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Galaxy'11 Sports quiz

  1. 1. Danish | Manan| Pranjal | Siddhartha
  2. 2. No mobile phones Quizmasters’ discretion finalAsk a stupid question and we’ll give you a stupid answer
  3. 3. modified infinite bounce-I12 questions | 10 points flat | clockwise
  4. 4. The Magnus effect is the phenomenon whereby aspinning object flying in a fluid creates a whirlpool offluid around itself, and experiences a forceperpendicular to the line of motion. The overallbehaviour is similar to that around an aerofoil witha circulation which is generated by the mechanicalrotation, rather than by aerofoil action. Connect thiswith the gentleman in the photograph below. The Magnus Effect one
  5. 5. Below is a photograph of Amelie Mauresmo with a special trophy givento her at a tournament. The trophy is a golden tennis racquet studdedwith diamonds and is worth over a million Euros and is given to anyplayer who wins the tournament three times in five years. Give me thename of the tournament.If no team has the answer, I am prepared to accept the city where thetournament takes place. two
  6. 6. X is a Czech long distance runner best known for winning three goldmedals at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. He was nicknamed the "CzechLocomotive" for his multiple golds.Xs wife Y, was an outstanding javelin thrower. She won the gold medalin the javelin in the 1952 Olympics, only a few moments after Xs victoryin the 5km run.An example of the playful relationship between husband and wife camewhen X attempted to take some credit for his wifes Olympic victory ather press conference, claiming that it was his victory in the 5 km runthat had "inspired" her. Ys indignant response was, "Really? Okay, goinspire some other girl and see if she throws a javelin fifty meters!“Identify this famous sporting couple. three
  7. 7. four
  8. 8. ―They said I was afraid of heights. But I was doing60 jumps a day then, which is hardly somethingsomeone who was afraid of heights would do.‖... But was he afraid of jumping?―Of course I was. There was always a chance thatmy next jump would be my last. A big chance.‖—The Guardian, 3 September 2007Who are we talking about? five
  9. 9. six
  10. 10. This is from Asterix In Belgium. Identify the person beingcaricatured. seven
  11. 11. eight
  12. 12. By the rude bridge that arched the flood,Their flag to April‘s breeze unfurled,Here once the embattled farmers stood,And ____________________________.The foe long since in silence slept;Alike the conqueror silent sleeps;And Time the ruined bridge has sweptDown the dark stream which seaward creeps.On this green bank, by this soft stream,We set to-day a votive stone;That memory may their deed redeem,When, like our sires, our sons are gone.Spirit, that made those spirits dare,To die, and leave their children free,Bid Time and Nature gently spareThe shaft we raise to them and thee. nine
  13. 13. X was born in Cleveland, Ohio. After dropping out of KentState University, he ran an illegal bookmaking operation,and was charged for killing two men in separate incidents13 years apart. The first was determined to be justifiablehomicide after it was found that X shot Hillary Brown in theback and killed him while he was attempting to rob one ofXs gambling houses. X was convicted of second degreemurder for the second killing in 1966 after he was foundguilty of stomping to death an employee, Sam Garrett, whoowed him $600. In an ex parte meeting with Xs attorney,the judge reduced Xs conviction to no negligentmanslaughter for which X served just under four years inprison. X please. ten
  14. 14. I have 17 Grand Slam singles titles, 13 year end singleschampionships, 18 Grand Slam doubles titles and 8 yearend doubles championships. I played basketball beforetaking tennis up fulltime. I hold a world record for thenumber of consecutive wins in tennis at 401 and have wonthe Laureus Award twice. (nominated five times). I havealso posed nude for ESPN: The Magazine‘s annual bodyissue. Who am I? eleven
  15. 15. "Secrets are incredibly isolating and exhausting," says X,who came out of the closet and revealed his medical secretin his 1995 memoir Breaking the Surface. About the book,he said, "Its just telling my story really. I want to beremembered as strong and graceful, but as a person, I wantto be remembered as someone who made a difference."Battling depression and addiction, X—who endured arelationship with an abusive partner (who died of AIDS-related illness in 1990)—stole his dads pain pills after hisdeath in 1991 and went to rehab a few years later after asevere infection in his colon left him hooked on meds. Xplease. twelve
  16. 16. long visual connect9 visuals | scoring as on slides
  17. 17. +45/-10Next : +40/-10 one
  18. 18. +40/-10Next : +35/-10 two
  19. 19. +35/-10Next : +30/-5 three
  20. 20. +30/-5Next : +25/-5 four
  21. 21. +25/-5Next : +20/-5 five
  22. 22. +20/-5Next : +15/-5 six
  23. 23. +15/-5Next : +10/-0 seven
  24. 24. +10/-0Next : +5/-0 eight
  25. 25. +5/-0 nine
  26. 26. who am i?8 questions | 3 clues per person | points as on slides
  27. 27. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0The _______ Hour is an American talk show hosted by me.The series aired in syndication from June to September1998.Soon after its debut, the series was panned by critics citingMy apparent nervousness as a host, my overlycomplimentary tone with celebrity guests, and lack ofchemistry with my sidekick, comedian Craig Shoemaker. Ilater blamed the demise of my talk show on a lack ofsupport from African American celebrities who refused orcould not appear on my show. I claimed, "Their managersand agents keep them off of the black shows." one
  28. 28. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0I was first dubbed ________ as a 15-year-old sophomoreplaying for Lansings Everett High School, when I recordeda triple-double of 36 points, 18 rebounds and16 assists. After the game, Fred Stabley Jr., a sports writerfor the Lansing State Journal, gave me the moniker despitethe belief of my mother, a Christian, that the name wassacrilegious. one
  29. 29. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0My career achievements include three NBA MVP Awards,nine NBA Finals appearances, twelve All-Star games, andten All-NBA First and Second Team nominations. I led theleague in regular-season assists four times, and am theNBAs all-time leader in assists per game, with an average of11.2. I was a member of the "Dream Team", the team that won the Olympic gold medal in 1992. Iwas honoured as one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBAHistory in 1996, and enshrined in the Basketball Hall ofFame in 2002. I was rated the greatest NBA point guard of alltime by ESPN in 2007. one
  30. 30. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0In 1969, I captained the Western Australian State under 19cricket team before going on to play A-grade Club cricketfor West Perth (1969–70, 1976–82) and University CricketClub (1970–76). I played in 47 first-class matchesfor Western Australia from 1972 until 1979, making 2,327runs at an average of 30.22. I was a member of SheffieldShield winning teams in 1972-73, 1976–77, 1977–78, andwas a squad member in the winning season of 1974-75.Post retirement, I was the high performance manager ofthe New Zealand cricket team. two
  31. 31. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0I played in and captained the Western Australia hockeyteam and the Australia mens field hockey teamthe Kookaburras. I was selected to represent Australia infive Olympic hockey teams, 1972, 1976, 1980 (captain)(Moscow Olympics were boycotted), 1984 (captain), and1988, winning Silver at the 1976, Montreal Olympic Games.I was a member of the national team which competed invarious other international tournaments including winningthe World Hockey Cup in London in 1986. I retired fromplaying after representing Australia at the 1988 Olympics inSeoul. I played 227 games for my country. two
  32. 32. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0You‘ve probably heard of me because I was selected to act as an advisor to thenewly formed hockey selection committee formed by the Indian OlympicAssociation. I later resigned due to several issues related to red tape in India andmy fees. Post resignation, I coached the Australian mens national hockey team tovictory at the Hockey World Cup, the Champions Trophy and the CommonwealthGames. two
  33. 33. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0I scored 1 run (out of a total of 268-3) for the MCCagainst Germany in 1992. After the match I saidsomething that would later end up being one of mymost famous quotes, ―I always score oneagainst the Germans‖. three
  34. 34. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0Gremlin Sports has three 8-bit football video games named after me. I alsolent my voice to EA Sports‘ World Cup ‗98. In 2001, I was approached tofront the LMA Manager series on PlayStation. I paired up with AlanHansen to voice the post match comments on the game. Since then thegame has sold millions of copies and in LMA Manager 2006, I voice newsitems and the cup draws on the game. In 2004 I was also chosen to frontthe Codemasters England International Football game, with me voicing theteam selection and the pre- and post-match menus. three
  35. 35. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0I made my England debut in 1984 and over the following eight yearsearned 80 caps and scored 48 goals, finishing as Englands all-timesecond highest scorer behind Bobby Charlton. My international goals-to-games ratio remains one of the best for the country and I am regarded asone of the all-time best English strikers. I was top scorer in the 1986World Cup and received the Golden Boot, the only time an Englishmanhas achieved this feat. I remain Englands top scorer in the FIFA WorldCup finals, with 10 goals. three
  36. 36. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0My father was a Labour minister, and a Member of Parliament for boththe Conservative and Labour parties in the 1920s. His first wife died in1933, and in 1936 he married my mother, in a ceremony in Germanyattended by Joseph Goebbels and Adolf Hitler. I was born in London inApril 1940 during the early stages of the Second World War. My parentswere arrested for being fascists and my brother and I were separatedfrom our parents for the first few years of our lives. In December 1940,then-prime minister Winston Churchill, who knew my mother socially,asked Home Secretary Herbert Morrison to ensure my mother was ableto see me—whom she had christened the Entschlossener (thedetermined one)—regularly. four
  37. 37. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0While I was at University, my wife was given tickets to a motor race atthe Silverstone circuit. The circuit was not far from Oxford, and we wentout of curiosity. I was attracted by the sport, and when my career as abarrister was bringing in sufficient money, I started racing cars myself.The sports indifference to my background appealed to me. I once said :“There was always a certain amount of trouble [being the son of SirOswald] until I came into motor racing. And in one of the first races I evertook part in there was a list of people when they put the practice times[...] and I heard somebody say, „Y, XY, he must be some relation of Alf Y,the coachbuilder. And I thought to myself, Ive found a world where theydont know about Oswald Y. And it has always been a bit like that inmotor racing: nobody gives a darn.” four
  38. 38. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0In 1969, after two large accidents to my Lotus car, I decided that I wasnever going to be world champion, so I got into administrationinstead.In a press conference in 2004, I said, "I went to his funeral becauseeveryone went to Sennas. I thought it was important that somebodywent to his." four
  39. 39. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0As a prodigious teenager, I became known for my attackingplaying style. As I matured, I found that this risky playingstyle was not as well suited against the top players in theworld. In the early to mid 2000s I was struggling againstmore experienced players, and had trouble getting much outof how I began. To progress, I became a more universalplayer, capable of handling all sorts of situations well. five
  40. 40. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0At the age of 19 years, 32 days I became theyoungest player in history to be ranked world numberone in my sport.My performance at the September–October2009 Nanjing Pearl Spring tournament has beendescribed as one of the greatest in history. five
  41. 41. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0 five
  42. 42. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0My major contribution in academic medicine was inthe field of autonomic failure, an areaof neurology focusing on illnesses characterised bycertain automatic responses of the nervous system(for example, elevated heart rate when standing up)not occurring. six
  43. 43. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0For my efforts, I was knighted and was also madethe inaugural recipient of the SportsIllustrated Sportsman of the Year award in 1955 (Iwas given the award as the 1954 Sportsman of theYear but it was awarded in January, 1955) and amone of the few non-Americans recognised by theAmerican-published magazine as such. six
  44. 44. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0This commemoration on a British fifty pence coin was done on the 50thanniversary of the achievement you know me for. six
  45. 45. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0My debut at Lords was disastrous, but my next two Testswon me notice. In the final Test against Australia in 1959/60at Calcutta, I went into bat towards the end of the day andfinished on 20* on the second. I started my second inningsjust before close on third, batted throughout the fourthscoring only 59 runs and was out on the final day for 74.This made me the first batsman to bat on all five days of aTest match. At Kanpur against Pakistan two years later, Ibatted through a whole day for just 49 runs, a world record.This innings which lasted 505 minutes for 99 runs ironicallyended when I attempted a quick single to complete thehundred. seven
  46. 46. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0I led Hyderabad for 16 seasons and 76 matches. MansurAli Khan Pataudi often played under my leadership. I wasa selector between 1977/78 and 1980/81, and managedthe Indian tour to Sri Lanka in 1985/86. MCC made me alife member in 1978. I was also a TV commentator forsome time.I also hold the world record for opening both the battingand bowling in most consecutive Tests. seven
  47. 47. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0 seven
  48. 48. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0My blood took seven litres of oxygen around my body perminute, compared to 3-4 litres for an ordinary person and 5-6litres for fellow sportspersons. My cardiac output is 50 litres aminute; a fit amateur‘s in my sport is about 25 litres. My lungcapacity was 7.8 litres, compared to an average of 6 litres.My resting pulse was as low as 28 BPM, compared to anaverage 60-72 BPM, which meant my heart would be lessstrained in tough conditions.All of this gave me an advantage I exploited fully by beingregarded widely as one of the greatest my sport has everseen. eight
  49. 49. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0In 2000, I was voted Spains sportsman of the 20th century.Andy Hood wrote of me :He was a man difficult to know. He was modest and quiet,"governing his troops without ever being demanding.” ASpaniard journalist frustrated that he could find nothinginteresting about him, asked "I wonder if his wife knows whothis man is who sleeps beside her.” A team-mate, Jean-François Bernard said: "When he comes down for his meal,you dont even hear him move his chair." eight
  50. 50. +20/ -10 | +10/-5 | +5/0 eight
  51. 51. modified infinite bounce-II12 questions | 10 points flat | anti-clockwise
  52. 52. X was one of the greatest all-rounders in the true sense. Hecaptained England at cricket, played for England in football andequaled the world long-jump record. Away from sport he was offeredthe Kingship of Albania, he represented India at the League ofNations, and Hitler consulted him when he was developing the YouthProgram in Germany.John Arlott summed him up thus: ―X could be autocratic, angry andself-willed: he was also magnanimous, extravagant, generous,elegant, brilliant - and fun [...] he was probably the most variouslygifted Englishman of any age.‖ Neville Cardus wrote that he was "anational gallery and a theatre and a forum".Identify this English polymath, who has over 30000 runs and 90centuries at an average of over 50 in first-class cricket. one
  53. 53. X: Well, it was during the war and my husband was at Fort Reilly,Kansas...It was the middle of winter, and I was walking my big policedog, Sultan. A little dog came barking wildly out of a house and grabbedmy dog by the throat. Those little fox terriers have no sense. They‘rejust wild. So my poor dog was being chewed to pieces and wasn‘t ableto respond. But I wasn‘t going to have a dogfight under my feet so I letgo of his collar. And then Sultan took this little dog and shook him,which he deserved. But in the fight, my index finger on my right handwas bitten...William Simon: By the terrier?X: I dont know. Fury! Wild, stupid animal! But my poor old finger, thefinger next to the thumb. The thumb is very important in tennis. So thatwas the end of my career. I couldn‘t manage. I never mentioned thisbefore to anyone.Who‘s X? two
  54. 54. three
  55. 55. ―It‘s about time that somebody else takes the throne. And I‘m veryhappy for him. I really, truly am...I was working with a corporatesponsor who elected not to bring their contingent, and they piled onmore work for me here in the United States, which was great. So Iwasnt able watch X in the first couple of days. And they thought, someof these reporters, that I was supposed to be invited by some entity,and I told them that that wasnt really the case, that doesnt happen thatway. And so, Im sort of disappointed that I wasnt there, but, you know,that interview somehow took a different turn, and Ive done hundredsand hundreds of them and Ive been true to form about the way I feelabout X, and hes doing a great job for the United States and inspiring alot of great performances by the other team members.‖ Who is thespeaker? four
  56. 56. The following anecdote is told (even by X himself) to explain theorigin: On the occasion of a friendly game of his clubin Vienna, Austria, X posed for a photo session right beside a bustof the former Austrian emperor Joseph I. The media calledhim Fußball-_____ afterwards, soon after he was justcalled ______. However, according to a report a newspaper of hiscountry, this explanation is untrue, though very popular.According to the report, X fouled his opposite number, ReinhardLibuda in the cup final. Disregarding the fans hooting, X took theball into the opposite part of the field, where he balanced the ballin front of the upset fans for half a minute. Libuda was commonlycalled König von Westfalen (king of Westphalia), so the presslooked for an even more exalted moniker and invented _______.All three blanks are the same. (well, almost) Fill them in. five
  57. 57. Shown above is a photograph of a stadium that was, at the time of itsopening, called the “eighth wonder of the world”. What, used here forthe first time in a well publicized game in 1966, is named after thestadium and is now used in hundreds of sports stadia worldwide? six
  58. 58. seven
  59. 59. The tune whistled by the English troops in the movie The Bridge on theRiver Kwai is called Colonel _____ March, supposedly named after amilitary man who whistled a characteristic two-note phrase (adescending minor third interval) instead of shouting "Fore!". It is thisdescending interval which begins each line of the melody.The name "Colonel _____" began in the later 19th century as theimaginary "standard opponent" of the Colonel ______ scoring system,and by Edwardian times the Colonel had been adopted by a sport as thepresiding spirit of where it is played. Edwardian sportspersons in NorthAmerica often played matches against "Colonel _____". _______ is nowa generic term in the sport, the meaning of which can be inferred fromthe above.All the blanks are the same. Give me a one word answer that fits. eight
  60. 60. Easy one. Who?1927–1940 Internazionale 348 (245)1940–1942 Milan 37 (9)1942–1943 Juventus 27 (10)1944 Varese 20 (7)1945–1946 Atalanta 14 (2)1946–1947 Internazionale 17 (2) nine
  61. 61. ten
  62. 62. Who is this guy? eleven
  63. 63. X is depicted, but not named, by Vladimir Nabokov in hisnovel Lolita. He appears as a has-been tennis champion with"a harem of ball boys", whom Humbert Humbert hires to coachLolita, knowing that he will not try to seduce her due tohis homosexuality. In retrospect, Nabokov told Alfred Appel,who was editing an annotated version of Lolita, that hisanonymous tennis coach was a real person who had wonthree Wimbledon championships. The name of Nabokovscharacter is Ned Litam. twelve
  64. 64. picking round8 questions | 9 options
  65. 65. Stadia such as the MCG frequently use ‗drop-inpitches‘, pitches that are made outside and‗dropped-in‘ before a match. This is morefamiliar in countries like New Zealand than incountries like India.Why were drop-in pitches first used?
  66. 66. What name has the press given this bunch? Exact answers, please.
  67. 67. X created controversy by twice using the gesture to saluteLazio fans, first in a match against arch rivals A.S.Roma and then against A.S. Livorno Calcio. X received aone match game ban after the second event and was fined€7,000, after which he was quoted as saying "I will alwayssalute as I did because it gives me a sense of belonging tomy people..I saluted my people with what for me is a signof belonging to a group that holds true values, values ofcivility against the standardisation that this society imposesupon us." His salute has been featured on unofficialmerchandise sold outside Stadio Olimpico after the ban.
  68. 68. His father, who died when he was 13, represented India in 1936 atthe Berlin Olympics and made his wife promise that if they ever hada son, she would bring him up to be a hockey player. He went on torepresent India in the 1972 Olympics at Munich, when India won theBronze Medal. He was also instrumental in helping India win heronly Hockey World Cup title in 1975.Post retirement, he has been a Congress Member of Parliament anda Union Minister. In December 1997, he joined BJP but resignedfrom the party on 27 January 1999. He currently heads thecommittee that organizes hockey in India.He has authored an autobiography, To Hell with Hockey.Who am I talking about?
  69. 69. Connect
  70. 70. Of what, which originally took place to commemorate the eventdepicted in the painting above, is Haile Gebrselassie the worldchampion of?
  71. 71. In 2002, Channel 4 unveiled a list of the 100 greatestsporting moments. Which moment topped the list? 5 Ian Bothams Headingley heroics Manchester Utds Champions 4 League Final comeback 3 England win the 1966 World Cup 2 Germany 1 England 5
  72. 72. X was created as an honorific title by the AIACR, the FIAs predecessorin the organisation of motor racing events. The title was first received in1923 After a hiatus in 1929, ______ received the last honorific title ofthe pre-WWII years, in 1930.The title was revived by the FIA after World War II, and was first given in1947, and was given until 1977, the last to receive the honorific title.The modern event was initially created as a stopgap. In 1983, theFormula One schedule originally featured a race near FlushingMeadows Park in New York. When the race was cancelled three monthsbefore the event, track organizers at Brands Hatch were able to createX at the track in its place. The success of the event, buoyed by aspirited battle for the World Championship, led to the event returning onthe schedule the following year.
  73. 73. Modern chess matches are timed, but this wasn‘talways the case. In the event that a match had tobe continued the following day, the player whoplayed first had an advantage because he had anentire night to think of his next move. How was thisproblem circumscribed?