Finding and Using the Right Data Collection Template

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  • 1. This Slide Show is brought to You by
  • 2. Finding and Using theRight Data Col If you are planning to use a data collection template and have no idea where to start you are not alone. Coming up with a data collection strategy is one of the most difficult things that you try to do. A good idea is to use a data collection template to help you, but even better is to come up with a data collection template on your own.
  • 3. Creating And Designing Your OwnDa There are several ways to go about creating your own data collection template, but the best method is to find several different ones that you like and adapt it to your uses. You will need to take a couple steps before you start designing the data collection template.
  • 4. First you need to have a good idea First you need to have a good idea of what you are going to accomplish in your data collection. Cleary lay out and define your goals and the goals of the project so that as you design your templates you have the end goal in perfect mind.
  • 5. Next you need to decide Next you need to decide how you will go about acquiring the data. Will it be through interview, or will you measure the data remotely through technological devices. The way you get your data will be very important in your design of the data collection template you will use.
  • 6. If it becomes too complicated or conv Also when you are in the process of making the template you want to make sure that it is easy to understand not only by you but by anyone that may be assisting you in your data collection. It is important that you can quickly and easily communicate how to collect the data. If it becomes too complicated or convoluted you risk your data becoming contaminated as false results are recorded because of a lack of understanding of the methods involved.
  • 7. The best way The best way is to involve your data collector in the process of developing your collection templates. This way you will all be on the same page throughout the process. If this is not viable, just be absolutely sure that you can easily understand the methods of your data collection.
  • 8. One way to check One way to check this is to ask for volunteers to look at your templates and get their feedback. If you can you may even want to ask people not trained in your field as they will offer the most valuable feedback. The key is that you get feedback on your templates you can use to make them better.
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