Lead Nurturing for Brands


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How brands can use lead nurturing to lead their consumers down a path to purchase.

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Lead Nurturing for Brands

  1. 1. LEAD NURTURING FORBRANDSDaryn SmithProduct and Marketingdaryn.smith@mpull.com
  2. 2. 4. Consumer1. Consumer does receives SMS on BRAND A BRAND Bonline research into promotion 1 weekproduct options later, and goes to purchase Brand B 3. Consumer receives e-mail with a case study 2 days later 2. Consumer “I need to buy Product X” receives a “did you know” email 24 hours after visiting Brand B websiteUsing strategic communication to lead the consumer down a path topurchase – lead nurturing
  3. 3. TV COMERCIALS WWW EVENTS & TRADE SHOWS ONLINE BANNERS PUBLIC RELATIONS PAY-PER-CLICK & SEARCH PRINT ADSBrands use conventional marketing with a “call to action” to generate leads
  4. 4. Content Marketing is used very effectively to generate leads and nurture leads
  5. 5. LEAD GENERATION TACTICS 25% 50% 25% QUALIFIED UN-QUALIFIED NOT LEADS LEADS BUYERS LEAD NURTURING PHASE CONVERSION BY SALES TEAM CONVERSION BY SALES TEAM ENDIt is important not to treat all leads as qualifiedCustomer facing teams should only receive qualified leads from their marketing department
  6. 6. General Instant Discounts, Case Studies, Webinars, Guides, Infographics, White Papers, Research B2B Top 10 Small Business Tips, Latest Trends in Industry, Investment Return CalculatorsTelecommunications How to save costs on calls, Increase Collaboration, Data Usage Infographic Financial Home of the month, Top 10 Kitchen Ideas, Car Buyers Guide Appliances Choose a Green appliance, Energy Consumption Guide, Technology around the corner B2B & B2C… lead nurturing using content works across verticals and markets
  7. 7. Define your consumers path to purchase Design your landing pages Design your e- mails and text messages Set up the sequence and timing of communicationsFour easy steps to setup lead nurturing using MPULLOr outsource to MPULL through our managed service offering
  8. 8. The MPULL interfaces are highly intuitive
  9. 9. Completion of form Completion of form Add to lead program: X After X number of days After X number of days Send lead e-mail: X Clicks on e-mail link Clicks on e-mail link Visits a combination of pages Send lead SMS: X Visits a combination of pages Visits a quantity of pages Move lead to program: Visits a quantity of pages X Leaves a particular page Leaves a particular page E-mail notification: X Watches a video Watches a video Push to CRM system Download a particular file Download a particular file End Program Lead Score is X Lead Score is X * Red triggers and actions are live, other are in developmentLead Nurturing triggers that result in actions
  10. 10. Turn your website into a lead generation tool…Consumers should register to get selected content and then nurture them!
  11. 11. The MPULL Solutionto Marketing Challenges
  12. 12. Leadsgeneratedare not We diligentlyqualified track return in spreadsheets, b ut it is almost Only a We have so Marketing impossible to portion of our many un- is not combine all the tactics align integrated agile spreadsheets to Marketing systems enough into meaningful Objectives reportsChallenges Marketer’s face today…
  13. 13. There is too much internal e-mail! There is no team collaborationWe often focus Our brandedon the merchandise We find moreincorrect low disappears than one ofperforming We must do more from our our ads in acampaigns with less, and storeroom! magazine headcount is frozenChallenges Marketer’s face today…
  14. 14. I need Market Intelligence to make decisions Our Everyone business manages PerformanceValuable units buy the campaigns reviews areknowledge is identical differently toolost when stock There is noemployees proof of subjective! photographyleave and market Marketing reports performanceChallenges Marketer’s face today…
  15. 15. • Campaign Management • Project Management • Landing Pages • Lead Scoring (Advertising, PR, Direct • Workflow • Bulk Email • Trigger Management Marketing etc) • Team Performance & • Bulk Text Messaging • Automated Messaging• Event and RSVP Appraisals • Form Development Management • Marketing Calendar• Research Survey’s• Collateral• Branded Merchandise• Business IntelligenceMarketing Marketing Multi-ChannelOperations Resource Lead Nurturing MarketingManagement Management End-to-End Solution for Agile Marketing Teams
  16. 16. MPULL… where Marketer’s live!
  17. 17. THANK YOU!For more information:visit www.mpull.come-mail daryn.smith@mpull.comTwitter: MPULLmarketing