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Gamatronics Solutions for Data Centers
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Gamatronics Solutions for Data Centers



Gamatronic Isi rosental

Gamatronic Isi rosental



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Gamatronics Solutions for Data Centers Gamatronics Solutions for Data Centers Presentation Transcript

  • Gamatronic Solutions for Data Centers Isio Rosental – Regional Manager LATAM
  • Gamatronic Solutions for Data Centers
  • Power +: Gamatronic Modular UPS
  • Power+ The Next Generation UPS System POWER+ is a unique concept in modular UPS power solutions: it is scalable according to user needs and offers increased efficiency, flexibility, redundancy and reliability, while lowering the cost of transportation, maintenance, service, operation and storage.
  • Modular Design Advantages Scalability High Efficiency Flexibility Redundancy High Reliability Low TCO
  • Gamatronic Pioneer of Modular Technology • Why did Gamatronic decide to enter the modular market? • Why a modular solution is good for Data Centers? • Since when did Gamatronic begin to manufacture modular power solutions? • Where are Gamatronic's modular solutions presently being installed?
  • Why did Gamatronic decide to enter the modular market? Gamatronic always looks for advanced solutions in order to be on the front line of the world industry. Server rooms represent 25% of buildings’ electricity consumption. Gamatronic perceived that there was a way to reduce the high levels of energy wasted in these IT environments and to improve efficiency With Gamatronic's modular technology, our customers enjoy significant added values such as flexibility, redundancy and power density, as well as reduced installation and maintenance costs.
  • Why a modular solution is good for Data Centers? Power consumption in Data Center UPS Power to Power path PDU IT to IT Cabling Switches Power to Data Center IT Computing Cooling Equipment Lights Power Fire to secondary Security support Generator NCPI IT Data Center efficiency = Power to IT Data Center Power IN
  • Where Does data center power go? Data Center - Energy Consumption 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Chiller Humidifier CRAC IT UPS PDU Generator Lighting Equipment Less than half the electrical power is delivered to the IT loads!
  • How to improve data center efficiency? • Rightsizing: match the sizing of IT components more closely to the actual IT load. The components operate at a higher efficiency • New technologies: to manage & reduce the need for electric power to supply IT components support functions • Increase components efficiency: will consume less power
  • Since when did Gamatronic begin to manufacture modular power solutions? Gamatronic began manufacturing modular solutions for Telecom power systems in 1996. We then duplicated our success in 2003 with the modular UPS – the Power+ 100KVA (with each module providing 10KVA) Thanks to this Gamatronic succeeded to increase its customer base as well as its presence in the international market, making the P+ a known brand in modular solutions.
  • Where are Gamatronic's modular solutions presently being installed? Gamatronic's modular UPS Power+ systems are presently being installed in more than 75 countries, in five continents
  • Where are Gamatronic's modular solutions presently being installed? More than 10,000 Power+ modular UPS systems have been installed all over the world. Our customers include Datacenters, IT rooms, Telecoms, Cable TV, Banks, Hospitals, Oil and Gas Industries, Universities, Constructer, Marine and more.
  • Power+ Advantages
  • Power+ Grows With Your Business Power+ is a true modular , user upgraded system. As load increases system can be expanded on site with total up to 100KVA (10 x modules ) in one system.
  • Extra High Efficiency Conventional Gamatronic Your Benefit: UPS Modular UPS POWER+ 92% average A Proven Ac/Ac efficiency SAVE ENERGY COSTS: of 96%! Up to $4,000 per 100 KVA • Cuts losses in half-from (80Kw) a year less 8% to 4%! running costs! • Reduces heat AND Substantially less dissipation cooling costs!
  • Savings Using an 100kVA/80kW Power+ UPS can save close to 20,000$ in 5 years, assuming electricity cost of 0.12$ per KWH and comparing to a UPS with an average efficiency of 92%, not including costs saved on lower cooling requirements! $19,080 $20,000 $15,264 $15,000 $11,448 $10,000 $7,632 $3,816 $5,000 $0 1 2 3 4 5 17
  • N+1 Redundancy Conventional Gamatronic Your Benefit: UPS Modular UPS POWER+ High cost redundancy N+1 – the most SAVE ON PURCHASE options economical PRICE: redundancy Buy only what you really you can get, with out need! over-sizing your • Get a minimum-size & system. minimum-cost modular system solution •
  • Redundancy + 6 modules for 50KVA Two complete 50KVA units N+1 redundant system for N+1 redundancy The modular design of Power+ UPS provides a cost effective redundancy with higher efficiency than conventional parallel UPS systems. 19
  • Redundancy • Implementing two conventional 50KVA units will be much more expensive than one unit of 50KVA+10KVA. • The efficiency of 50KVA+10KVA system will be much higher, since it will work at the nominal load level, while the two 50KVA units will not be loaded over 50%. • It means: A HUGE SAVE ON ELECTRICITY BILLS!
  • Reliability Thanks to the modularity concept, the Power+ UPS system is super reliable towards the load. If a module fails, the system will keep on running on remaining modules. The faulty module can be replaced live without affecting system operation.
  • Customer Friendly Serviceability Conventional Gamatronic Your Benefit: UPS Modular UPS POWER+ Average MTTR of 30 Average MTTR is less SAVE ON MAINTANANCE: minutes, and than 5 minutes, • Lower downtime requires qualified AND it is self engineer serviceable with • Reduced maintenance real hot swap agreements costs! modules
  • User friendly Specially designed to adhere to high standards demanded by office environments, Power+ modular UPS are user friendly systems that allow easy commissioning, servicing and operation. 23
  • Extra High Power Density Conventional Gamatronic Your Benefit: UPS Modular UPS POWER+ Only An astounding density SAVE ON FLOOR AND 200-400 VA/Kg of - SHIPPING: 1.3-4 VA/inch3 1100 VA/Kg • Extra-light weight! In average 8.5 VA/inch3 • Small footprint! • Less delivery, off loading and positioning costs!
  • Green Power Green power features: 3-5% THDi Unity power factor 96% AC/AC efficiency 98% DC/AC efficiency 333w dissipation @ full load 2% Output THD 25
  • Green Power Results: Environmental friendly Lowers data center cooling expenses Money savings on electric bills Less pollution and fuel consumption 26
  • Green and Clean Power Conventional Gamatronic Your Benefit: UPS Modular UPS POWER+ THDi>5%, P.F<0.8-0.96 Unity P.F, THDi<5% SAVE ON INSTALLATION: UPS to generator UPS to generator • No need for additional power ratio of 2-3 power ratio of only input filters or 12 pulse 1.2! solutions! • Reduced infrastructure costs • Smaller generator
  • Power+ Models
  • Power+ UPS family Modular Power+ Classic Power+ Free Style Power + 19” 29
  • Power+ FS ( Free Style) • 19” variant of the Power+ UPS • Sub rack up to 50KVA ( 20U) or 100KVA ( 30U) • Perfect solution for IT Rooms/ Datacenters
  • Power+ 19” • 19” Variant of the Power+ UPS up to 20KVA • Available in 2 configurations : - Sub rack for 10KVA (4U) - Sub rack for 20KVA (6U) • Combined controller & STSW
  • Power+ UPS family Stand Alone Power+ SA 10KVA Power + SA 30,40KVA
  • Power+ Design & Components 33
  • Design System Controller UPS modules DC distribution panel AC distribution panel Centralized ST/SW
  • System Controller LCD Panel Navigation and Operation keypad Status indicators Network Access Indicator Operation buttons 35
  • System Controller • System Controller is a redundant device, that provides: • All system measurements from modules and the ST/SW • Basic system configuration • Alarm indications • Power analyzer • Remote monitoring • Battery handling • In case of failure the UPS operation does not change, however all its features will not be available • The controller can be replaced without interrupting system operation 36
  • UPS module 37 Inverter Rectifier
  • Power+ Static Switch Inverter, bypass and output terminals Indication and control panel 38
  • Static switch • The Static Switch module (ST/SW) will transfer the critical load to bypass in case of unexpected problems, like: Inverter modules voltage or frequency failure Overloads Short circuit on the output User command from the controller Remote command through the web 39 interface
  • Battery Connection 40
  • Power+ Centralized battery Centralized battery of Power+ UPS family ~ = = ~ ~ = = ~ ~ = = ~ Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery 41
  • Power+ Centralized battery Batteries are charged simultaneously by all modules, independent of the integrity of individual modules Backup time is unaffected by faulty modules Perfect monitoring of battery condition Optional addition of battery strings in parallel Discharge current independent of module integrity High reliability Charge current control and monitoring according to battery capacity Operation unaffected by rectifier failure in one of the modules 42
  • Power+ Horizontal Parallel Connection 43
  • Parallel Connection For even more power and extra redundancy, Power+ can be put in parallel de-centralized configuration. This will enable a combination of both vertical and horizontal redundancy! Today there are dozens Today there are dozens of 200, 300, and 400kVA of 200, 300, and 400kVA systems worldwide, systems worldwide, supporting most critical supporting most critical applications. applications. 44
  • Conclusions
  • Perfect for End Users • Vertical & horizontal redundancy N+N • High Reliability due to the modular / redundancy design • Quick and simple servicing – reduced costs of service and maintenance • Future growth capability – with minimum additional costs and handling • Smart Investment: buy only what you need today! • Lower installation costs and reduced installation space required • Reduced electrical bills due to substantial savings on power consumption!
  • Power+ standards Approval 47
  • Certificates EN-62040 ISO9001 EMC 48
  • Certificates UL (for 208v) CE (for 400v) Lightning 49
  • Geye Control and Management Solution for Data- Centers and Computer Rooms
  • The Geye • Perfect “All Built In” solution for control, management and monitoring of computer rooms and data-centers. • An unique integrated solution that ensures full control of equipments improving efficiency of Data-Center equipments • Real time detection of faults and immediate notifications to users. • Works on LAN/WAN network, • Includes GSM modem
  • Features • Accepts input from up to 5 temperature sensors. • 8 inputs dry contacts. • 4 outputs dry contacts. • RS232 serial connection for power devices (UPS / rectifiers). • Ethernet line interface 10/100 Base auto detect. Network protocols : TCP/IP, UDP/IP, WAP, HTTP, SNMP v2, DNS, PPP, SMTP, TELNET,MODBUS client . • Internal cellular modem support GPRS/GSM – Dual or Quad band. •Antenna and SIM card connection.
  • Geye main screen
  • Change your point of view Server room Smoke detector SNMP trap Air condition start operation Air Condition stop operation GPRS/SMS Control and Notification Shutdown Motion detector Servers Wake-up AC Fail Servers AC Recovered Alarm Door open High temperature Leak detection and notification
  • References
  • Clients – Data Centers
  • References South Africa Power+ installation Telkom HQ. Total of 4x100KVA in parallel
  • References UK Installation in Warwick University. A Power+ Free Style (19”) 40KVA with extended back up time
  • References Chile VTR, the main provider of cable TV and broadband internet in Chile , has the Power+ for their data- centers. For the initial phase, the project calls for 2 Power+ 50KVA, 3 Power+ 60KVA and 2 Power+ 90KVA
  • References Russia Installation in AGAVA Hosting of Power+ Parallel UPS 400KVA (Jan 2009 )
  • References South Africa Installation of Power+ FS 500KVA Parallel System (Jan 2009)
  • Thank you