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Term Paper

  1. 1. Cavite State University Imus Campus Cavite Civic Center, Palico, Imus, Cavite 4103A term paper entitled: “ INTEGRATION OF EDUCATION AND TECHNOLOGY FOR GLOBAL COMPETITIVENESS” Presented to the faculty of the Education and Development Studies Department In partial fulfillment of the Course requirements for EDUC 99A: Seminar 1 Submitted by: DIVINE HEIDI G. CABIGUIN Student, 2 BSE major in English Submitted to:
  2. 2. MS. ANABELLA C. GOMEZ Instructor 1, CvSU-TED 16 March, 2012I.INTRODUCTION According to wikipedia, Seminar is, generally, a form of academic instruction,either at an academic institution or offered by a commercial or professionalorganization. It has the function of bringing together small groups for recurringmeetings, focusing each time on some particular subject, in which everyone present isrequested to actively participate. This is often accomplished through an ongoing with aseminar leader or instructor, or through a more formal presentation of research. According to the free dictionary, Seminar, is a small group of advanced studentsin a college or graduate school engaged in original research or intensive study underthe guidance of a professor who meets regularly with them to discuss their reports andfindings; a course of study so pursued; a scheduled meeting of such a group; a meetingfor an exchange of ideas; a conference.
  3. 3. According to the business dictionary, Seminar, is a formal presentation by oneor more experts in which the attendees are encouraged to discuss the subject matter. According to the websters dictionary, Seminar, is a conference or conferencelike study. Seminar, in general, is the pursuing of giving additional information and thepursuing of study of a group of people. We can acquire knowledge depending to ourinterest as it continues. It is very useful for us because we can use it in the near futurein fields of teaching. We have to pay attention in participating in seminar to gainknowledge. Everybody will benefits from the seminar. It is not easy to conduct suchseminar because there are lot of things to consider. We have to be well organize inconducting a seminar, especially in the fields of our mastery or specialization.Factors to consider in conducting a seminar: 1. topic or title and theme 2. objectives 3. speaker
  4. 4. 4. place or venue 5. date and time 6. budget proposal 7. participants 8. letter for the speaker 9. letter for the reservation 10. committees/volunteers 11. materials, sound system, etc. 12. seminar proposal 13. registration fee 14. foods and drinks These are the factors that we have to consider in conducting a seminar. Theobjectives of the seminar must be SMART, that means, specific, measurable,achievable, realistic, and timely.
  5. 5. The 2 BSE major in english students conducted a seminar as part or one of theirprogram in education. The seminar is entitled as, “Integration of Education andTechnology for Global Competitiveness.” This seminar’s topic or the main theme is one of the demands in the fields ofeducation. The first speaker Mr. Jeffrey A. Diaz tackled about “Empowering Techniquesin Teaching Using Technology”. The sub-topics are the following:  Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Education  Appropriate Ways to Integrate in the Classroom  Classroom Management and Today’s Schools  Classroom Technology for Aggressive Students  Classroom Technology Rules  Common Sense Classroom Technology Rules  Difference Between Integration and Infusion  How to Develop Safety in the Classroom  How to Empower Teachers to Integrate Technology into the Classroom  How to Integrate Technology in Schools
  6. 6.  How to Manage Laptops in the Classroom  Online vs. Classroom Education  Six Rule for use of Technology in the Classroom  Traditional Education vs. Online Education  Traditional vs. Integrated Technology Classroom  What are the Benefits of the LCD Projectors in Schools?  The Advantages of Integrating Technology in the ClassroomII.SYNTHESIS “Empowering Techniques in Teaching Using Technology” According to the speaker, it is very important for each and everyone to have theknowledge about our new technology. We must know the importance of its use in ourdaily activities, especially in education. It is not designed to manipulate our lives or ourdaily works. It is just a machine, object or material that could help us to make our worksfaster. It is made for the improvement and development of the country.
  7. 7. The next thing I’d still remember is the hands on experience that our first speakershared to us. He showed and told us what to do and how are we going to get ourimportant files that we forgot in computer if we are away from home. He also said that isis very important that our companion or the members of the family must know how tooperate or use the computer for them to do the task. We will just have to log-in to theinternet and connect to the hotmail messenger to get our important files by using theRemote Assisstance. We can get our files safely without going back home. The speaker tackled about the comparison between the traditional and integratedtechnology classroom. In teaching, it is very important that we must know how to usetechnology for us to be able to get the interest of our students. It is a time consumingthat we have to be very careful in using this as part of our teaching instruction. We stillneed to use traditional method in teaching because it is still the basis of all types ofinstruction. Our technology will have no improvement if there’s no traditional method.The teaching method must have variations like technology and traditional instructions. UNDERSTANDING BY DESIGN
  8. 8. UBD or Understanding by Design is a way of thinking more purposefully and carefully about the nature of any design that has understanding as the goal. It is the topic of our second speaker Mrs. Gemma R. Rojales. It is beneficial for us as BSE students because it will give us the learnings through the world of education. They say something happens by design when it occurs through thoughtful planning as opposed to by accident or by winging it. This is designed as a guidance on how to tackle any educational system or problem related to the goal of student’s understanding. The Three Stages of Learning mentioned in this seminar are the following: (1)Identify desired results, what should students know and be able to do (2) Determineacceptable evidence, (3) Plan learning experiences and instructions. Teachers aredesigners as the speaker cited during the seminar. We consider our goals, examineestablished content standards, and review curriculum expectations. It is a timeconsuming design in the new curriculum in education. The lesson plan for this design isdifficult and the time allotted for each subject is not enough. We have to think manytimes before we can use it perfectly.
  9. 9. The Six Facets of Understanding are the following: (1) explanation, (2) interpre-tation, (3) application, (4) perspective, (5) empathy, and the (6) self-knowledge. In UBD,we will measure or give an assessment to the students by giving a short evaluation. Wemust give feedback to the students and let them learn from their experience.III.TOPIC EVALUATION The advantage(s) of the topic(s) of our first speaker Mr. Jeffrey Antonio Diaz arethe following:  empowering the mind of the students by relating his topic to real world in education.  updating the students knowledge about technology.  giving an actual situation by means of hands on experience in technology. The disadvantage(s) of the topic(s) are:  we do not have this kind of technology in our country.  other students cannot relate that much to the topic because it is not our field/ specialization.
  10. 10.  other schools cannot afford to have this kind of technology because of its high cost materials.  our government do not have enough fund for the technology in education. The advantage(s) of the topic(s) of our first speaker Mrs. Gemma R. Rojales are the following:  the students interest is at ease.  It is related to our studies as future educators. The disadvantage(s) of the topic(s) are:  It will not be implemented anymore in the curriculum next year.  The making of UBD lesson plan is complicated.  It is a time consuming type of discussion inside the classroom.IV.CONCLUSION As a teacher: It is my duty to know what is happening in the society especially inthe world of education. I have to updates myself in technology to go on with the flowbecause I do not want to be left behind by my students. I have to be flexible as ateacher and I am the one who is responsible for the learning of my students. Even
  11. 11. technology it is not my specialization in teaching, still I have to integrate technology ineducation. As a teacher, I have to know if the technology integration is achieved itscurricular goals. As a student: It is my obligation to be aware and conscious to the changes in ourcurriculum. I have to be updated in the technology integration in education.We have tofollow the flow on our modern time in terms of the technology that are coming out veryfast from the market, especially the new gadgets. They are like the atomic bomb thatspreads very fast. They are like a mushroom grows or multiply very fast.V. RECOMMENDATION As one of the seminar organizer, I should recommend to each and everyone tobecome more organized with your other classmates whose task is the same as yours. Itwill become more effective in conducting a seminar. You have to communicate witheach other so we can do and perform our proper function as it is. The most importantthing that I can recommend in the seminar is the time management. We have toconsider the time first and foremost because it will ruin the preparation of the seminar.