Cycle of Inquiry - Planning around Content Standards
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Cycle of Inquiry - Planning around Content Standards



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    Cycle of Inquiry - Planning around Content Standards Cycle of Inquiry - Planning around Content Standards Presentation Transcript

    • San Jose Unified School District Inquiry Meeting 2 January 12 & 18, 2011 Presented by: Shirley Bell, Manager Darren Battaglia & Amy Shumway, IC San Jose Unified School District
    • Welcome
      • Welcome!
      • Place a dot on the histogram indicating where you are in the Inquiry process with your PT(s).
    • Meeting Objectives SP will know how to guide an Inquiry, around 1 or 2 content standards, that results in student and PT learning SP will gain an increased understanding of Culturally Responsive Teaching
    • State Survey Results Program Priority Over the course of your service as a SP, what impact have the following BTSA program PD activities had on your ABILITY TO SUPPORT your PT(s)?
    • Induction Standard 6 Yellow Tab: Assessment of Teaching and Learning
    • Equity Culturally Responsive Teaching CTP, FACT, Induction Standards
    • Equity “ Although it might be useful to simply have a checklist of culturally responsive practices, in reality we know that learning to be culturally responsive cannot come from reading a book or attending one workshop ” Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory 2005
    • Culturally Responsive Teaching
    • CRT Roadmap
        • Global discussion of CRT principles
        • Equity Observation Tool for Inquiry
        • Specific strategies we anticipate observing
        • Evidence for Induction Standards
        • Summer SP Institute on CRT & Equity
        • 11/12 Application of CRT to work with PT
    • Count Off 1’s 2’s 3’s
    • Structured Conversation Person 1 Talks for 2 minutes Persons 2 and 3 LISTEN
    • Structured Conversation Person 2 Talks for 2 minutes Persons 1 and 3 LISTEN
    • Structured Conversation Person 3 Talks for 2 minutes Persons 1 and 2 LISTEN
    • Conversation Have a conversation about Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, including what the principles might look like in a classroom. 15 Minutes
    • Equity Observation
    • CRT Strategies Used
        • Involving “students” more by incorporating active teaching methods
        • Instructing around groups and pairs, reducing anxiety by working in small groups or pairs with time to share ideas and think critically
        • Honoring individual expertise
    • The Big Picture Inquiry
      • Teacher learning related to CSTP
      • Student learning related to specific content standard
      Focus Question (C-1) Content Standard (C-2)
    • The Big Picture Inquiry on standards based teaching and planning Weekly check on how students are progressing toward mastery of ONE or two connected standards content standard
    • Inquiry Content Standard Focus
    • Inquiry Content Standard Focus
    • Inquiry Content Standard Focus
    • Inquiry Content Standard Focus
    • Inquiry Content Standard Focus
        • Use the Curriculum Framework and/or Course Description to select a standard
        • Plan your unit with one or two related standards that can span a 6 week inquiry
        • Plan 2 three week units with different standards
      No Pacing Guide…
    • Inquiry Content Standard Focus
    • The Big Picture Entry Level Assessment Summative Assessment Progress Monitoring Assessment Progress Monitoring Assessment Progress Monitoring Assessment Progress Monitoring Assessment
    • Inquiry Content Standard Focus
      • Have your PT look at pacing guides when you are selecting focus content standards.
          • Identify content standard and entry level assessment
      • Pacing guides should be the source from which you select your focus standards for your inquiry!
    • Questions on The Big Picture
        • Break
    • Collaborative Log Confusion
    • Inquiry: Week One
      • Guides conversation and reflection of PT self-assessment
          • Identify strengths and growth
          • Develop inquiry focus question
      SP Process:
          • Document conversations and thinking on
          • IIP (C-1) cells 1 – 4
          • Essential components of Instruction (C-2) cells 1 -4
          • PT administers Entry Level Assessment
      PT Process: Inquiry: Week One
    • Inquiry: Week Two
            • Tool to help make process clear & transparent
            • Optional for Inquiry 1 or 3
            • Required for Inquiry 2 or 4
      Collaborative Logs
    • Inquiry: Week Two
          • Guides conversations and analysis of entry-level assessment
            • Determine focus students
            • Begin planning key elements for observation lesson
            • Schedule observation (C-6)
      SP Process:
    • Inquiry: Week Two
            • Lesson Plan template for observation (C-5)
            • Entry Level Assessment (C-3 Part 1 & 2)
            • Focus Student Selection (C-4)
            • IIP (C-1) cells 5 – 8
            • Essential Components of Instruction (C-2) cells 5 - 13
      PT Process:
    • Inquiry: Week Two
      • Inquiry Observation Record Choices:
            • Technology Integration (IS5)
            • Equity Observation Record (IS6)
            • Teaching English Learner Observation Record (IS 6a)
            • Teaching Special Populations Observation Record (IS6b)
    • Observation Tools 1 – Teaching Special Population 2 – Equity Observation 3 – Teaching English Learners 4 – Technology Integration Expert Jigsaw
    • Observation Tools
    • Observation Tools
      • Distribute your Observation Tool
      • Share key pieces from observation tool.
      • Which Conditions best support which CSTP?
    • Inquiry: Weeks 3 & 4
          • SP & PT analyze student work from lesson (focus-students learning related to content standards)
          • SP & PT plan for Focus Students in next lesson
          • PT reflects & recalibrates action plan which is documented on IIP [Cells 5-8]
    • Inquiry: Week Five
          • Same as Weeks ¾
          • PT administers the Summative Assessment
    • Inquiry: Week Six
          • SP & PT analyze:
          • Summative assessment (C-8 pt.2)
          • Self-reflection on induction standards
          • Measurable outcomes
    • Inquiry: Week Seven
          • PT & SP review evidence for self-assessment on Continuum of Teaching Practice
    • Next Meeting & Questions
      • Advice & Assistance
      • Inquiry Meeting 3: Feb 7 or 10, Lenzen 129. SP’s only.
      • Evaluation
    • Closure & Evaluation What are 2-3 ideas about Culturally Responsive Teaching you now have? Summarize the major steps of an Inquiry around 1 or 2 content standards. Evaluation