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Find out how to make a Powerful LinkedIn Profile that will help you with your B2B Sales.

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AMA LinkedIn

  1. 1. Presenter: Darrah Courter, Rippling Effect
  2. 2. Advanced Use of LinkedIn  Overview of LinkedIn  How to Prospect  Set up a Follow-up System
  3. 3. Why LinkedIn? LinkedIn is Where the Professional Influences ARE! Some of the Statistical Highlights  Average Age: 41  Household Income: $109,703  Male: 64%  College Grad/Post Grad: 80.1%  Business Decision Maker: 49%  24% Have a Portfolio Value of $250k+ 07. Apr, 2009 Latest LinkedIn Facts  LinkedIn has over 65 million members in over 200 countries.  A new member joins LinkedIn approximately every second, and about half of our members are outside the U.S.  Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members.  April 2010
  4. 4. What is LinkedIn?
  5. 5. LinkedIn Profile
  6. 6. Contact View You can send them messages through LinkedInShows that they are a 1st Degree Connection to you How many Connections they have on LinkedIn
  7. 7. Your Contact’s Connections Name, Job Title & company
  8. 8. A Group Contact Degree of separation Since we share a group, they are open to receiving a message from me Who could introduce us
  9. 9. Not Connected Nor in Group Can’t send a message unless you upgrade Tells you how you are connected
  10. 10. 3rd + Degree Contact How many Degrees Away How you are connected
  11. 11. How to Connect Through Websites Joining Groups they belong to Upgrade
  12. 12. Benefits of Groups You can view all of the members of a group You can participate in Discussions and share links.
  13. 13. How Will People Contact YOU? Action Item - add up to 3 websites
  14. 14. How Will People Contact YOU? If you use Twitter actively, add your Twitter Name
  15. 15. How Will People Contact YOU? Action Item - Add your phone number for your contacts
  16. 16. Making YOUR Profile Attractive Have a professional picture
  17. 17. Making YOUR Profile Attractive  Have Relevant Job Positions  Part time?  Non-industry related? Keep your profile short & relevant Go Ahead & Review Your Experience
  18. 18. Making YOUR Profile Attractive Does your Summary make YOU want to do business with yourself? Are you providing ~ the Features ~ or the Benefits to doing business with you? Write Your Mission Statement
  19. 19. Making YOUR Profile Attractive Do you have powerful recommendations? YES  From Clients  From Supervisors  From Committee/ Volunteering members NO  From Networking Contacts (people that haven’t personally referred you business nor have directly done work with you)  From Friends
  20. 20. Use the Answer Section
  21. 21. Become an Expert
  22. 22. Prospecting on LinkedIn  Advanced People Search  Company Search
  23. 23. Target Market Before you can Prospect – What does your Target Market Look Like?  Job Title?  Industry?  Keywords?
  24. 24. Advanced People Search
  25. 25. Advanced Search Results We share a contact who might be able to offer an introduction We share a group where I may be able to contact directly
  26. 26. Company Search
  27. 27. Follow-Up  When you meet with somebody, send them a LinkedIn Connection Request  When they accept, set up a follow-up call
  28. 28. Note:  Not Everybody is on Social Media  Not everybody can use your services TODAY  Professionals ARE on Social Media for Networking
  29. 29. Thank You!