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Fewthingsaboutsmartcity Fewthingsaboutsmartcity Presentation Transcript

  • Few things I know about « Smart City » Estella Guo July 2010
  • « Smart » what ?...
    • Everything tends to be smart
    • Everybusiness is supposed to be smart:
    • Watersupply,beach,cinema,fridge,builders,public transportation,etc.
    • Some people are talking about a « smart city » in the fields of:
      • E-home
      • E-office
      • E-government
      • E-health, E-education, E-traffic, etc.
    郭俊 , Estella Guo | July 14th, 2010 « Smart City »
  • « Smart » what ?...
    • Smart City 的概念很广,我们通常所说的数字城市、无线城市等都可以纳入 Smart City 的范畴。简单来说, Smart City 就是城市的信息化和一体化管理,是利用先进的信息技术随时随地感知、捕获、传递和处理信息并付诸实践,进而创造新的价值。
    • 它包括 E-Home 、 E-Office 、 E-Government 、 e-Health 、 E-Education 、 E-Traffic 等。
    郭俊 , Estella Guo | July 14th, 2010 « Smart City »
  • « Smart » what ?...
    • Smart Cities can be identified along six main axes or dimensions . These axes are: a smart economy; smart mobility; a smart environment; smart people; smart living; and, finally, smart governance.
    郭俊 , Estella Guo | July 14th, 2010 « Smart City »
  • A new world
    • More and more sensors in our environment
    • (water,transportation,etc.)
    • Connected appliances,networks with various protocols
    • Centralize databases with sophisticated algorithm s
    Sensors +Connections + computerized intelligences=smart 郭俊 , Estella Guo | July 14th, 2010 « Smart City »
  • New habits & trends in our lives
    • Generation Y
    • Multi equiped homes:phones,TVs,PDAs,
    • Set top box,gateways
    • 2.0society:everyone of us can be consumer/producer of anything(service,data and energy)
    郭俊 , Estella Guo | July 14th, 2010 « Smart City »
  • Examples of use
    • Use by cities
      • City of Edinburgh
      • Southampton City
      • Dubai Internet City Dubai SmartCity
      • Kochi SmartCity business park
      • Malta SmartCity business park
    郭俊 , Estella Guo | July 14th, 2010 « Smart City »
    • Use by companies
      • IBM ,its Smarter Planet campaign
      • Oracle Corporation: "New Smart Cities Solutions Bring Efficiency and Transparency to Local Governments "
      • Siemens have also used the term in their Stadt der Zukunft/Smart City project
  • IBM committed to 'smart city' plan in China
    • Smart city" is a complex ecosystem. In 2009, IBM exchanged opinions with mayors from 230 countries and boiled their concerns down to transportation, medical care, water resources management, energy, public services and education as well as public safety.
    • As for China, in order to speed up the urbanization and transformation of leading industries and boost burgeoning industries, a smart system is needed to gather information and process data to predict failures and bring down the causes.
    郭俊 , Estella Guo | July 14th, 2010 « Smart City » http://www_900.ibm.com/ibm/ideasfromibm/cn/smarterplanet/20081106/index.shtml?ca=homepage&sa_campaign=message/cnhomepage/leadspace/flash_20100705_leaf1
  • Projects, conferences and research groups
    • The Smart Cities INTERREG project.
    • The Smart Cities Future Conference
    • European SmartCities project
    • Smart Cities research group at MIT
    • URENIO Research Unit at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
    郭俊 , Estella Guo | July 14th, 2010 « Smart City »
  • Smart city research
    • It is particularly concerned with the emerging roles of networked intelligence in fabrication and construction, urban mobility, building design and intelligently responsive operation, and public space.
    • It takes a broadly multidisciplinary approach, not constrained by traditional boundaries.
    郭俊 , Estella Guo | July 14th, 2010 « Smart City »
  • Smart city research
    • How buildings and cities can become more intelligently responsive to the needs and desires of their inhabitants.
    • The research of the Smart city focuses on intelligent, sustainable buildings, mobility systems, and cities.
    • It explores the application of new technologies to enabling urban energy efficiency and sustainability, enhanced opportunity and equity, and cultural creativity.
    郭俊 , Estella Guo | July 14th, 2010 « Smart City »
  • Research Projects
    • Eyestop, developed by MIT’s SENSEABLE City Lab, is an exploration into the next generation of smart urban furniture; it aims to enrich the city with state of the art sensing technologies, interactive services, community information and entertainment. The project is partially covered with touch sensitive e-INK and screens, so that it can deliver information seamlessly. Eyestop was developed in collaboration with the province of Florence and its local transport authority,ATAF.
    郭俊 , Estella Guo | July 14th, 2010 « Smart City »
  • 郭俊 , Estella Guo | July 14th, 2010 « Smart City » MIT researchers unveil the EyeStop "Bus stop of the future" can sense its surroundings EyeStop and developed by the MIT SENSEable City Lab, it takes the tedium out of waiting for the bus and showcases the potential of next-generation urban transportation design. The EyeStop is partially covered with touch-sensitive e-INK and screens, and features state-of-the art sensing technologies and a variety of interactive services. Riders can plan a bus trip on an interactive map, surf the Web, monitor their real-time exposure to pollutants and use their mobile devices as an interface with the bus shelter. They can also post ads and community announcements to an electronic bulletin board at the bus stop, enhancing the EyeStop's functionality as a community gathering space. In addition to displaying information, the bus stop also acts as an active environmental sensing node, powering itself through sunlight and collecting real-time information about the surrounding environment. Unlike the typical mass-produced bus stop, EyeStop is designed to fit the physical characteristics of its surroundings. A computer program generates a unique design for each bus stop, providing both optimal sheltering for users and maximum sunlight exposure for power generation. Simple materials like steel, glass and gray local stone ("pietra serena," as it is called locally), together with its minimalist design, will help the EyeStop blend into the historic urban fabric of Florence, or wherever else it might be deployed.
  • Palazzo
 16 th 

  • bringing

  • Follow the links …
    • http://www.media.mit.edu/research/groups
    • http://www.smartcities.info/
    • http://www.smartcityfutures.co.uk/
    • http://www.urenio.org/
    • http://cities.media.mit.edu/
    • http://web.media.mit.edu/~wjm/
    • http://www.i236.org.tw/i236/web/domain.htm
    郭俊 , Estella Guo | July 14th, 2010 « Smart City »
  • THE END THANKS FOR YOUR TIME! 郭俊 , Estella Guo | July 14th, 2010 « Smart City »