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Best advertising at pay per clicks

  1. 1. best advertising at pay per clicks:This group includes paid placement search engines and PPC programs of the major search engines.The higher the bid, the higher the placement on the search results page. Usually, PPC search enginesdistribute their paid listings to a wide-range of their partners.1. 7search.comGeneralBy bidding for placement at 7Search, you will appear in 35% of the top 150 search engines in English-speaking countries.Partners:,,,, Coolhits.comCostNo initial fees.No minimum monthly spend. Minimum deposit: $25. Minimum bid: $0.01. Each timeyou receive a visitor, the bid amount will be deducted from the deposit balance.Tips on submission procedureYou can use the MakeTop tool to immediately make a listing first in the rankings. You areimmediately emailed anytime you are outbid for the top ranking on a keyword. To hit the Hispano-American markets, you can bid at search engine.2. enhance.netGeneral
  2. 2. Enhance teams up with other search engines and websites like Excite, Earthlink, MSN.CostA minimum initial $50 deposit is required and will be applied to clickthroughs.The minimum bid is $0.03. The minimum daily cap is $2. You can set a daily marketing budget, i.e.your "daily cap".Tips on submission procedureSignup for an Enhance Interactive account. Enter your keyword, ad description, and price yourewilling to pay for a click. Your companys title, description and URL will be displayed whenever usersfrom Enhance Interactive partner network type in the keywords youve selected. You see exactlyhow much it costs to advertise in first, second or third place for any keyword or phrase.3. epilot.comGeneralAbout 130 search distribution partners including,,,, and $100 minimum deposit acts as an escrow account towards the purchase of clicks to your site.To get your site listed on over 100 search engines in ePilot’s Search Distribution Network, be sure toset your bid prices to $0.07 or greater. The first 30 days after each deposit is considered a "graceperiod" for ePilot to provide proper support and help build your campaign, and as such, youraccount is ineligible for a refund during this time. After the 30-day grace period, all unused portionof your deposit is refundable, minus a $25 service fee. After 90 days from each deposit, the amountbecomes ‘locked in’ and is nonrefundable.Tips on submission procedure
  3. 3. The navigation system in the accounts area is simple but effective.You can use the report feature to make reports for a range of dates, you can also arrange them bykeywords, bids, links and clicks.4. espotting.comGeneralEspotting drives traffic to over 22,000 advertisers across Europe. It has developed some keypartnerships in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Distribution through an ever-expandingnetwork of Europes top ISPs, search engines and portals.Espotting has been merged into a wholly owned subsidiary of with the Espottingbrand continuing after the deal.CostMinimum bid: £0.10. The minimum deposit is £50 (for Business and Economy packages).There are 2 registration packages: Business: £129 (£50 as a minimum balance + £79 for a servicefee); Economy: £60 (£50 as a minimum balance + £10 for a service fee).All service fees and initial minimum balances are nonrefundable and do not include VAT.Tips on submission procedureThe Economy package includes the following services: one-on-one briefing with an Espottingrepresentative or fast track online brief submission; all keywords activated at desired position acrossour affiliate network within 48 hours (upon campaign approval); Espotting team will createprofessionally written titles & descriptions to maximise lead generation; keywords generated usingEspotting network data for enhanced results and increased ROI; deep-content URLs will drive
  4. 4. customers straight to the relevant pages; and optional automated bid management service. TheEconomy package includes only two last services of the above mentioned.5. google.comGeneralBeing an undoubted leader in search technologies, Google offers its own PPC ad program. Googlefeatures a growing distribution network not only from their own Google sites but also throughpartners. Googles current audience reach in USA is estimated at 39%, while a combined reach ofGoogle and its partners is much greater.Partners: AOL, Compuserve, AT&T Worldnet, Earthlink, Netscape,, iWon, About.comCostOnly a US$5 activation fee.No minimum spending or time commitment.Daily budget and maximum cost-per-click (CPC) that you set (5 cents USD to US$50), so youll neverspend more than you want.Targeted advertising to reduce unwanted clicks.Tips on submission procedureThe position of your ad on the Search Results page is based on a combination of the maximum cost-per-click and the clickthrough rate for your ad. The higher the maximum cost-per-click you set andthe higher your ads clickthrough rate, the higher your ads position. Googles Discounterautomatically adjusts bids to ensure you pay the lowest amount possible to keep your position. Adsgo up immediately - theres no 3 day posting delay. Read Google AdWords section for moreinformation.
  5. 5. 6. kanoodle.comGeneralYour account allows your listings to be seen on search engines and search enabledsites. You can also use your account to advertise in Europe with, CBS MarketWatch,, 37.comCostKeywordTarget™: Minimum bid: $0.05.The minimum purchase to open your keyword-term bidding account is $50.Tips on submission procedureContextTarget™, featured on some of the Webs biggest names including CBS MarketWatch, putsyour ads alongside editorial content instead of within search results. This allows you to reachpotential consumers at the exact time they are engaged and reading relevant content on theirfavorite sites. KeywordTarget™, Kanoodles Search product, lists your site quality search enginesacross the Net.7. looksmart.comGeneralOnce a powerful directory, Looksmart does no longer maintain its directory. It is a PPC searchengine. Backup results are powered by Directory results are provided by Zeal.Partners: Roadrunner, CNET, InfoSpace, Cox Interactive,, BrainFox, Findology,, GenieKnows
  6. 6. CostThe monthly minimum budget is $15 per account. You should set a maximum CPC for each of yourkeywords. In order to be considered in the auction for a specific keyword, your Max CPC must begreater than the keywords Min CPC. The actual CPC is automatically discounted to the minimumvalue necessary to maintain the listings current position.Tips on submission procedureListings appear for searches that match advertiser-selected keywords. Uses Smart Match technology.Smart Match displays your listings when your keywords, or small variations of your keywords, areentered by searchers. These variations include plurals, common misspellings, shared "root" words,and different word orders.8. lycos.netGeneralLycos is one of the oldest search engines on the web. With Lycos InSite AdBuyer, advertisers andmarketers can create text-based ad panels for display on Terra Lycos properties and other sites.Partners: Lycos Search, HotBot, Tripod, Angelfire, GamesvilleCostMinimum bid: $0.05.Setup fee: minimum of $50 to open account. This amount is credit towards actual traffic to a websiteand is non-refundable.Tips on submission procedure
  7. 7. The ads will appear above the web results and top right (Google-style). Ads go live within 30 minutesof editorial review. FindWhat is a PPC technology provider for Lycos InSite™ AdBuyer, however, thisservice is different from FindWhat.9. Miva.comGeneralMIVA is the new name for the Group. MIVA brings together, EspottingMedia, Miva Corporation, Comet Systems and B&B Advertising.Partners: Lycos, InfoSpace Network (,,,,, Superpages, Reunion, AlmondNet, SearchFeed, Memolink,,, Mamma.comCostThere is a $25.00 non-refundable deposit used to activate your account. Every penny of this depositis used toward click-thrus to your website. The minimum bid on a keyword is $0.05, and the clientcan modify the price at his or her own will. There are no extra monthly charges and no monthly-required account expenditures.Tips on submission procedureThere are 4 main sections of the account activation process:Set up Account InformationDesign Ad ListingsActivate AccountConfirm Account Information
  8. 8. Once you placed a minimum of $25.00 into your account, your keyword ads and keywords havebeen reviewed for relevancy and Mivas Credit Transactions Department verifies your information,your account will be activated so that your website will appear live in the network.10. overtune.comGeneralOverture Service, Inc., now a subsidiary of Yahoo! Inc., is a global leader in commercial searchservices on the Internet. Overture pioneered commercial search. It has more than 100,000 active,paying advertisers and it has worldwide distribution partners, including major Web portals.Overture/Yahoo! search boxes are integrated on sites of a number of top ISPs (Juno and Netzero).Partners: Yahoo!, MSN, CNN, Alta Vista, AlltheWeb,, InfoSpace, DogPile, NBCi,, Excite, Webcrawler, Metacrawler, Go2NetCostA $50 initial deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to clickthroughs or to the minimummonthly spend. Each account has a $20 minimum monthly spend. There is a minimum bidrequirement of $0.10 per click-through.Tips on submission procedureOverture offers three sign-up plans: Premier, Gold and Platinum. They differ mainly in the Overturestaffs assistance with campaign setup and management. Read Overtures FAQ for advertisers formore info.11. yahoo.comGeneral
  9. 9. Yahoo! is the the oldest and most important directory that recently became one of the two greatestsearch engines and pay-per-click services. In January 2004, Yahoo!s properties combined audiencereach was estimated 30,4% in the USA. The commercial search provider Overture Services powersYahoo! Pay-for-Performance program. Yahoo provides geographic search targeting.Partners:, Regional Yahoo! sites, All The Web, Alta Vista, Anzwers (Australia & NZ)CostA $50 initial deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to click-throughs or to the minimummonthly spend. Each account has a $20 minimum monthly spend. There is a minimum bidrequirement of $0.10 per click-through.Tips on submission procedureOffers three sign-up plans: Premier, Gold and Platinum. They differ mainly in the Overture staffsassistance with campaign setup and management. Read Overtures FAQ for advertisers for moreinfo.==========This is a help file unlike the others. Web CEO moved away from the old-time practice where youpress F1 to get help for a screen or dialog. Why? Because Web CEO is not about screens, dialogs oreven tools - it is about the process - the Web CEO Integrated Approach.In turn, The Approach (as we call it) is about getting targeted visitors to your Web site. Keep it usableand faultless. Analyze your visitors to increase conversions, revenues and the effectiveness of
  10. 10. advertising. Please read this guide, starting with the "Where should you begin?" chapter, where WebCEO basics are explained.The first step is to add your Web site to Projects.We then recommend you work slowly through each remaining step (there are twelve of them), tofully understand the power of Web CEO.Using this guide, you learn how toPromote your site:Step 1: Research keywordsStep 2: Get optimization advice for your siteStep 3: Edit your Web pages for search enginesStep 4: Submit your site to search enginesStep 5: Check your rankings in search enginesStep 6: Analyze your link popularityAnalyze your traffic:
  11. 11. Step 7: Get general traffic reportsStep 8: Get a full account of revenues and conversionsStep 9: Analyze your active and past ad campaignsMaintain your site:Step 10: Control the quality of your siteStep 11: Upload files using FTPStep 12: Monitor your site======step 1Step 1. Research keywordsFind the most popular, relevant keywords and phrases your target visitors enter when they searchfor information, products or services you offer.Overview: Why research keywords?
  12. 12. Sub-step 1: Find related keywords and organize them into groupsSub-step 2: View competitors and refine your keyword listSub-step 3: Get a deeper insight into your competitionSub-step 4: E-mail and export the results of your workWhat should you do now?FAQ: Answering key questionsGlossaryOverview: What is keyword research using Web CEO?The easy answer is:Before optimizing your Web pages for high rankings, you will need to define keywords and phrases.On one hand, they must get you the maximum of visitors, but on the other, they must bemoderately competitive.For example,, the featured demo project, produces and sells a smallsoftware program that delivers daily and long-range weather forecasts to your PC desktop. UsingWeb CEOs keyword suggestion tool (Features > Keywords), their webmaster researched somekeywords and discovered the most popular was "weather". It was requested 45,571 times daily andhe found there are 27,371,028 fighting for the top placing for this word.
  13. 13. A smaller Web site has slim chance to outplay big players like The Weather Channel, CNN Weatheror the National Weather Service. This explains why at this stage the site owner only picked a fewkeywords out of the 1,000 that Web CEO suggested.All these keywords and phrases combined enough popularity, relevance and acceptable competition.For example "long-range weather forecast" (daily searches – 458; competition according to Google –514,000).Leaping ahead to Step 2, webmasters learn how to get their pages ranked highly with selectedkeywords. At Step 3, they apply the advice using Web CEOs Editor, which is designed specifically forsearch engine optimization purposes.The results? The "long-range weather forecast" phrase and its variations over 1,100 unique visitors monthly. Please read on to learn how to do thesame for your Web site.