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Absolute Essentials of Zakat

Absolute Essentials of Zakat



Zakat workshop conducted by Darus Suffah Scholars in Fremont, CA at the Lowry Masjid.

Zakat workshop conducted by Darus Suffah Scholars in Fremont, CA at the Lowry Masjid.



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    Absolute Essentials of Zakat Absolute Essentials of Zakat Presentation Transcript

    • Absolute Essentials of Zakat August 12, 20121 www.darussuffah.org
    • 2 Targheeb and Tarheeb of Zakat Shaykh Tameem Ahmadiwww.darussuffah.org
    • 3 Fiqh of Zakat Mufti Nawaz Khanwww.darussuffah.org
    • 4Who is Required to pay Zakat?Nisab : Amount of wealth which makes one liable for Zakat. Nisab Grams Ounce Troy OzGold 20 mithqal 87.490 3.086 2.8125Silver 200 dirhams 613.350 21.635 19.6875Aug 11, 2012Gold: $52/gram X 87.49 = $4549.48Silver: $.98/gram x 613.35 = $601.23www.darussuffah.org
    • 5 What is the principle of acquisition in the same class during the lunar year?www.darussuffah.org
    • 6 Who is entitled to receive Zakat? Fuqaraa Masakeen Aamileen Muallafatul Quloob Ar-Riqaab Ibnus-Sabeel Al Ghaarimeen Fi Sabeelillahwww.darussuffah.org
    • 7Who cannot be given Zakat? Grandparents, Parents, ones Children, Grandchildren, Husband, Wife Institutions and organizations that plan on using Zakat funds on construction, investment and salaries Non-Muslims Giving to recipients without inquiry and researchwww.darussuffah.org
    • 8When is Zakat due?A complete Islamic calendar year (lunar)should pass starting from the very day of the nisab’s possessionwww.darussuffah.org
    • 9 What kind of things require paying Zakat on them? Gold and silver Cash, Stocks, Mutual Funds Business Merchandise Inventory Private companies, Corporations and Partnerships Retirement Plans (401K, IRA, etc.) Real Estate investment in property owning companies Accounts Receivable Profits from investments Trusts Lump Sum Payments in Terms of Compulsory Pension Severance Packageswww.darussuffah.org
    • 10What kinds of things do notrequire paying Zakat onthem? Money that does not reach the amount of Nisab Property that is not used for Business purposes Products not of a productive naturewww.darussuffah.org
    • 11What is the method of givingZakat? Intention for the fulfillment of Zakat Not necessary to reveal Zakat is being given Recipient needs to be made owner If an agent/organization is given Zakat for distribution and they do not distribute it, Zakat will not be regarded as fulfilled and the sin of not discharging the obligatory duty of Zakat will remain a burden on whom it was obligatory.www.darussuffah.org
    • 12How is Zakat to be distributed? Zakat will only be valid if the recipient is made owner of that amount Zakat cannot be given or used for the construction of a Masjid, Madrassah, hospital, a well, a bridge or any other public amenitywww.darussuffah.org
    • 13 FAQs of Zakat Mufti Abdullah Nanawww.darussuffah.org
    • 14How to calculate Zakaton gold and silver?Does Zakat have to be paidon jewelry that I wear and useeveryday?www.darussuffah.org
    • 15What about the Zakat that Ihaven’t paid over the years?Can I deduct taxes whenadding my assets?www.darussuffah.org
    • 16Is Zakat obligatory onchildren?Does Zakat have to paid onretirement plans and how?www.darussuffah.org
    • 17Does Zakat have to paid onbusiness merchandise?Difference between Sadaqahand Zakatwww.darussuffah.org
    • 18Does Zakat have to be paid oninvestment properties bought withthe intention to generate rentalincome?www.darussuffah.org
    • 19 Sadaqatul Fitrwww.darussuffah.org
    • 20What is Sadaqatul Fitr? (Zakatul Fitr)How much is Sadaqatul Fitrand how is it calculated?www.darussuffah.org