Transversal integration with SAP by De Villiers Walton


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De Villiers Walton has teamed up with Transversal the UK’s leading provider of knowledge solutions to provide a Transversal contact centre and webshop integration for SAP.

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  • Staff Turnover Results for Selected Industries 2012Snapshotz Online, the call center audit and benchmarking tool, recently reported staff turnover profiles for the following industries: Financial, Public Sector, Retail, Services. These are based on reportings over the last 18 months worldwide.
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  • Transversal integration with SAP by De Villiers Walton

    1. 1. Knowledge is Power Solutions to help you clone your top service agents
    2. 2. Problems facing contact centers today… Increasing costs » New product training. » Call research time. » Tool training. » Agent turnover. » Tier 2 escalations. Declining results » 1st contact resolutions. » Customer satisfaction. » Speed of service. » Quality of service. » CSRmanner/confidence. of consumers say their service provider could have done something differently to prevent them from switching, including resolving their customer service issue during their first contact! 85%
    3. 3. Why most technology investments aren’t helping Companies have invested millions on IVR, WFM, CTI, and CRM solutions to shave seconds off customer support time. But these investments automate only 20% of the entire customer service experience. Queuing & routing Customer entitlement Case tracking Issue resolution
    4. 4. The largest part of a service experience is consumed with the time it takes to: in a timely manner. Why most technology investments aren’t helping Queuing & routing Customer entitlement Case tracking Issue resolution 1. truly understand the problem 2. research the issue, and 3. deliver an intelligent answer
    5. 5. And that is exactly what customers want Survey – The Customer Service Challenge #1 Choice Resolve issues on first contact 36% Ability to discuss issue w/ agent 13% Time to resolve issue 10% Quality of agent response 12% Agent manner and approach 11% Speed of initial response 7% What do customers care most about? This Accenture survey revealed the most frustrating aspect of customer service is agents not having the answers customers need.
    6. 6. Knowledge Solutions help close this gap Answer & route calls Queue & staff calls Log & track calls Traditional contact center investments automate only 20% of the CSE Knowledge Solutions focus on the largest cost of providing service - Helping agents deliver fast, accurate answers! 28% Decrease in research time 35% Reduction in agent training 18% Increase in 1st call resolutions ? Answers No resolution process
    7. 7. Left alone this process varies agent to agent Agent Turnover ~ 18mo. Financial…………. 40% Public Sector……. 35% Retail…………….. 30% Services…………. 60% ? Answers Repeats process until feedback is given Selects content as the answer with no basis Reviews ranked results Searches for answers using key words Hears key phrases in the inquiry Listens to the customer » Zero confidence. » Wasteful research. » Random suggestions. » Unsure of resources. » Inconsistent responses. Inconsistent resolution process
    8. 8. So what if you could clone your top agents? Delivers the best possible answer based upon previous experiences Collaborates if additional information is needed Decides the best resources to leverage Determines intent – the real meaning behind the express inquiry Recognises key phrases in the expressed inquiry Listens to the customer » Total confidence. » Leverages experience. » Accurate answers. » Knows best sources. » Consistent responses. Seasoned resolution process ? Answers The cost of not sharing Fortune 500 companies lose roughly $31.5 billion a year – failing to share knowledge
    9. 9. With Transversal for contact centers you can! Fast accurate answers not endless research! ? Answers 47%Reduction in new staff training time “We find that when it comes to training our new starters you can literally sit them in front of the tool and they can normally find the right answer, the first time.” Do I understand the problem? Is this problem a common one? What is the best resource to leverage? What is the best possible answer to provide ? What questions should I expect next? Answer & Route calls Queue and staff calls? Log and track calls?
    10. 10. How we do this » Captures context from CSR desktop. » Processes CRM data for customer intent. » Prepopulates CSR desktop with smart FAQs and inline offers. » Formats answers to drive intentional behaviors (downloads, offers, feedback). » Accurate one-click answers; making CRM applications smarter. Case information Drives the answer Quick links Offers
    11. 11. Transversal for contact centers » Zero-click desktop intelligence. » CRM application contextually drives the advice process. » Real-time data is leveraged to pre-determine callers intent. » Industry libraries provide unmatched accuracy to minimize research time. » Selling advisors help suggest in-context cross/up-sell offers. » Inline FAQs provide one-click concierge assistance for topic-related P&P’s.
    12. 12. The possibilities we bring to contact centers… Knowledge is Power! The experience you deliver to your customers every day, through every agent interaction, either builds value for your brand or destroys it. Improved results » Improves quality of service & boosts customer loyalty. » Accelerates offer conversions & minimizes ecommerce form abandonment. Agent productivity » Eliminates wasteful research & improves AHT . » Accelerates offer conversions & minimizes ecommerce form abandonment. Cost Savings » Improves self-service & maximizes case deflections. » Decreases new hire training efforts & accelerates staff ramp-up time.
    13. 13. SAP Interaction Centre integration Screenshots
    14. 14. Create service request Agent favourites Manual natural language search Automatic recommendations as agent creates record
    15. 15. View knowledgebase article Automatic recommendations Suggest article to update Read article
    16. 16. View knowledgebase Suggest new article Today’s most common questions
    17. 17. Questions ? Betjemen House, 104 Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 1LQ UK