This is not my resume!


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The tradational resume (cv) doesn't work. This is my Un-Resume.

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  • The traditional 1 page resume (aka CV) is too constraining and doesn‘t give you a good idea about who I am and what I‘ve done. Instead, I‘d like to take you on a journey through my life. Note this is not a linear trip, so we will dart in and out of reality and back and forth through time.
  • I know what it is like to live in the American Midwest and the Southwest.I know what is like to live in the suburbs and to live in rurual communities.I know what is like to live in a foreign country, to live outside of the U.S. as an American.
  • I‘m been part of a project team, part of a project office, the project office manager, a project manager on a global programme, a project manager working with teams around the globe, and so on….
  • ABN AMRO Logo from Wikipedia: AMRO Logo property of ABN AMRO Group N.V. Logo from Wikipedia: logo is the property of Genral Motors Logo from Wikipedia: logo is the property of General Motors Logo from: Data Systerms Logo is property of Hewlett Packard LLCESA Logo from: Logo is property of European Space Agency Logo from: logo is the property of Royal DSM (Koninklijke DSM N.V) Logo from: Logo is property of Commerzbank AG Logo from: Logo is property of A.P. Møller – Mærsk A/S Logo is property of Johnson Controls Inc. Logo from: Logo is property of Hewlett-Packard LLC
  • Ask me about the projects I‘ve been involved with and I‘d love to tell you about them (excluding propritery or confidential information, of course)!
  • *Just because we can do something doesn‘t mean that we should. Proper consideration should always be taken and the consequences should be weighed against the possible risks, benefits, and costs.
  • Was a writer on my high school newspaper
  • The group boards are:"Our Michigan“"*Our Geekness“ has been repined 200+ times has been repined nearly 100 times and liked 50 times
  • Bertone Beatle Bonanza podcast can be found at: is an onlineThe UNT Logo is property of University of North Texas
  • Current Blog Action Day homepage Entry
  • The Project 2996 web page can be found at: describing the Project 2996 Group Pinboard 2996 Group Pinboard
  • OCC Logo found at: OCC Logo is property of Oakland Community CollegeUNT Logo found at: UNT Logo is property of University of North Texas
  • ITIL Logo from: 2007-13 APM Group Ltd.PMI Logo from: PMI logo is the property of the Project Management Institute
  • Have used Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, and 7 as operations systems. Have used MS Office including 2000, 2003, 2007, and 2010. Have used MS Project including 98, 2000, 2003, 2007, and 2010.
  • This is not my resume!

    1. 1. This Is Not My Resume! 8 Steps to Managing (my Un-Resume) Darryl Heron
    2. 2. The Traditional Resume Doesn’t Work! 1 page resume doesn’t tell MY story! You don’t KNOW me & can’t see what I’ve done!.... Let me show you a little bit about myself This is my Un-Resume. This is ME!
    3. 3. Life Is a Journey, Not a Destination.. Born in the Motor City and have lived 20+ years in the suburbs of Detroit Lived in Dallas, Texas for nearly a decade Worked in Benelux for 1 year Have lived in the Frankfurt, Germany area for several years
    4. 4. One Size Does Not Fit All..I‘m a Father, Husband, Brother, Son, Uncle, FamilyMan, & above all a Loyal Friend…While I‘m also a(n) Experienced ProjectManager; Strategic, Out of the Box Thinker;Customer and People Focused; Communicatorand Leader; & Social Media Evangelist
    5. 5. Experienced Project Manager: Working In Project Management for 13+ years Have been part of smaller projects & part of bigger global projects Have worked with local teams and teams dispersed throughout the world I’ve worked on internal projects as well as being client facing
    6. 6. I’ve had projects with the following companies:
    7. 7. Worked in a Variety of Projects: Rolled out a COE for a few thousand seats Rolled out workforce management software internally for business unit Let a Windows migration for a large site and affiliated sites Led a printer replacement for a large site Led a datacenter consolidation in two locations
    8. 8. Experienced in PM Knowledge Areas & Phases: PM Knowledge Areas including: Scope Mgmt, Time Mgmt, Cost Mgmt, Quality Mgmt, HR Mgmt, Communications Mgmt, Risk Mgmt, Procurement Mgmt, Integration Mgmt, & the Professional Responsiblity and Ethics Project Phases including: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Control, and Closing PMP certified
    9. 9. Project Mgmt Transcends Projects: Projects are everywhere in our professional and private lives Completing our projects to scope, time, quality, and budget is important to varying degrees everywhere Projects need to be properly managed or the desired scope, schedule, quality, and budget will not be met and your stakeholders won’t be happy
    10. 10. Strategic, Out of the Box Thinker: Ability to look at situations beyond the surface Able to see how technology could be used before it is apparent to others Can see the bigger picture and connect the dots Creative and innovative solutions are always on my mind
    11. 11. Driven by New Technology: Much of what is driving the world didn’t exist 100 years ago and in many case not even 20 years or even a decade ago. New technology makes all kinds of things possible that were only dreamed about a few your years ago Really enjoy being a pioneer on the leading edge Great consideration is needed before deciding to implement new technology*
    12. 12. Customer And People Focused Many years of customer experience Belief that the Customer is not always right but is always the Customer and ultimately you need a customer to buy or use your product or service Win-Win solutions should always be seriously considered If you help others to solve their problems you can achieve great things!
    13. 13. Communicator And Leader: 80% of a PM’s job is said to be Communication There are more and more forms of communication and this needs to be managed Management and Leadership are two different things Leaders need to guide and set direcion Managers need to implement what the Leaders have decided, managing and handling the people to achive the goals of the Leaders
    14. 14. Toastmasters: Where Leaders Are Made• Greatly helped my Communication & Leadership Skills• Showed me communication is so much more than telling others• Taught me the importance of storytelling
    15. 15. Toastmasters: Where Leaders Are Made• Completed Competent Communicator in 2012• VP PR of Word Weavers in Wiesbaden, Germany since July 2012• Started the Toastmasters Podcast Europe
    16. 16. Writing and Blogging.. I’ve been writing as long as I can remember Started first blog in 2006, other blogs followed there after Have used Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, Typo3, and other platforms
    17. 17. Social Media..
    18. 18. Social Media.. Social Media is a passion for me Started using Social Media in 2006 to promote my blogs Power of Social Media is recognized more and more daily Anybody who wants to draw attention to what they‘re doing in all kinds of contexts can use Social Media to varying degrees As time goes by using Social Media channels is expected of organizations, businesses, and your average person
    19. 19. Some of My Social Media Stats.. Over 2000 followers on Pinterest Over 2000 listeners on Over 1000 followers on Twitter 3 of my SlideShare presentations have 4000+ views
    20. 20. On Pinterest… Two of my group boards have 1000+ pins and 1000+ followers One of pins has been repined 200+ times Another pin has been repined nearly 100 times and liked 50 times Every day I‘m more and more surprised as what is being done on Pinterest
    21. 21. I organized weeklongcelebration of 35thAnniversary of JohnLennon‘s Death in 2010Highlighted by dailyonline radio show(including 2 shows bythe host of BertoneBeatle Bonanza)
    22. 22. Started in 2007 bringing bloggers from around the worldto blog about one topic on the same dayI’ve participated every year from the beginningFor 2010 Blog Action Day, I was an online DJ on Blip.fmplaying songs about water
    23. 23. Project 2996 is dedicated to thememory of the September 11th victimsI’ve started a Group board @ Pinterestto remember all of the victims via pinsThere are 1000+ followers
    24. 24. I received anAssociates Degree inLiberal Arts from O.C.C.I received a Bachelors ofArts Degree in PoliticalScience and Economics fromthe University of NorthTexas.
    25. 25. ITIL Version 2Foundations certifedPMP certified fromPMI
    26. 26. Good understanding of Microsoft Office since 1997(including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & Outlook)Have worked with Microsoft Project since 2000Used SAP for timekeeping, workflows, expensereimbursement, procurement, and etc.Enthusiastic iPad and iPod owner
    27. 27. I realize that our planet has limited resources… while the future ofhumanity depends on New and Big Ideas. The world is not flat andwe can not afford to act like it is…I’m driven by humanity and a desire to help others succeed….I’m a lifelong learner and really enjoy learning
    28. 28. Be Sure to Check Out…About.me Heron‘s presentations onSlideShare