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Most everyone on this planet we call Earth is aware of what happened on that awful day, but did you know that there is a project dedicated to honoring each and every victim with a 'real' online tribute by a 'real' person?

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  • What is Project 2996? http://project2996.wordpress.com/what-is-2996/
  • Be sure to check out the web site for these and other FAQs http://project2996.wordpress.com/faq/
  • The Project 2996 web page can be found at: http://project2996.wordpress.com/
  • Information provided in the „How to Paricipate“ sidebar on the web site http://project2996.wordpress.com/
  • The list can be found at http://project2996.wordpress.com/we-remember/
  • Research tips can be found at: http://project2996.wordpress.com/tips-on-research/
  • Like us on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/Project2996
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  • What is project 2996?

    1. 1. What is Project 2996?Darryl Heron
    2. 2. What is Project 2996? On the left is the about Statement from the Project 2996 web site
    3. 3. What is the Goal of Project 2996?Project 2996 celebrates the lives of the September 11th victims viaonline tributes.All of the victims where “real“ people and Project 2996 wants tosee all them honored with a tibute by a real person.By taking the time and energy to remember them we can keepthem alive in our own memories. We can keep them alive for aslong as we refuse to forget them.
    4. 4. Frequently Asked QuestionsWere all of the 2996 victims heroes?It‘s tough to admit, but the victims almost certainly includes people that some ofus may not have liked. Some who died that day were already heroes manytimes over. Others were heroes to those who loved them. And for others we‘llnever know about the heroic things that they did in their final hours. Project2996 is about making the people real to those of us who have never heard theirstories.What are your politics?Project 2996 is not right wing, left wing, centrist. For this part of our lives weput aside politics.Project 2996 Merchandising?It may not seem like it these days, but some things are beyond money and it‘sinfluence. Futhermore, we don‘t have the time, energy, or bandwidth toproperly investigate anyone that might want to sponsor the project or belicensed to “offer“ merchandise.
    5. 5. Visit Project 2996‘s Web SiteBe sure to visit our web page athttp://project2996.wordpress.com/
    6. 6. How to ParticipateBest way to participate is to write a tribute of your own.Go to the list (more about this futher in the presentation) and selectsomeone that doesn‘t already have a tribute.Do some research (more on this later in the presenation)Write about the person, not their death. Tell us about who they were,what they liked, or why you might have like them.Post the tribute on your blog or website.Provide the link to us.Spread the word (Facebook, Twitter, and so on).
    7. 7. Frequently Asked Questions Cont. “We Remember (a.k.a. The List“ At the time of this screen capture there were 1274 victims without Project 2996 tributes. The list is broken down by flight#, Pentagon, and World Trade Center victims.
    8. 8. Tips on ResearchHave a look at what other people have done in their tributes. You can see theresources that they‘ve used and maybe pick up some other tips.Try the following resources:http://www.post-gazette.com/http://www.9-11heroes.us/http://www.legacy.com/NS/Go to your favorite seach engine. Be sure to type the victim‘s name in and 911, thiswill help to elminate pulling up information on people with similar namesYou might need to dig deeper, but this will give you some starting pointsFor some of the victims there is very little information, in this case you might creat amore general tribute but we want a tribute for them as well.
    9. 9. Be Sure To ‚Like Us‘ on FacebookYou can join the crowd of peple that “Like Us“ on Facebook.You can receive status updates in Facebook on what Project 2996 is doingYou can share information about the victims you‘ve written tribute(s) about.
    10. 10. Be Sure to Check OutProject 2996http://project2996.wordpress.com/We Remember ‚The List‘http://project2996.wordpress.com/we-remember/Like Us on Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/Project2996The Project 2996 Group Board @ Pinteresthttp://pinterest.com/darrylheron/project-2996/Darryl Heron‘s presentations on SlideSharehttp://www.slideshare.net/darrylheronFind out more About.mehttp://about.me/darrylheron
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