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Filipino Celebration of Christmas

Filipino Celebration of Christmas






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    Filipino Celebration of Christmas Filipino Celebration of Christmas Document Transcript

    • From the Catholicism that the Spaniards brought here in our country, we havelearned many customs and traditions from these invaders. Our country adapted theSpanish Christmas. When the BER months came, we can hear the Christmas songsalmost all over our country. From the very simplest and to the richest family in ourcountry, Christmas is the talk of the town. Everybody are preparing for this big events inour life as part of our customs and traditions. Most of the rich families were busydecorating their houses during the first week of October, while the others put somedecorations and started designing on the first week of November. The Filipino familiesgave more of their attention in celebrating Christmas. It is very important for each andeveryone to gather their family before the actual date of Christmas. When the first dayof December approaches, the other Filipinos started to buy the things that they need toprepare. The others were buying gift as Christmas presence for their love ones andother important person in their life. At the school, we can also feel the presence ofChristmas when BER months approaches. The students and teachers are preparing.The teachers assigned the students to bring Christmas lanterns to be decorated insideand outside of the classroom. We will see different types of Christmas tree, Christmaslight, Christmas lantern, Christmas decor, and other things related to Christmas outsidethe street, from the sidewalk vendors, inside the shopping malls, and inside thedepartment store. Other Filipino families buy new clothes for their children. They wantedto see their children as well-groomed during the Christmas day. The midnight massstarted on the sixteenth night of December. Actually it’s not midnight because the mass
    • started at three o’clock in the early morning or dawn. Many Filipino believes that if youhave completed the midnight mass, your Christmas wish will be granted. Outside thechurch, we can see many lovers going to church together holding each other’s hands.Of course, different kinds of Christmas food are inevitable. One of the most famous andpopular foods during the midnight mass is what we called bibingka. The other churchgoers who do not have the chance to enter inside the church will stay outside while theothers lighting their candles and utter some prayers and they will just wait for the nexthour of midnight mass. It is very funny to watch the lovers or couples outside the churchwhom their attention is not with the mass of the priest. Other said that they went to thechurch just to meet their boyfriend or girlfriend. Some of them said, they want to attendthe midnight mass just to enjoy the company of their friends. Before the Christmas daycome, the students will be having their Christmas party at school. They will be havingexchange gifts or monito, monita. Other Filipino families did this kind of celebration tomake their Christmas day become meaningful and fruitful. We can say that our countryis one of the poorest countries in the whole world. However, when the Christmas iscoming, we can see that even the poorest families spend money for celebratingChristmas. On the twenty-fourth day of December, families, friends, relatives and otherlove ones are gathered after the midnight mass for the “Noche Buena”. You will seedifferent kinds of delicious foods from the appetizer, main dish, and dessert on the topof the table. How happy is it to celebrate Christmas together with your love ones. On theactual day of Christmas, many children visit their godmother and godfather to ask for
    • their Christmas gift. Literally speaking, other parents or guardians, bring all of theirchildren in visiting the godmother or godfather of their child. They are just after the gift oftheir child’s godparents. It is shameful for a parent like me because others do notunderstand the real essence of being a Godparent. Being a godparent is not a joke forme. It is not for fun. Other parents are making business out of their children. It is a bigobligation or role as one of those. Being for others is very important because ourexistence in this world is not for our own. We exist in this world to share our blessings toothers. Like the celebration of Christmas in our country, we share what we have toothers to think that we will receive in return from others that we have given suchimportance. The real spirit of Christmas is the birth of our “Almighty God”. To feel hispresence despite that he is not around. To give love on Christmas day is not the realconcept of it. We have to think of others not only on Christmas day, rather every day. DIVINE HEIDI G. CABIGUIN BSE – ENGLISH IRREG. HUMN 6 MR. JUNE APIGO