively.
  2. 2. The big fishes are not easy to catch; it needs a special net, experience and aperfect hook. Similar is in the case of top level executives, CEO’s and directorshiring and recruitment. There is a great risk involved in this job and only bestprofessional pre employment background screening companies know the perfectand effective way to do it.Here are 5 easy steps to implement into the hiring/pre employment screeningprocess of Senior Level Executives, CEO’s and Directors. These actions will go along way toward assisting in making the right decision:Pre employment screening Step 1 – Comprehensive Education BackgroundChecks:As the case of Scott Thompson gives us the lesson that education is the veryimportant are where usually people exaggerate and fake things. One of the mostembarrassing media frenzies a company can fall victim to is finding out a memberof their top level management faked their degree.Employing a trusted and a reputed third party to background Checks Companycan reduce the threat and manages to dig out the important information like anyclaims of degrees, verify dates, classes, and any graduation honors.Pre employment screening Step 2 – Complete and Attentive follow up onreferences:Several work references are always been handy. These references must beverified by calling a number that is found online for the company where thereference says they are/were employed. Never use personal phone numberswhen verifying a reference, as this could link you to the applicant’s friend orfamily member.Pre employment screening Step 3– Asking Right Questions:All information presented on resume must be completely verified. Ask about (orlet the background screening company ask) specific duties handled, projectscompleted, goals attained, etc. Broad, vague questions like “Did Tom do a goodjob” really don’t glean valuable answers.
  3. 3. Pre employment screening Step 4 – Using Assessment Surveys:By reviewing an assessment survey, hiring managers can discern a top levelexecutive’s inner core values and perceptions. This information is invaluable indeciding whether or not a person will fit well into the company culture.Pre employment screening Step 5 – Social Media Screening:Social media sites for background screening and hiring process are becomingpopular these days. Tweet, posts, and blogs can give a company insight on apotential new hire that they cannot find in a resume or job interview. Negativeinformation like (bad judgment, drug use, and inflammatory racial comments) canreally help.In the contrast, positive things like well-written blogs, interesting posts, etc canalso show that a candidate would have a good impact on the workplace.Muhammad Saad Khan is a Writer, Social Media and Business ManagementThought Leader Working with Dataflow Group, the worlds leading primarysource verification company headquartered in Singapore. His current research isabout pre employment screening of top level executives.