Sustainable transport-das
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Sustainable transport-das



Presentation used at the sustainable transport talk on 26-Jan-2013 at Jaaga.

Presentation used at the sustainable transport talk on 26-Jan-2013 at Jaaga.



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Sustainable transport-das Sustainable transport-das Presentation Transcript

  • Sustainable transport My story
  • Who I amMechanical Engineer.Founder-Director of a firm that makes productsfor the manufacturing industry.52 years old.Owner of THE sexiest pair of legs in mygym, one of the sexiest pair of legs intown – because of cycling.
  • Me, B.S.(Before Sustainable-transport, or in the Bull-shit era)Q: What do you want for your children ?My bullshit answer : Healthy childhood, niceenvironment, lots of space to play in, blah, blah.The fact: My vehicle polluting mydaughters air, destroying her trees,occupying her parks and footpaths –destroying her childhood.I decided : “Enough bullshit,Let me walk the talk”.
  • Sustainable transport saga 2000 2011As I grew professionally and made more money, my brainstarted getting smaller, my vehicle started getting bigger.Brain suddenly grew in 2000, and I started seeing sense,started using a bicycle and public transport.
  • Sustainable transport sagaIn the corporate world, your and your companyseconomic health are judged by the size of your car.In 2011 I decided that I would confuse people, no longerallow them to play the judging game. Sold the FordFusion, bought a 20 year old, 3rd hand Gypsy jeep for Rs.1.5 Lakhs. Got it repainted lemon yellow.She has a name – Nimboo.Now its “Hes one of those jeep nuts“.
  • My modes of transportCycle. Everywhere, including commuting toOffice. Office commute is 26 km. The bike IS myVehicle, to go anywhere at all.+Bus+Auto+Car – occasionally, typically with the family,on weekends, very rarely alone.Cycling 80 %, bus/auto 20 % of the time.
  • Log kya kahenge ?Thumbs up from automobile drivers at traffic signals.No idea what it means. They think Im having fun ? Imdoing something good ?Children waving fom school buses.Everyone in my industry knows I cycle, go by bus -from newspaper articles, TV. Gained respect, notridicule.
  • Cycling ? Unsafe?Have travelled 60,000 km. (equivalent to 1.5 timesaround Earth) just commuting to work over past 13 years.Still alive and kicking.Zero accidents, not even a scratch.
  • What cycling has done for meHot legsAthletic heart – heart rate 60 instead of 72.Impoved lung capacity – better than most people.High physical stamina.No Monday morning blues.
  • Whos responsible for this? Who da culprit ? I da culprit ! Who can fix it ? I can fix it !
  • What each of us can doCycle or walk to neighbourhood shops.Whenever possible, take a bus or auto insteadof your personal vehicle.Start with 10 % of travel using sustainable transport,90 % in personal automobile.Gradually increase. Aim for 90 % in sustainable transport,10 % in personal automobile.
  • Do whatever little you can ,towards sustainable transport.Dont do nothing justbecause you cannot doeverything.