An OpenNebula Private Cloud

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Cloud Computing Event #1, Timisoara, Romania. A high level presentation of an OpenNebula Private Cloud.

Cloud Computing Event #1, Timisoara, Romania. A high level presentation of an OpenNebula Private Cloud.

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  • 1. An OpenNebula Private Cloud Valentin Bud CEO | | @databuspro Cloud Computing Event Timișoara, Romania, July 7th #CloudTim
  • 2. "OpenNebula 4.0 is the realization of a vision of simplicity, openness, code-correctness and a sysadmin-centric approach." Ruben S. Montero Chief Architect
  • 3. Cloud Computing Essential Characteristics • On demand self-service • Broad network access • Resource pooling • Rapid elasticity • Measured service Source: The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing [1] #CloudTimValentin Bud | @databusprom
  • 4. Cloud Computing Service Models SaaS IaaS PaaS #CloudTimValentin Bud | @databuspro
  • 5. Cloud Computing Deployment Models • Private cloud • Community cloud • Public cloud • Hybrid cloud #CloudTimValentin Bud | @databuspro
  • 6. Cloud Computing IaaS Cloud Challenges • How do I provision a new VM? Image Management and Context • Where do I store the disks? Storage • How do I set up networking for a multitier service? Network • Where do I put my web server VM? Monitor & Schedule • How do I manage the hypervisor? Virtualization • Who has access to the Cloud’s resources? User & Role Management • How do I manage/use my distributed infrastructure? Interfaces and APIs #CloudTimValentin Bud | @databuspro
  • 7. OpenNebula The Project #CloudTimValentin Bud | @databuspro
  • 8. OpenNebula The Community #CloudTimValentin Bud | @databuspro • Awesome documentation [2]! • Friendly, helpful community • Mailing Lists, IRC • Feature funding
  • 9. OpenNebula Interfaces #CloudTimValentin Bud | @databuspro
  • 10. OpenNebula for Cloud Consumers #CloudTimValentin Bud | @databuspro
  • 11. OpenNebula for Cloud Operators #CloudTimValentin Bud | @databuspro
  • 12. OpenNebula for Cloud Builders #CloudTimValentin Bud | @databuspro
  • 13. OpenNebula for Cloud Integrators #CloudTimValentin Bud | @databuspro
  • 14. OpenNebula Who’s using it? #CloudTimValentin Bud | @databuspro ++
  • 15. Our DevOps Cloud Internet LAN One pet - Godzilla Godzilla is a kaiju (Japanese giant monster), first appearing in Ishirō Honda's 1954 film Godzilla. #CloudTimValentin Bud | @databuspro
  • 16. The Cloud Network Internet project n ovsbrn ovsbr0 ovsbr1 public VLAN101VLAN100VLAN10n #CloudTimValentin Bud | @databuspro
  • 17. The Storage VM one iso ssd0-lvm Images NFS Shared Volumes LVM hde: lv-one-130hda: disk0 Virtual Compute Nodes Storage Network #CloudTimValentin Bud | @databuspro virtual network services network
  • 18. OpenNebula Sunstone Views • admin view: Provides full control of the cloud. • user view: In this view users will not be able to manage nor retrieve the hosts and clusters of the cloud. • cloudtim view: Custom view applied to users from group cloudtim. #CloudTimValentin Bud | @databuspro Provide a simplified UI aimed at end-users.
  • 19. OpenNebula VM Lifecycle #CloudTimValentin Bud | @databuspro
  • 20. OpenNebula Hacking with Hooks /etc/one/oned.conf /var/lib/one/remotes/hooks/local/create/dns.rb #CloudTimValentin Bud | @databuspro
  • 21. • Develop a friendly and helpful local Cloud Community • OpenNebula Local User Group • A better OpenNebula and SaltStack integration • OpenNebula Salt States #CloudTimValentin Bud | @databuspro Looking ahead
  • 22. • OpenNebula • Has awesome documentation • Simple, sysadmin-centric approach to IaaS • Rich set of Interfaces • Mature, widely used • A local Cloud Community could help #CloudTimValentin Bud | @databuspro Conclusions
  • 23. #OpenNebulaConf Join us! #CloudTimValentin Bud | @databuspro Talk about “OpenNebula and SaltStack”
  • 24. Appendix [1] NIST Special Publications, 800 Series; “The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing”; #CloudTimValentin Bud | @databuspro [2] OpenNebula Project; “OpenNebula 4.0 Guides”; [3] SaltStack Project; “The Great Salt Sprint” Event;
  • 25. Thanks! #CloudTimValentin Bud | @databuspro