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Check out my website for cool stuff

  1. 1. ==== ====See an aray of great items go to my website great stuff, go to my website ====Shopping for men is never an easy thing to do. For some reason were just complicated. Youcould always buy your man the traditional gifts like watches or ties. Sounds boring right? Why notspice up your gifts with some electronics. If youre man is a tech savvy guy then hell appreciateeach one of the gifts on this list. We chose gifts based on their popularity, price, branding, andmuch more. Each of these factors culminated into a list of the best electronic gifts for men. If youcant find a great gift for your man on this list then youre hopeless. Just buy your man a pair ofsocks and call it a day.#10 Electronic Gifts for Men: iPhoneYou should of known that the iPhone was going to be on this list. The reason we recommend aniPhone and not a zune is simple. The iPhone has thousands of people developing applications forit. Which means there is a lot more available for the iPhone. Some of what you can have entirelyfree on your iPhone is eBook readers and public domain books like Huckleberry Fin. There arethousands of public domain titles that you can download entirely free in.PDF format. If that doesntcut it then you can always download the games. There are thousands of game titles entirely free.Plus you can download utilities, entertainment applications, and much more.#9 Electronic Gifts for Men: Xbox 360The Xbox 360 is my favorite platform at the writing of this article. Buying your man an Xbox 360 isthe equivalent of him buying you a diamond ring, getting down on one knee, and asking you tomarry him. Thats exactly how much men love their Xbox. When you buy this gift youre alsoopening up thousands of different gifts you can get him in the future. Personally I wouldrecommend buying an Xbox for men who meet the following criteria: 1. Your man has to likegaming 2. Your man should like shooting games and 3. Your man should like racing games. All ofthe best shooting and racing titles are for the Xbox 360. If he likes RPGS then I would recommendthe PlayStation 3. Speaking of the PlayStation 3 guess what our next gift suggestion is?#8 Electronic Gifts for Men: PlayStation 3The PlayStation has lost a lot of its lust over the years. Even still it always makes a great gift. ThePlayStation 3 is great for people who like RPGs. Since the majority of popular titles on thePlayStation are RPGs. Some examples are Final Fantasy, Valkyria Chronicles, and Resonance ofFate. Of course the list of great game titles dont stop there. You can always buy Gran Turismo 5,Assassins Creed, and Need for Speed. The only problem with the PlayStation 3 is that it has ahuge price tag. Though were certain you should be able to find a good deal on one.#7 Electronic Gifts for Men: Kindle DX
  2. 2. Personally I love the Kindle and completely support it. The reason being is that it promotes thepopularity of eBooks. If you dont know what an eBook is its simple. Its pretty much just a bookthat exist in electronic books. Products like the kindle store eBooks. In fact a single eReader canstore thousands of titles. Its like having an entire library on the go. The best part about them isthat they reduce the demand for paperback books. Which means a lot less deforestation. Its justone of the many benefits of being a Kindle owner. Plus on top of that, depending on the model youbuy, you can access the internet wirelessly at any time.#6 Electronic Gifts for Men: Global Positional Satellite Navigation SystemsGPS navigators are practically standard in all new car models. In case your man doesnt have onethey always make a great gift. Lets face it, we all know men hate stopping to ask for directions.For some reason men tend to think that they are expert navigators. This dates all the way back toColumbus. With a GPS system youll make sure that your love one never gets lost. The best partabout GPS navigators is that they can be used to find local stores, restaurants, and movietheatres. All you have to do is type in something that you would like to locate and the GPSnavigator will come up with thousands of suggestions within the radius that you input.#5 Electronic Gifts for Men: CamerasCameras are always great for men. The reason being is that it helps them capture moments intime that might otherwise be forgotten. For example, at the writing of this article one of the mostpopular videos on the internet was made by a man. What he did was photograph his daughterfrom her birth all the way up to ten years old. The video he made is a time lapse video that showsher grow up from birth to 10 years old in 85 seconds. Kind of makes you want to get a cameradoesnt it? Its always nice to own one. A great camera can cost your thousands of dollars.However you can find one at a reasonable price like the Flip UltraHD for less than one hundred.#4 Electronic Gifts for Men: Nintendo WiiLets say that your man has a beer belly and never gets off the couch. A Nintendo Wii couldchange all that. The Nintendo Wii has gained popularity as a video game console that helpspeople exercise. Personally, thats why I bought mine. This would make a great gift for that manwho doesnt get enough exercise. There are thousands of titles to choose from that range fromZelda to Super Mario Brothers. Out of all the video game consoles the Nintendo Wii has alwaysbeen my favorite. This gift recommendation comes with a pretty big price tag. Of course mostelectronic gifts do.#3 Electronic Gifts for Men: iTouchThe iTouch is almost like an iPhone. The major differences are 1. The price 2. The iTouch doesnthave a camera and 3. It cant be activated as a cell phone. The iTouch is a lot cheaper than theiPhone by hundreds of dollars. Of course if you want to find an iTouch with a camera you couldfind one at a few bucks more. The best part about the iTouch is that you definitely get your moneyworth. All you have to do is visit a wi-fi location and youll be able to download thousands ofapplications completely free. Plus you can also listen to your favorite music in your car and on thego.
  3. 3. #2 Electronic Gifts for Men: Desktop ComputerDesktop computers are big ticket items. Still you can always find one at a reasonable price. Theonly thing that we dont like about computers is that the value depreciates real fast. For exampleyou could buy a computer today and it would be worthless the next. Thats what you get when youbuy electronics. When it comes to buying desktop computers we always recommend Alienware.The reason being is that Alienware is the best computer for gaming. All of the components usedfor gaming are superb like the video card, processor, and memory. The only problem withAlienware is that they dont offer much customer service. Other than that theyre the best you canfind.#1 Electronic Gifts for Men: Flat Screen TelevisionKnow what men like more than television? Nothing. Thats exactly right. With a television you getcountless hours of entertainment to watch your favorite programming like sports, dramas, andoriginal series. A flat screen television can come with a huge price tag but we guarantee that helllove you for it. When shopping for a flat screen television there is only one rule: The bigger thebetter. Its the code of all men. If you dont have that much money you might be able to find oneused. However, I wouldnt count on it.If these gift recommendations didnt do it for you then we would recommend checking out ourwebsite: Gift for Men. On our website youll be able to find dozens of gift suggestions for men. Itdoesnt matter what type of personality your man is. Youll be able to find gifts for geeks,outdoorsman, devoted dads, and much more. Youre guaranteed to find the perfect gift for yourman on our website. If youre interested in checking us out then take a look at our website here: Source: ====See an aray of great items go to my website great stuff, go to my website ====