Creating Sustained Customer Insight


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Presentation to the Web 3.0 conference Sydney 21 June 2011. How to create a sustained customer insight program that can become an ongoing asset to your brand.

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Creating Sustained Customer Insight

  1. 1. Web 3.0 & The Future of Social MediaSydney Tue 21 June 2011 Creating Sustained Customer Insight: the next frontierDarren SharpSenior ConsultantResonate Solutions+61 (0)419 314
  2. 2. Resonate Solutions • Managed online communities • Closed-loop feedback programs – NPS • Social Media Monitoring & Analysis • Social Media Strategy
  3. 3. Web 3.0 - The StreamNova Spivack• Streams are rapidly changing sequences of information around a topic.• Microblogs, hashtags, feeds, multimedia services, or even data streams via APIs.• The key is that streams change often. This change is an important part of the value they provide.
  4. 4. Consumers are talking – in a big way…
  5. 5. “Personal data is the new oil of the Internetand the new currency of the digital world.”Meglena Kuneva, European Consumer Commissioner, March 2009 On an average day: - 47 billion (non-spam) emails - 95 million tweets on Twitter - 30 billion pieces of content shared on FacebookPersonal Data: The Emergence of a New Asset Class. World Economic Forum (2011)
  6. 6. Bill Johnston – DellSocial Media: describes a large spectrumof tools and activitiesOnline Communities: are networks ofpeople. Your online community should begrounded in building and sustainingnetworks of relationships over time
  7. 7. Episodic vs. SustainedCommunications Episodic Sustained Campaign based Ongoing relationship Audience dissipates Persistent community One-off participation Ladder of participation Short term Long term Adapted from:
  8. 8. Online Communities forCustomer Insight • Interact, share ideas & ask questions • Support channel: community manager & p2p • Reward brand loyalty • Provide meaningful brand context
  9. 9. Conversation that is structured… We want to • What matters most? We heard you: hear from you • Your suggestions? • Here’s what you, and your peers, said; • Your peer suggestions? • Here’s the order in which you and your peers prioritized it • Thank youRecruiting Qualification Survey Results Interpretation Action • Here’s what we’re doing about it • Please stay in touch…
  10. 10. Frame the conversation… Customer initiated Ideas with voting and commentsBlog Posts withcomments Comment Spinners – indicating community health Quick Polls – with immediate graphical Iterative Survey – with feedback customer generated answers, voting and ranking
  11. 11. Tribe ManagementTribes are a group of people: • Connected to one another • Connected to a leader • Connected to an idea
  12. 12. 21st Century TribesThe key building blocks: • Story-telling • Rites of Passage • Obligations • Egalitarian organisation • Multi-skilled • Two-way loyalty
  13. 13. The Stream of Customer Data! Branded Online Communities Mass Social Media Contact Centre Surveys Forums Blogs NPS Customer Emails
  14. 14. Qual + Quant = ValueWhat is being said… In what context…
  15. 15. Summary• Web 3.0 is a growing multitude of streams• Information overload is here to stay• Personal data is the new oil of the Internet• Are you capturing and analysing this unstructured data - what customers are saying?
  16. 16. Summary• Online Communities are an important way to generate sustained insight about your customers (episodic vs. sustained communications)• From Community Management to Tribe Management – become a tribal leader!• There are key building blocks to modern-day tribes (stories, rites, obligations, egalitarian, multi- skilled, two-way loyalty)
  17. 17. Summary• At some point your organisation will have to contend with these emerging streams of customer data• Customer Insight & Action platforms can help you make sense of this data and take appropriate action through closed-loop feedback
  18. 18. Thanks!Darren SharpSenior Consultant, Community (0)419 314 Communities. Collaboration.