Marketing Challenges that MPULL Marketing Software solves


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MPULL is marketing software for lead nurturing, marketing operations management and marketing resource management. An end-to-end marketing solution for marketing automation.

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Marketing Challenges that MPULL Marketing Software solves

  1. 1. MARKETING CHALLENGESMPULL CAN RESOLVEDaryn SmithProduct and Marketing
  2. 2. The leads the marketing team generate are of a poor quality and are not qualified MPULL Features: • Lead Nurturing • Multi-Channel Marketing Benefits: • Improve Lead Quality • Shorten the path to purchase • Automate communications • Make More effective use of Sales resources • Real-time campaign optimizationMarketing Challenge: Lead Quality
  3. 3. Only a portion of marketing tactics align to our marketing objectivesMPULL Features:• Marketing Operations Management• Marketing Resource ManagementBenefits:• Quickly identify misaligned objectives• Reduce budget wastageMarketing Challenge: Alignment to Objectives
  4. 4. Our team is not agile enough, everything goes through an agency MPULL Features: • Multi-Channel Marketing • Webpage creation • Create and send bulk messages • Produce instant research surveys Benefits: • React quickly to opportunities • Reduce production costsMarketing Challenge: Not Agile
  5. 5. It’s difficult to combine all our reports into a single meaningful ROI reportMPULL Features:• On Demand ReportingBenefits:• Evaluate performance of campaigns across disciplines and management styles• Reduction in time to produce reports• Ability to compare to past similar campaigns• Identify and focus on high performing campaignsMarketing Challenge: ROI Reporting
  6. 6. We have many un-integrated systems and places employees need to go to get marketing support MPULL Features: • Single system for all Marketing functions • Access to MPULL API Benefits: • No need for multiple license fees • Not adding more un-integrated systems • Use API to integrate existing systems like CRMMarketing Challenge: Many Systems
  7. 7. We focus on the incorrect poor performing campaignsMPULL Features:• On Demand ReportingBenefits:• Quickly evaluate campaign performance• Track ROI• Add and remove resources easily Marketing Challenge: Incorrect Focus
  8. 8. There is minimal team collaboration especially between business units and regional branches! MPULL Features: • Social Collaboration • Marketing Calendar Benefits: • Team members can identify projects to collaborate on • Provide feedback to each other • Employees can pick up each others projectsMarketing Challenge: Low Levels of Collaboration
  9. 9. Need to do more with less, and headcount is frozen…MPULL Features:• Marketing Automation• Marketing Resource Management• Lead Nurturing• Multi-Channel MarketingBenefits:• Automate time consuming tasks• Reduce duplication of work• Identify high performing campaigns to focus resources on Marketing Challenge: Do more with less
  10. 10. Branded Merchandise and Corporate Gifts disappear quickly from storerooms with no tracking MPULL Features: • Merchandise Online Shop Benefits: • Track who is ordering and receiving items • Included in reports for cost to acquire and retain customer • Identify abuse of merchandise • Maintain better stock levelsMarketing Challenge: Branded Merchandise
  11. 11. There is too much internal e-mail!MPULL Features:• Tasks & NotificationsBenefits:• No e-mail communication required• Important feedback and reverts cannot be missed due to mailbox issues Marketing Challenge: Internal E-mail Volumes
  12. 12. We find our conflicting ads placed in the same publications MPULL Features: • Marketing Calendar Benefits: • Identify duplication and resolve conflicts • Reduce wastage of marketing budgetMarketing Challenge: Duplication between Units
  13. 13. Valuable knowledge is lost when employees leaveMPULL Features:• Marketing Operations ManagementBenefits:• All past campaigns are available to reference• Company standards are maintained as new employees simply follow the defined workflows and processes Marketing Challenge: Loss of Knowledge
  14. 14. Business Units and Regional Branches buy identical stock photography and market reports MPULL Features: • Digital Collateral Management Benefits: • Single place to go for company collateral • Reduced duplication • Report on effectiveness of collateralMarketing Challenge: Budget wastage
  15. 15. There is no proof of Marketing performanceMPULL Features:• On Demand Reporting• Lead Nurturing• Marketing Operations ManagementBenefits:• Reports from past and current campaigns on demand• ROI is easily calculated• Poor performing campaigns can be corrected Marketing Challenge: Performance Metrics
  16. 16. Everyone runs campaigns differently MPULL Features: • Tasks and Notifications Benefits: • All campaigns align to company standards • Redundancy • GovernanceMarketing Challenge: Processes not followed
  17. 17. Performance reviews are too subjectiveMPULL Features:• Marketing Resource ManagementBenefits:• On the job feedback• Corrective actions can be taken for poor performers• Get more out of high performers Marketing Challenge: Team Management
  18. 18. I need competitive intelligence to make informed decisions MPULL Features: • Competitive Intelligence Benefits: • Cast larger net through crowd-sourcing • Single reliable place to store and access intelligence • Make informed decisionsMarketing Challenge: Store for Competitive Intelligence
  19. 19. Status meetings take up time and status reports become outdated too quicklyMPULL Features:• Marketing Resource ManagementBenefits:• Progress and next steps are in real-time• More time for planning and innovating Marketing Challenge: Timeous Status Reports
  20. 20. RSVP Management is time consuming MPULL Features: • Marketing Operations Management Benefits: • Focus on other elements of the event • Professional image is portrayed • Remember guest preferences from past eventsMarketing Challenge: RSVP Management
  21. 21. Our IT team does not allow us to install new systemsMPULL Features:• Cloud-based solutionBenefits:• Access MPULL through a web browser of any internet connected device• Immediate deployment, no configuration Marketing Challenge: IT Rules and Regulations
  22. 22. I’m not sure what collateral is used and if it is effective MPULL Features: • Digital Collateral Management Benefits: • Identify collateral that is not used • Identify popular collateral and replicate similar pieces • Calculate a ROI on each piece of collateralMarketing Challenge: Return on Collateral
  23. 23. What does the Marketing team do to help us get deals?MPULL Features:• Marketing Calendar• Lead NurturingBenefits:• Track Marketing deliverables• Measure lead quality vs. quantity Marketing Challenge: Marketing Deliverables
  24. 24. I continually have to provide Marketing with customer and prospect data in many formats MPULL Features: • Marketing Operations Management Benefits: • Flag customers and prospects for campaigns using simple online interface • Spend less time doing administration • Same format for all marketing tacticsMarketing Challenge: Sales Administration
  25. 25. MPULL… where Marketer’s live!
  26. 26. • Campaign Management • Project Management • Landing Pages • Trigger Management Event and RSVP • Workflow • Bulk Email • Automated Messaging Management • Team Performance & • Bulk Text Messaging• Research Survey’s Appraisals • Form Development• Collateral • Marketing Calendar• Branded Merchandise• Competitive IntelligenceMarketing Marketing Multi-ChannelOperations Resource Lead Nurturing MarketingManagement Management End-to-End Solution for Agile Marketing Teams
  27. 27. THANK YOU!For more information:visit