2012 negupdate11


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2012 negupdate11

  1. 1. A M N M U Monday, August 27, 2012 Weekend Talks with ArcelorMittal Yield Little Progress With just a few days remaining before our company to turn our plants over to contractors andcontracts with ArcelorMittal expire, your salaried “engineers.”Negotiating Committee continues to try to engage Given management’s persistence in pursuit of athe company on all outstanding issues on a variety contract that reverses more than 70 years ofof levels. progress for union members and families, your With major economic and non-economic continued attention, support and solidarity areitems to address before our now more important than everdeadline, A r c e l o r M i t t a l Wednesday will be our second to our success as we enter thismanagement shows no sense Sticker Day. Look for your new final week of bargaining.of urgency by postponing and sticker with a clear and simple We still have a lot ofca nc eli n g s u b co m m i t t e e message to management: ground to cover but we believemeetings. The company is still Fair Contract Now! that as long as you continue tochallenging even relatively And be sure to turn over to read stand united, we can accomplishminor issues such as contract today’s Q&A. anything — includinglanguage about scheduling reaching a fair contract withbereavement leave and justice & dignity. this company — despite management’s ongoing In the meantime, we have presented the attempts to undermine our past progress and thecompany with a series of proposals that address future of our standard of living and workingthe issues we believe are consistent with our goals conditions.of respecting our past and securing ourfuture. For generations, our union has fought to make WE ARE 100% UNIONour mills and communities places we can be proudto work and live. ArcelorMittal management —after months of hearing your strong and loud NO ALWAYS HAVE BEEN — ALWAYS WILL BE— still wants an agreement that would allow the Your USW Nego a ng Commi ee David McCall, Chairman  Jim Robinson, Secretary  USW District 1 Director  USW District 7 Director  Mark Granakis  Tom Hargrove  Lonnie Asher  Sheldon Gregg  USW Local 979  USW Local 1010  USW Local 1011  USW Local 1165  Indiana Harbor East, Indiana Harbor  Cleveland  Indiana Harbor West  Coatesville  Long Carbon & Riverdale  Bill Prejsnar  Ray Napoli  Mark Glyp s  Dave Bombich  USW Local 1375  USW Local 1688  USW Local 2911  USW Local 6115  Warren Coke  Steelton  Weirton  Minorca Mine  Paul Gipson  James Sanderson Lloyd Turpin  Albert Caldwell USW Local 6787  USW Local 7898  USW Local 9462  USW Local 2342  Burns Harbor   Georgetown   Conshohocken   Columbus Processing   Todd Kegley  Doug Mullen  Kinley Porter  USW Local 9231  USW Local 9309  USW Local 9121  New Carlisle  Columbus Coa ngs  LaPlace 
  2. 2. Q&A: Strike and Defense Fund & Health Care Health Care Strike and Defense Fund Q. Will my health careQ. How does our Union’s people have different coverage continue if weStrike and Defense Fund economic circumstances, strike or are locked out?work? and the idea is that we all A. Yes. Our benefitsA. T h e S t e e l w o r k e r s work together to support agreement (covering bothInternational Strike and each other. active and retirees)Defense Fund provides For more than 40 years continues for 150 daysmoney to help union S t e e l w o r k e r s have following the expiration ofmembers during strikes and maintained our Strike and the contract. This meanslockouts. The Fund pays to Defense Fund on this basis, that, in the case of a strike or lockout, the Program ofyour local union $200 per Insurance Benefits, with theweek per m e m b e r , Be Sure to Turn Over to exception of new Sicknessbeginning with the fourthweek of a strike or Read Today’s Membership and Accident claims, remains in effect untillockout. Update on Negotiations February 1.Q. How is the money Over the Weekend Q. If I am receiving S&Adistributed? o r W o r k e r s A. The money is distributed and have successfully Compensation benefits,on the basis of individual brought everyone through will these benefitsneed. Each Local Union major fights – some lasting continue during a strikeestablishes a committee to for long periods of time. or lockout?assess needs and distribute Q. Is our Strike and A. Yes. By law, employees receiving S&A, workersthe money. The committees Defense Fund healthy? compensation or leaves ofreceive training from the A. Yes. The Fund currently absence would be unaffected.International, and the stands at approximately Employees who are on S&Aassistance of International $210 million. We believe benefits prior to the strikeAuditors to account for the that this is enough to would continue to receivefunds. ensure that we can support weekly benefits until theyQ. Why is it distributed a major strike or lockout, as recover or exhaust theirbased on need? well as other fights we are benefits. If you have anyA. The key to winning a involved in, and sends a problems receiving your S&Astrike or lockout is strong signal to employers or workers compensationmaintaining the solidarity that we are prepared. report them to your Localof everyone. Different Union as soon as possible.