The Social Media Newsroom as the Heart of Modern Public Relations


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Presentation by DWPub's Daryl Willcox on how online newsrooms are at the centre of modern PR, helping to engage with multiple media channels, making content more accessible and assisting in internal PR processes as well as being indispensable in crisis communications

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  • How your social media newsroom is the heart of modern PR, by Daryl Willcox – founder and chairman of DWPub.
  • I’m Daryl Willcox, I’m a former journalist and the founder ofDWPub. I’m happy to take questions via Twitter.
  • My first job in the media was for a daily local newspaper called the Gloucester Citizen. One of my jobs was to occasionally get the editor’s lunch. This comprised a quarter pounder with cheese, large fries and 40 Dunhill cigarettes. Looking back, my time there probably my last experience of truly ‘old school’ media – things have moved on a lot. Since 1997 I have been running DWPub, providing online services to journalists and PR professionals.
  • This is what we do at DWPub.
  • This is the last slide about DWPub, I promise. A few of our firsts. Although we are an establishes business, we try to retain the flexibility of a startup and focus on our users.
  • This represents ‘old media’. Who reads a newspaper every day these days?
  • What’s taking traditional media’s place is digital and social media. News is often broken on social media and many pure-play digital media outlets are becoming quite established. Some traditional publishers are having some success in the switch to digital.
  • The world of media has changed. Therefore it is unavoidable that the world of PR has changed (and a good job too – it’s given PR a welcome shake-up).
  • On the left we have ‘old’ PR – focussed on journalists (or what would have been called ‘media relations’, 80% of PR used to be ‘media relations’). On the right we have ‘new’ PR – now working through multiple channels (this list is not comprehensive).
  • So, what has this got to do with social media newsrooms? Your social media newsroom, or online newsroom if you prefer, is the beating heart at the centre of modern PR.
  • Social media newsrooms are great for making content available for all modern media channels. They also help PR professionals curate, format and develop content to suit a wide audience.
  • Here is an example of a ‘big brand’ social media newsroom. I think this may be a custom-built one (more on this later). Personally, I think it fails in some ways but there could be tactical reasons for why some elements are missing.
  • Here is an example of a small company newsroom. (This one happens to be an ‘off-the-shelf’ one from my company.) Note how prominent the press contact details are. It’s good not to lose sight of PR basics.
  • There are many benefits of social media newsrooms, here are a few.
  • It’s good to do a bit of thinking before you embark on setting up your social media newsroom. The big question is whether to build yourself (larger companies may have the resources and desire to do this, though it means you will be forever dependent on your IT people for support), or get one from a third-party provider. Whatever you do ensuring that it reflects your organisation’s brand it vitally important.
  • A lot of what I have touched upon is covered in greater detail in ‘How to Make the Most of Social Media Newsrooms’, a whitepaper by independent PR professional and author Stuart Bruce (published by DWPub).
  • I like to think every organisation should have a social media newsroom, and hopefully I have touched on some of the reasons why in this presentation. Always happy to take questions – find me @darylwillcox
  • The Social Media Newsroom as the Heart of Modern Public Relations

    1. 1. How your social media newsroom is the heart of modern PR
    2. 2. @darylwillcox I’m Daryl Willcox Founder and chairman of
    3. 3. We help PRs, organisations and the media connect, collaborate and tell stories more effectively every day By nurturing close relationships with the media And supporting our online services for PR professionals
    4. 4. First in the world to offer an online forward features database First in the world to offer a public-facing press release wire First in UK, France and Germany to offer journalist requests We continue to innovate based on customer feedback
    5. 5. Trad media is slipping
    6. 6. Digital/social is taking over
    7. 7. The world of PR has changed
    8. 8. Journalists Journalists Bloggers Influencers Brand journalists Customers Old World vs New World
    9. 9. Customers Social media newsroom Bloggers Journalists Brand journalists Influencers
    10. 10. Your newsroom Is a hub of content and resources Accessible to all audiences Provides discipline for content and channels
    11. 11. Social media newsroom benefits Visual content works well (images/video) Great for non-newsy news (charity work/alliances) Good platform for case studies Excellent for crisis comms Platform to demonstrate PR internally Easily found through search
    12. 12. Things to consider Build your own vs off the shelf Brand URL (hosted/third party) Social feeds (avoid zombies) Content quality
    13. 13.
    14. 14. @darylwillcox @DWPub