Introduction to the Word Weavers New Website


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Here is a presentation designed to give you an overview of the new Word Weavers

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  • We changed service providers and the old is now pointing towards . This allows us to take advantage of EasySpeak, which is being promoted more and more within District 59.
  • "My Participation“ allows you to sign up for meetings, view your speech progress, do a member survey, as well as scheduling speeches.
  • We‘re Division F – Germany Southwest
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  • Introduction to the Word Weavers New Website

    1. 1. Intro to the new Word Weavers Webpage…Darryl Heron13 February, 2013
    2. 2. About This PresentationThe propose of this presentation is to give you a feel for the new Word Weavers is now pointing towardsword-weavers.district59.euThe web page will likely change & look somewhat different from what you see in this presentation. The website is evolving and changing.There will be a seperate persentation related to Easyspeak, this focuses on the new webpage
    3. 3. New Webpage for Word Weavers… 1
    4. 4. This is what the public sees when they look at our webpage .
    5. 5. Scrolling down. Looking at the menu on the left you see:Home, Why Join Us?, Meet Our Officers, Photo Album, Educational Awards,Directions, and Contact Us….Below this you see the next meeting.
    6. 6. Our Photo Album…Vistors can have a look at the photos in our photo album…
    7. 7. Next few slides focus on the upper menu on the webpage, this includes:Home, Meetings, My Participation, My Communication, This Club, Go To …, HelpOptions, Profile, and Log out……"Home“, these pages were set up by Andrea and I for our club site.The other menus were already designed into EasySpeak & should funtion the samefrom club to club.
    8. 8. "Meetings“ is focused on meeting functionality.You can click on the last meeting, you can see meetingsin March and April (months available screenshot was made).
    9. 9. "My Participation“ allows you:•to sign up for meetings,•view your speech progress,•do a member survey,•as well as scheduling speeches.
    10. 10. My Communication allows for emails to be sent via EasySpeakThere are all kinds of benefits to this,the main one being that it allows for easier communication
    11. 11. "This Club“ menuHas more options thanthe other menus includinglots of reports &historical information
    12. 12. Go to menu has a popouri of options
    13. 13. Help Options provide lots of just that help:From Search, easy-Speak videos, FAQ, & contacting easy-Speak support
    14. 14. Profile is where you can change your passwordas well as what people can see about you in the system
    15. 15. Last of the upper menus,Log out allows you to do just that…
    16. 16. EasySpeak goes from D59 down to the club-level We‘re Division F – Germany Southwest
    17. 17. We’re inArea F3
    18. 18. Other clubs in Area F3
    19. 19. If you‘re visiting another part of Europeyou can contact other clubs via EasySpeak to visit
    20. 20. Coming soon….A presentation with an intoduction to EasySpeak…
    21. 21.
    22. 22. Be Sure to Check Out…About.me Heron‘s presentations onSlideShare