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I'm now accepting applications from Foward Thinking Companies and Organizations to employ his services and experience.

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  • Valuing your employees and clients means more than lip service. You see the value in the relationships with your employees and clients and are looking for ways to enhance these relationships for all parties involved. You provide valuable goods/services that people want and depend on and you are not following the market or doing things just because your competition is doing it. You are foward thinking, so you see emerging trends before the markets sees them and you have given proper thought on how to utilize the emerging trends. This means that you are willing to spend money on research and development, not just buying other companies that have technology that want today. You value the communities that you represent, so before hard decisions are made you think about the impact on these communities. You are a good citizen in the communities that you represent, so you aren‘t employing an army of lobbyists, lawyers, and accountants to cut your tax bill forcing costs onto the local taxpayers. Communities that you represent would actually say that your doing business with them is to their benefit. You are innovative and creative. You might not be a startup but you can think like one and adapt as the market and conditions change. You have a burning desire to make the world a better place. You have real ethics not short term bottom-line only ethics.
  • You must provide a stimulating environment where employees can use their talents while adding value to the company and your customers. People are more than their jobs, they have families that need their time and energy as well. You recognize the importance of learning and developing your employees skills and this means more than providing only computer based training that provides very little value to the people taking it. In today‘s world skills need to be constantly refreshed and renewed, nothing stays constant. Your employees know a lot about your business and they have a vesting interest in seeing that you success, their input should be valued and appreciated. Your customers also have valuable input to bring to the table. You need to be able to balance the long term needs of your company with short-term profit. This means that you‘re willing to make the necessary investments for the future without playing accounting tricks to reap a larger short-term profit. If something seems unethical, it probably is. You don‘t greenwash things to make your organization look like it is really great when in reality it truly isn‘t. You must have a vision, I‘d be more than happy to help you further develop it, but how can you succeed if you don‘t have a vision that can be explained?
  • I‘ve worked on a variety of projects over the years for clients in different industries. I‘m a very creative person, who can come up with out of the box solutions but who still has common sense. Social Media is a passion and as time goes by I see more and more applications of Social Media, so this cannot be overlooked. I see emerging trends usually before they become mainstream. When I‘m onboard, I want to see us succeed. My experience in Project Management and Toastmasters, along with my passion for Social Media has really developed my leadership and communication skills. I‘m very customer focused and realize that while the customer is not always right, the customer is the customer and someone does need to buy your goods or services at the end of the day.
  • Now Accepting Applications...

    1. 1. Now Accepting Applicationsfrom Forward Thinking Companies…. Darryl Heron 24 February, 2013
    2. 2. Now accepting applications…Darryl Heron is now accepting applications from Foward Thinking Companies and Organizations to employ his services and experience…
    3. 3. ResponsibilitiesThis position has the following responsibilities, your company or organization must:• Truly value your employees and clients• Provide valuable goods/services• Are forward thinking• Value the communities that you represent and do business in• Be innovative and creative• Want to make the world a better place
    4. 4. Requirements• You must provide a stimulating environment• You recognize the need for work/life balance• You recognize the importance of learning• You value the input from your employees and customers• You must be focused on the long term viability of your company/organization• You must be a truly ethical organization• You must have a vision
    5. 5. What you can expect• A PMP certified Project Manager with lots of experience in several different industries• Someone who comes up with creative out of the box solutions while still having common sense• A Social Media Evangelist who loves new technolgy and is always looking for better ways to do things.• Someone who sees emerging trends• Someone who wants to be a valuable business partner• Someone with good leadership and communications skills• Someone who is customer and people focused
    6. 6. Lets Get Started!• Get in contact with me ASAP• Share your vision!• Lets build a team determined to change the world• Lets figure out how to share your vision and make the team own it• Lets plan how we‘re going to change the world• Lets Get Started!!!
    7. 7. Be Sure to Check Out…About.me Heron‘s presentations onSlideShare