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Here is a presentation that I made about meeting planning with EasySpeak including signing up for the meeting roles, requesting speeches, and

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  • This drop-down menu under "Home“ is specific to the Word Weavers website and not specifically EasySpeak
  • This menu is related to meetings
  • This menu is specific to your participation. You can sign up for a meeting, view the speeches that are recorded in EasySpeak for you, view how far you‘ve come in your CL progress, and schedule speeches
  • This menu focuses on communication. You have the ability to send mass emails to members. This is hand for officers and is good because you don‘t have to know or remember everyone‘s email address.
  • The "This Club“ menu provides all kinds of reports.
  • More assortied information.
  • Click on the "View Meeting“on the left side of the website to get to the next meeting.
  • Click on the "Request a Speech...“ from the left side (under My Participation).
  • This box will appear where you can give your speech a title (first tab), designate the workbook that your using and which project/speech it is (second tab), and provide dates when you‘d like to give your speech (third tab). To help the Toastmaster of the Evening, you should provide a title for your speech and you can write up an introduction for them to use when they introduce you.
  • As you can see I ahve a few workbooks that are available for me to select. You can also use the drop down box "–Start a new workbook“ to select a different workbook.
  • Here you see The Entertaining Speaker manual, with 5 speeches that could be selected.
  • This shows you the drop down menu of – Start a new workbook...--
  • The Prefered Dates tab allows you to provide 3 dates that would work for you. Remember you indicating with you‘re available, the ultimate decision of how will speak at what meeting is decided between the VP Education, Toastmaster of the Evening, or possibly a different person at your club. This is where speaking slots comes into play. You‘ll notice on August 7th and 21st there were already 3 speeches scheduled, so these might not work for giving this speech. Finally, be sure to click on Save to submit your request.
  • This is the Goals Chart for the club. You can access if by clicking on Goals Chart, under the This Club menu. You can see that I have a few goals entered into EasySpeak. This is a good way to keep track of your Communication and Leadership goals for the TM year. As you‘ve done a speech it shows up here under your goals. EasySpeak calculates the number of weeks between your speeches that you have based on the date you enter for your goal, so it is easy to see if you‘re on track or not.
  • Here you can see the dates that I have for my TM goals, how many projects are in that particular goal, how many I‘ve done, and how many remain. You can also see the number of planned weeks between projects, the actual, and the remaining. To set up a new goal, click on the +.
  • You need to select Communication Goals or Leadership Goals in the box that will pop up.
  • These are Communication Goals that you can select. Complete the completion date (your target date) and save.
  • You can get to this screen by clicking on the View my Speech Progress on the left side under My Particiation. Here you can see speeches that I‘ve requested, as well as where I am in completing my goals.
  • EasySpeak for Meeting Planning

    1. 1. EasySpeak forEasySpeak for Meeting PlanningMeeting Planning 7 August, 20137 August, 2013
    2. 2. Tonight, I’d like to talk about:Tonight, I’d like to talk about: 1.1.Signing up for Meetings & Meeting Roles inSigning up for Meetings & Meeting Roles in EasySpeakEasySpeak 2.2.Requesting a speech in EasySpeakRequesting a speech in EasySpeak 3.3.Creating goals in EasySpeakCreating goals in EasySpeak 4.4.Tracking your progress in EasySpeakTracking your progress in EasySpeak
    3. 3. 1 Word Weavers Webpage…Word Weavers Webpage…
    4. 4. The menu will look like the barThe menu will look like the bar below when you first log inbelow when you first log in After you’ve logged in it willAfter you’ve logged in it will look like bar belowlook like bar below
    5. 5. Menus…Menus…
    6. 6. Meetings Menu…Meetings Menu…
    7. 7. My Participation Menu…My Participation Menu…
    8. 8. My Communication Menu…My Communication Menu…
    9. 9. This Club Menu…This Club Menu…
    10. 10. Go to Menu…Go to Menu…
    11. 11. View Meeting…View Meeting…
    12. 12. Upcoming Meeting…Upcoming Meeting…
    13. 13. Signing Up for a Role…Signing Up for a Role…
    14. 14. Requesting a Speech…Requesting a Speech…
    15. 15. Requesting a Speech P2…Requesting a Speech P2…
    16. 16. Requesting a Speech P3…Requesting a Speech P3…
    17. 17. Requesting a Speech P4…Requesting a Speech P4…
    18. 18. Requesting a Speech P5…Requesting a Speech P5…
    19. 19. Requesting a Speech P6…Requesting a Speech P6…
    20. 20. Goals…Goals…
    21. 21. Goals P2…Goals P2…
    22. 22. Goals P3…Goals P3…
    23. 23. Goals P4…Goals P4…
    24. 24. My Speech Progress…My Speech Progress…
    25. 25. www.toastmasters.orgwww.toastmasters.org
    26. 26. About.me http://about.me/darrylheron LinkedIn: http://de.linkedin.com/in/darrylheron/ Darryl Heron‘s presentations on SlideShare http://www.slideshare.net/darrylheron Email me: mailto:darrylheron@about.me Be Sure to Check Out…