Professional Event Management


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Professional Event Management

  2. 2. The same people are always attending our events MPULL Features: • Guest History Benefits: • Alerts user that guest is often invited so an alternative can be pickedEvents Challenge: Favouritism
  3. 3. Not only did we host this person on three occasions, we also gave them a gift and included them in our direct marketing campaign. What is the true cost of acquiring and retaining customers?MPULL Features:• Cost per head reports• End-to-end marketing systemBenefits:• Easily calculate ROI• All activities, no matter how big or small are measurable, resulting in more effective marketing campaigns Events Challenge: Return on Investment
  4. 4. We are not following up on the leads generated at events MPULL Features: • Lead Nurturing Benefits: • Take ownership of the leads from events • Automate communications to guide leads down the path to purchase • Qualify leads before handing them to your sales teamEvents Challenge: Leads follow through
  5. 5. RSVP management is a full time job, and if there is more than one event happening is confusing when done manually!MPULL Features:• Guest List Management• RSVP ManagementBenefits:• RSVP’s take place online, saving your employees time• A professional image is portrayed through the automation of RSVP’s and guest lists Events Challenge: RSVP management is time consuming
  6. 6. Invitations come from personal email addresses and are not personalised MPULL Features: • Invitation Wizard • Event Page Wizard • Reminders and Post-Event Messaging Benefits: • All event communication is standardised and meets brand standards • Professional image is portrayedEvents Challenge: Communication is not professional
  7. 7. We need to keep our guests updated regularly, leading up to, during and after the eventMPULL Features:• Bulk Email and Text MessagingBenefits:• Design professional and personalised messages that meet company standards that can be sent to your guest list at any time. Events Challenge: Keeping guests updated
  8. 8. We need to get feedback from our guests so we can improve our events MPULL Features: • Survey Wizard Benefits: • Build surveys as required and conduct research on demand • Use feedback to identify leads • Use feedback to improve future eventsEvents Challenge: Post Event Survey’s
  9. 9. We ask the same people the same questions every time we have an eventMPULL Features:• Guest ProfilingBenefits:• Save your guests time, and portray an innovative image with pre-populated fields such as golf handicap, shirt size and partners details. Events Challenge: Remembering preferences
  10. 10. Every time the Marketing team run a campaign or event, they want the same data in a new format! MPULL Features: • Guest List Management Benefits: • Save time: capture core data once and then only “tag” contacts for future events and campaigns • Simplification, as all lists are in the same formatEvents Challenge: Repetitive Data Capturing
  11. 11. Our IT team take so long to create portals for eventsMPULL Features:• Webpage BuilderBenefits:• Build your own portals, remove dependency on IT team• Become an Agile Events Team• Portray a professional image Events Challenge: Dependency on Developers
  12. 12. Some people always RSVP and never attend, while others just turn up without an official RSVP MPULL Features: • Guest History Benefits: • Identify patterns in guest behavior • Plan resource allocation more effectively • Predict return on investment more accuratelyEvents Challenge: Attendance vs. RSVP’s
  13. 13. Our team needs to work more closely on events… what is someone is booked off ill on the day!MPULL Features:• Social Collaboration• Tasks Manager• Workflow and Process WizardBenefits:• Teams can easily collaborate• All events follow identical process and comply to brand standards• Status of events is managed in real time Events Challenge: Team Collaboration
  14. 14. Create Event • Standard Event Task Activity and Workflow plan created • Open Event: Via Registration Page Build Guest List • Closed Event: Via Sales Team or Defined Segment Create Event Webpage Create and Send Initial Emailer Create and Send Reminder Emailers and Text Messages Check Guests In Create Post Event Webpages and EmailersSimple, step-by-step event management in MPULL
  15. 15. The MPULL interfaces are highly intuitive
  16. 16. The MPULL Solutionto Marketing Challenges
  17. 17. Leadsgeneratedare notqualified We diligently track return in spreadsheets, but it is almost Only a We have so Marketing impossible to portion of our many un- is not combine all the tactics align integrated agile spreadsheets to Marketing systems enough into meaningful Objectives reportsChallenges Marketer’s face today…
  18. 18. There is too much internal e-mail! There is no team collaborationWe often focus Our brandedon the merchandise We find moreincorrect low disappears than one ofperforming We must do more from our our ads in acampaigns with less, and storeroom! magazine headcount is frozenChallenges Marketer’s face today…
  19. 19. I need Market Intelligence to make decisions Our Everyone business manages PerformanceValuable units buy the campaigns reviews areknowledge is identical differently toolost when stock There is noemployees proof of subjective! photographyleave and market Marketing reports performanceChallenges Marketer’s face today…
  20. 20. • Campaign Management • Project Management • Landing Pages • Lead Scoring (Advertising, PR, Direct • Workflow • Bulk Email • Trigger Management Marketing etc) • Team Performance & • Bulk Text Messaging • Automated Messaging• Event and RSVP Appraisals • Form Development Management • Marketing Calendar• Research Survey’s• Collateral• Branded Merchandise• Business IntelligenceMarketing Marketing Multi-ChannelOperations Resource Lead Nurturing MarketingManagement Management End-to-End Solution for Agile Marketing Teams
  21. 21. MPULL… where Marketer’s live!
  22. 22. THANK YOU!For more information:visit www.mpull.come-mail daryn.smith@mpull.comTwitter: MPULLmarketing