InMobi Profile for South Africa


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InMobi Profile for South Africa, including Q1 2012 Mobile Media Consumption Research results

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  • Keywords on this slide is “global” – we can get your brand out to the World, and get global consumers in touch with your brand“Independent” – only focused on mobile, and do not own any media like our competitors“Regional Expertise” – we have local offices with locals working for InMobi in Africa
  • The graph on the left shows mobile subscribers vs internet, TV and newspapers subscribers – worldwide currently.And on the right – a prediction by eMarketer on how many mobile phones vs computers will be sold in the next decade.The mobile revolution is here.
  • WAP or Mobisites / AppsFeature phones / Smartphones / Tablets
  • Majority is Nokia & Symbian – this info is key for app developers and content players. Nigeria market is Nokia stronghold.For brands, rich media on the type of handsets available is very limited – so mostly text and banner advertising.
  • These are all brands spending in Africa
  • InMobi is a one-stop shop for Mobile AdvertisingWe support both performance based (like content players, app developers) as well as brandsLargest independent mobile ad network, and largest in AfricaAccess to international and local premium publishers and appsLots of African users still visit International mobisites like BBC, CNN, Angry Birds, Goal.comRich Media development expertise – so we can create your adsExpertise in developing your mobisite – so we can create your landing pagesWhat we build can be run anywhere and everywhere from a creative point of veiwWe give you access to world class mobile intelligence.
  • Through partnership with Thumbtribe
  • Only 10% of rich media in Africa – most is text/banner – most people have feature phones
  • Some examples of rich media
  • We can conduct research on your behalf.
  • InMobi Profile for South Africa

    1. 1. The Largest IndependentMobile Ad NetworkSouth Africa Profile
    2. 2. Global Leader in Mobile AdvertisingThe Largest Independent Mobile Ad Network Over 93 billion monthly ad impressions Over 485 million monthly unique users Live in 165 countries 10,000+ Sites & Apps Global Footprint with Regional Expertise Month Day, Year PAGE 1
    3. 3. The Mobile Revolution is here The Mobile Present – The Mobile Future - Subscribers and Users Devices to be sold this (in millions) decade (in billions) Mobile Subscribers 12 2,000 600 513 10 Internet Users 8 5,100 6 TV Subscribers 4 2 Newspaper Subscribers 0 Mobile Phones Computers Month Day, Year PAGE 2•“The Mobile Present” source RBC Capital Markets, March 2011•“The Mobile Future” source eMarketer Q1 2010
    4. 4. African Mobile Landscape Kenya Total Population: 41 million Internet Subscribers:South Africa 3.9 millionTotal Population: Mobile Subscribers: 25 million50.5 million Mobile Web Users:Internet Subscribers: 25% of population6.8 million InMobi Monthly Reach:Mobile Subscribers: 2.1 million consumers53 million 20.5% of Mobile Web UsersMobile Web Users:40.1% of population NigeriaInMobi Monthly Total Population: 155 millionReach: Internet Subscribers:10.5 million 44 million51.9% of Mobile Web Mobile Subscribers: 91 millionUsers Mobile Web Users: 9.5% of population InMobi Monthly Reach: 6.3 million consumers 42.8% of Mobile Web Users Month Day, Year PAGE 3 •Informa WCIS Q1 2011 •
    5. 5. Emerging Markets are highly mobile centricMobile Centricity relates to a populations importance,comfort level, depth of activity and influence of mobile. Australia Singapore Upper Income Hong Kong South Korea Taiwan Brazil Middle Income Malaysia South Africa China Indonesia India Lower Kenya Income Low High Month Day, Year PAGE 4 Mobile Centricity
    6. 6. The Mobile Advertising Network Concept Advertiser A Advertiser B Advertiser C Advertiser D Ad Network Publisher A Publisher B Publisher C Publisher D Month Day, Year PAGE 5
    7. 7. Mobile Advertising Platforms Month Day, Year PAGE 6
    8. 8. Network Glance: South Africa90% growth in advertising impressionsfrom 2010 to 2011South Africa Network Stats: 51.9% of all Mobile Web users in SA are InMobi consumers 10.5 million monthly unique users 4.74 billion quarterly ad impressions 40.7% of impressions from Nokia devices Dedicated Africa team Month Day, Year PAGE 7
    9. 9. South Africa Operating System ShareOver 1.8 billion monthly impressions in South Africa Available Impressions OS Impressions % Share Pt Chg Nokia OS 1,052,648,586 22.2% +1.6 Nokia OS Symbian OS 891,107,066 18.8% +0.6 39% Symbian RIM OS 731,286,101 15.4% -3.1 OS 22% RIM OS Android 146,733,002 3.1% +1.1 1% Android iPhone OS 53,946,974 1.1% +0.1 3% 15% 19% iPhone OS Others 1,863,553,217 39.32% -0.3 Source: Network Data, Oct- Dec 2011 Month Day, Year PAGE 8
    10. 10. The largest Mobile Ad Network in Africa Country Q4 2011 Monthly Impressions Unique Consumers Nigeria 5.84 Billion 6.31 Million Egypt 4.73 Billion 4.48 Million South 3.67 Billion 10.47 Africa Million Sudan 2.84 Billion 1.3 Million Kenya 2.35 Billion 2.14 Million Ghana 2.14 Billion Below 1 Million Libya 98 Million Below 1 Million Tanzania 96 Million Below 1 Million Ethopia 94 Million Below 1 Million Cote 63 Million Below 1 D’Ivoire Million Month Day, Year PAGE 9•Network Research Q4 2011 and February 2012
    11. 11. Brands spending on Mobile Advertising in Africa Month Day, Year PAGE 10
    12. 12. Mobile Media Consumptionin South Africa Month Day, Year PAGE 11
    13. 13. For mobile web users, globally mobile usage is behind Internet usage, but in SA mobile usage exceeds all other media The average mobile web user in SA consumes over 6 hours of media daily. Mobile devices represent 30% of this. Global South Africa Month Day, Year PAGE 12Source: Decision Fuel and InMobi research
    14. 14. Media Usage is not independent – there is dual screen behavior In South Africa: 37% % who spend time on mobile while watching TV TV Mobile Globally: 39% % who spend time on mobile while watching TV Month Day, Year PAGE 13Source: Decision Fuel and InMobi research
    15. 15. Mobile is becoming an important companion, particularly for the in between timesGlobal South Africa Month Day, Year PAGE 14
    16. 16. Global: 66% of mobile users are as comfortable with mobile advertising as they are with TV or online advertising South Africa: 79% of mobile users are as comfortable with mobile advertising as they are with TV or online advertising Month Day, Year PAGE 15Source: Decision Fuel and InMobi research
    17. 17. 72% see mobile as either their primary or exclusive means of going online Only via mobile phone 40% 72% Mostly via mobile phone 32% Mobile 1st Evenly split between 24% mobile and desktop/laptop Mostly via a 4% desktop/laptop 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Month Day, Year PAGE 16Source: Decision Fuel and InMobi research; sample n = 1,148
    18. 18. Social Media and Entertainment are the dominant activities for South Africans 22% 19% 15% Social Media Entertainment Play Games (e.g. (Music, Videos, et Facebook, Twitter, etc.) c.) 15% General Info 14% 7% 9% (Search, Sports, Local News, etc.) E-mail Shopping Search Month Day, Year PAGE 17Source: Decision Fuel and InMobi research; sample n = 998
    19. 19. How are we different from othermobile ad networks? Month Day, Year PAGE 18
    20. 20. One-Stop Shop for Mobile AdvertisingPerformance Based Rich Immersive Mobile Advertising Brand Solutions Reach of the Largest Independent Mobile Ad Network Access to Premium Publishers & Apps Access to Best-in-Class Creative Expertise in Rich Media and HTML5 Month Day, Year PAGE 19
    21. 21. One-Stop Shop for Mobile Developers User How to Monetize Retention Optimize Acquisition Market SmartPay™ Connecting Developers to the Mobile Ecosystem Developers Month Day, Year PAGE 20
    22. 22. Local and International Publishers Month Day, Year PAGE 21
    23. 23. We’re Making a BIG Splash! Awards 2011 Winner Always On Top 250 Best Mobile Ad Network 2011 Winner Top 3 Companies Innovation Award to Watch in 2011“InMobi Raises a Massive $200 Million to Overtake Google in Mobile Ads” - VentureBeat Providing the Latest Mobile Insights to: Month Day, Year PAGE 22
    24. 24. Connecting Brands to their Target Audience Targeting Capabilities: Date & Time Geo-Targeting Operator Content & Category Handset • Sports • Entertainment • Games• All Day • Shopping• Morning • News Model• Night • Nigeria • Classifieds • Nokia 6300• 6am – 11am • Egypt • Nokia 1280 • Social • Kenya • BB Bold • South Africa • BB Curve • France O/S • United States Month Day, Year PAGE 23
    25. 25. Creative Solutions for Every Objective Smart Feature Tablet Calls to Formats Formats Formats Action 320x48 Banner 120x20 Banner 120x600 Banner Phone Call or Text 300x250 Banner 168x28 Banner 728x90 Banner Play a Video Expandable 216x36 Banner 300x250 Banner Lead Generation Full Screen 300x50 Banner 468x60 Banner App Download Video / Rich Media 40 Character Text 40 Character Text Tweet or Facebook Month Day, Year PAGE 24
    26. 26. What’s New & Exciting… Month Day, Year PAGE 25
    27. 27. Reaching Football Fans Football transcends all boundaries, it is a platform for brands to connect with fans:Football = Football = Football = Football = Football is a waypassion: fun: connection: Camaraderie: to show off:Scream, yell football express their It is aboutJump! (watching or feelings with their fitting in the competition, proFor this group playing) is a way friends to support group is more ving to bewinning is more to have fun and & encourage their important than ‘better’ than theimportant than release the team. Joining is football itself. others.participating. tension. more important than winning. Month Day, Year PAGE 26
    28. 28. Dedicated Football Inventory • Impressions: Video 35,665,350 Product Demos & Coupons • Impressions: 220,000MTN Football • Impressions: 500,000 • Page Views: 20,000The Real Game • New App! payuka Month Day, Year PAGE 27
    29. 29. Building your campaign end-to-endInMobi has the expertise and resources to buildbanners, and Mobisites for your brands Month Day, Year PAGE 28
    30. 30. State of Mobile Rich MediaToday, 10% of all mobile brand campaign buysinclude Rich Media in AfricaChallenge:Mobile Rich Media is still a mess Devices are all over the map There are no standards One size, does not fit all Few mobile ad networks have the ability to create or deliver rich media ads at scale Very few Smart phones in Africa Month Day, Year PAGE 29
    31. 31. Rich Media Capabilities SHAKE & TILT ANIMATION FACEBOOK Accelerometer control for Fluid automation engine with Post to wall on Facebook engaging experience / games high performance sequencing 360 Degrees TWITTER Product Rotations &Post status update to Twitter Panoramas DRAG & DROP IMAGE GALLERY UI for puzzles, builders and Tactile galleries with more thumbnails & downloads SMART DAYPARTING SOUND BOARD Creative or offer varies byTap to play sound immediately time of day FORM CAPTURE FLEX ORIENTATION Text, pull down, checkbox & Creative scales form validation for lead gen Month Day, Year PAGE 30
    32. 32. Creative Expertise for Every Objective Interactive Model VideoProduct Video Product View TrailerInteractive Model && LeadGen Lead Gen Demos& Coupon Demo & Coupons & Social Sharing Month Day, Year PAGE 31
    33. 33. World-Class Mobile IntelligenceLeverage InMobi research expertise and capabilities tounderstand your mobile advertising, mobile consumer orbrand perceptions.Mobile Insights Research Ad Package: Custom research project based on advertiser requirements Consultative approach with InMobi research expertise 3rd party research firm quality Full-Service Solution Similar research from firms like: Month Day, Year PAGE 32
    34. 34. Thank You!For more information, please contact:Daryn SmithMarketing, Month Day, Year PAGE 33