Definition Of Data Collection: Stuff Computers Can Do For You


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Definition Of Data Collection: Stuff Computers Can Do For You

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  2. 2. Definition Of Data Collection: Stuff Co Although the title is not the actual literal definition of data collection, it is a much more practical definition of data collection for the home or small business. When you have a minimum of staff and time – especially if you are sole proprietor of a business – then you need to reinterpret the definition of data collection in order for you to help streamline your efforts at finding, contacting and extracting money from your target audience. All of this work can be done through computer software.
  3. 3. Statistical Analysis Software You might have a multiple of campaigns going for your business, but more and more home and small businesses are relying mainly on Internet-based businesses and will need their data collection designed to just track what their websites are doing and how the customers or website visitors are interacting with it. This is usually called website analysis or statistical analysis, which all fits under the definition of data collection.
  4. 4. There are many advantages There are many advantages to using statistical analysis software to monitor the minute actions of your website (or websites). First off, many of these are free. Some even email regular reports about your website activity to you and to anyone else in your small business. Some of the statistical analysis software is a package deal while some only have certain features to help you in certain areas.
  5. 5. Popular Free Software Redefine the definition of data collection for you through the use of free to low-cost statistical analysis software. Be sure to do any trial offers before making the big commitment. Also, check to see if there is a tech support group or if you have to go to a forum of avid users of the software to see if they might be able to help you. Beware of any software program that has not been updated in over one year.
  6. 6. Know your computer and website specificatio Know your computer and website specifications, too, to be sure your can accommodate the software. Many also will include Google Ads, banner ads, direct mailing or other online ad campaigns as well as your website statistics. They can usually translate all of the numbers into easy to grasp graphs.
  7. 7. Most Popular Free To Low-cost Some of the most popular free to low-cost website statistical analysis programs are: SiteMeter Basic HiStats (not to be confused with HitStats) OpenX Piwik AWStats
  8. 8. Lies, Damn Lies And Statistics And, in conclusion, remember the old saying credited to both Mark Twain and Benjamin Disraeli, quot;There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics.quot;
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