"Detailed Lesson Plan in Engl 120"


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"Detailed Lesson Plan in Engl 120"

  1. 1. DETAILED LESSON PLAN IN ENGL 120 I. Objectives: At the end of the discussion, 85% of the students are expected to: 1. determine the proper use of stress and intonation; 2. analyze the significance and values of use of stress and intonation; and 3. make a sentence from the words posted by the teacher and recite it with proper use of stress and intonation. II. Subject Matter: A. Topic: “Use of Stress and Intonation” B. Reference (s): http://www.google.com.ph C. Materials: visual aids, textbook and power point presentation III. Procedure: A. Lesson Proper: “Teacher’s Activity” “Student’s Activity”“Let us all stand up for the opening prayer”. (One of the students will lead the prayer)“You may now take your sit”. (Students will sit down)Checking of attendance… “Please raise your (Students raise their hand and say present your hand as I call your name”. as the teacher calls their name)“Please pick up the pieces of paper under (Students pick up the pieces of paper) your chair”.“So, how was your weekend, class?” “It was great Ma’am!”“That’s good to know. For this morning,our topic will be the “Use of Stress andand Intonation”.”. Is there anyone from the class knows aboutour topic this morning?” (Students will raise their hand)“Ok, before we proceed to our discussion, please stand up and let’s have the energizer. (Students will stand up for the energizer)“Sarah, please come in front and lead the “Classmate, I will sing the song and followenergizer.” me”. “Shell be coming round the mountain…”“Ok class, you may now take your sit”.
  2. 2. “Teacher’s Activity” “Student’s Activity” Checking of assignment: “Did you do your assignment?” “Yes, Ma’am!” Review of the past lesson:B. What was our topic last Friday…. “Literature, Ma’am.” B. Motivation: The teacher will ask the students to sing a song. (Speaking) “Row, Row, Row your Boat” Row, row, row your boat, Gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream. C. Presentation: The teacher will direct the students to speaking activity. Post list of words written in manila paper. Model how the words should be pronounced, ask them to construct a sentence and recite it to the class. often subtle comfortable pyjama jewelry realtor picture miniature spade “Class, use these words in a sentence and pronounce it with stress and intonation”. “Ma’am, I often forgot my pen at home”. “Who else would like to recite? (Students will raise their hand) “We use the words in making sentence and pronouncing it with stress and intonation.” “Correct intonation and stress are the key to speaking English fluently with good pronunciation. Intonation and stress refers to the music of the English language. Words that are stressed are key to understanding and using the correct intonation brings out the meaning.” “I hope that you learned today from our topic”. (Students were nodding their head)
  3. 3. Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity D. Generalization:During conversations, you should alwaysobserve the proper intonation, that is,giving the right stress to the words spoken.Stress is the relative force of utterance givenin a syllable or word. It is very important that (Students were making noise) we know how and when to use stress andintonation in speaking because it is the keyfor understanding and brings out the meaning. “Ma’am, do we have a quiz?”“Good question….”“Instead of having a quiz, I will give you (Students will clap and rejoicing)group activity which is graded”. “Yes! We love that Ma’am.” IV. Evaluation:I will divide the class into two groups and askeach group to give a high note to any non-formalword (s) that they wish to emphasize. (Students will answer)Did you understand class “Yes, Ma’am!”“Don’t forget to write the name of your membersin one fourth sheet of paper and submit to me.” (Students will group into two and submit the list of their members) V. Assignment:“For your assignment, choose your partnerand prepare interview guides and conduct an “Ma’am, how many questionsinterview with your former teacher. Submit do we have to make for that?”the interview guides or the questionnairenext week together with your recorded interview.”“Ten questions only, and don’t forget to jot downthe name of the interviewee and the date.” “Thank you, Ma’am”.“Any inquiry, class?” “None, Ma’am”.“That’s all for now.”“Carina, please lead the closing prayer.” “Thank you Lord…”“Goodbye class…See you on Monday” “Goodbye, Ms. Cabiguin.” Values: “Importance of Stress and Intonation in Speaking”.
  4. 4. Prepared by:Divine Heidi G. CabiguinBSE – English/3 – Irreg.Noted by:Ms. Mae CendañaTED, InstructorOctober 16, 2012Approved by:Prof. Gilbert CubilloDean, CvSU - Imus