Doctor License Verification Can Help Avoid Medical Malpractice Cases!


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Doctor license verification and physician license lookup via primary source verification is an adequate way to lower the rate of medical malpractice cases.

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Doctor License Verification Can Help Avoid Medical Malpractice Cases!

  1. 1. Doctor License Verification Can Help Avoid Medical Malpractice Cases!Doctor license verification and physician license lookup via primary sourceverification is an adequate way to lower the rate of medical malpractice cases.From celebrities to common men all are prone to medical malpractice cases andthey are never ending. Michael Jackson, John Ritter, Julie Andrews, Dick Schaapand many other celebrities had suffered medical malpractice due to professionalnegligence of their doctors.Not only celebrities but common men are not safe as there are physicians workingin the medical field who are not licensed to perform certain privileges but stillthey are practicing medicine and becoming the cause of minor to major medicalinjuries to a patient and to even death. riesAlmost 1.5 million Medical Malpractice Cases are recorded each year inhospitals which results to an estimated 98,000 deaths a year.This is indeed a huge number and as we all know that human life is much moreimportant than anything in this world, the initiatives must be taken to counter ntthese medical malpractice cases by using doctor license verification method.
  2. 2. Why Doctor License Verification to Counter Medical Malpractice Cases?It is found from subsequent resources and reports from the media that manydoctors who are found guilty in medical malpractice cases still continues topractice medicine, sometimes even immediately after the case has been decided,with little or no restriction.This is an alarming issue which is making the patients increasingly worried aboutthe prospect of being treated by a doctor who has a history of medicalmalpractice case. And this is the reason why many patients are now looking forways to find out about medical malpractice against a doctor to help them makemore informed choices.Doctor verification and medical license screening is playing an important role inknowing doctor’s background.5 ways to Avoid Medical Malpractice Cases via Doctor License Verification: 1. Doctor License tells you that a he or she is qualified to practice through his or her training and education. Doctor/physicians applying for a medical practice license need to show proof of their training & education and are required to take an examination to test their knowledge. 2. Understand that a background check on a doctor’s personal history is also done before he or she gets their license. 3. Before checking the license you must write down the Doctors full name and office address, and the city where he or she practices. 4. Contacting primary source from where the license is obtained is said to be a best practice to verify doctor’s license. Contact your states medical licensing board to verify whether a physician is licensed in the state or not. 5. Current Competence verification (reference checks) is very important. This is an element that needs to be assessed by medical employers on the initial appointment and at least every two years thereafter. Competency Verification can be sent to the Medical Director or the senior professionals of any hospital that the doctor has been worked with in the recent past.
  3. 3. Conclusion:Everyone has to go with medical testing or treatment during his or her life, butinjuries to due medical negligence errors are ruthless and condemnable. Asprevention is always better than the cure, then you must have to choose your aysdoctor wisely.Doctor license verification about medical malpractice cases by knowing thedoctor to be sure of his credentials, experience and abilities that meet yourmedical treatment needs. It’s your duty to make sure the doctor has not built atrack record of disciplinary problems or liable of medical malpractice cases cases.Muhammad Saad Khan is a Writer, Social Media and Business ManagementThought Leader Working with Dataflow Group, the worlds leading primarysource verification company headquartered in Singapore. His current research is anyabout how doctor license verification can deter medical malpractice cases cases.