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Virtual FitMe (VFM) introduces to the marketplace, a new, innovative software tool that enables interactive-shopping online that will provide retailers, utilizing web-based store fronts; added flexibility, accuracy, and convenience to their customers. Virtual FitMe is a virtual-self-depiction software system comprised of a human avatar creation program.

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  • Amazon is the #1 online retailer with no brick and mortar stores. Retailers are offering free shipping for added convenience. Study shows that home delivery of goods, is likely to generate less carbon dioxide, then the typical shopping trip.
  • Forbes also noted that Toys R Us announced 300K sf space for distribution center to support online sales. A consumer can pick up their online orders from a warehouse or in the store.
  • If they purchase the wrong size, they have to return the item through the mail, which can be a hassle. Additionally, when shopping in stores, it can be very time consuming to try on multiple pieces of clothing and then stand in line at the checkout counter. VFM realizes this problematic issue and thus introduce the solution.
  • By using this product, individuals can save themselves time and money by making sure an item fits before purchasing it and will not have to deal with the hassle of returning clothing items. Individuals will appreciate the convenience and practicality that this product affords.
  • Individuals can then fit clothes onto their virtual image of themselves, depending on the sizes and dimensions of clothes offered by various stores. Individuals can decide whether to purchase the item based on how well it fits, how flattering it looks, and its particular style.
  • A virtual-self-depiction software systemcomprised of a human avatar creation program. The consumer will enjoy shopping in contrast to the conventional manner of shopping. The creation of the human avatar will assist consumers in visualizing an article of apparel within a retailers catalog or online. Helping the consumer to feel more confident in making an internet-based purchase of article of apparel with less fear and concern of having to return article of apparel. The consumer will enjoy seeing themselves and using the human avatar and playing “dress up” on a virtualized version of themselves.  
  • Web service/API for connecting current online e-commerce systems to the productAllow users to tweak a base 3D model using a series of sliders and toggle buttons to adjust several features such as height, weight, musculature, bust size, arm & leg length, etc.Allow users to select 3D clothing in their size either through the product itself or via the API and apply clothing to the 3D model.Allow users to rotate, zoom, and pose the 3D model to get a complete look at what the clothing will look like on them.All textures, bump maps, shading, etc. should be as realistic as possible using the technology available.All 3D clothing should apply real cloth-like features such as texture, stretching, flexing, ripping, and flowing based on the correct material type (ie. Cotton, wool, polyester, etc).
  • Extensive research and investigation has been done of all of the aspects of the competitiveness of the existing market in which it will be participating. VIRTUAL FITME is a new innovative, cutting edge software product being introduced to the U.S. market, then expand globally
  • The company has determined that based on its distribution resources, competitive advantages and sound financial analysis, that it expects to do the following sales over the year 2012: $4,000,000.00; the next year 2013: $8,000,000.00; and over the following year 2014: $16,000,000.00. That equates to 5 retailers per annually and doubling every year thereafter.
  • Virtual FitMe Presentation

    2. 2. Company Goals & Objectives Our product is cutting-edge but our goal is simple. Our goal is to provide online users with the appropriate tools to shop conveniently just as they would in a brick and mortar store and to help online retailers benefit by offering this new means of shopping to its consumers. At Virtual FitMe we continuously dedicate our time and effort into providing retailers and consumers with a permanent solution for an obvious problem. Our solution is not only straight forward but easy to grasp by those who will join us to make a global difference.
    3. 3. Meet the TeamVFM IS COMPRISED OF A TEAM OF YOUNG AND PASSIONATEINDIVIDUALS WHO TAKE BUSINESS, FASHION AND TECHNOLOGYSERIOUSLYKacey Ximines Jay LeeFounder Research and Jasper@VirtualFitMe.comJamin BrownDeveloper/ Engineer Wynoka Sales and Marketing Wynoka@VirtualFitMe.comKelly BrownOperations John Advisor Investor/Public RelationsDarlene Bharath John@VirtualFitMe.comExecutive Marketing
    4. 4. Virtual FitMe Mission Statement Virtual FitMe mission is to improve profitability for clothing retailers, while their customers enjoyfast, interactive, accurate, and convenient shopping for shoppers who purchase clothing online, on a worldwide sphere
    5. 5. Online Shopping IncreasingRETAIL CLOTHING ONLINE MARKET STATISTICSAccording to the Daily Mail Reporter, “newresearch has revealed that up to 40% ofclothing purchased online is returned to theretailer”Online clothing sales beat in-storeshopping by 41% (U.S. Census, 2008)Social media is driving customers toshopping websites, generating a 3%increase in traffic on average (IMRG, 2012)Online shopping yields environmentalbenefits by generating less carbon dioxide(Smithers,2007)
    6. 6. Forbes 10 Online Shopping TrendsTrends To Watch In-Store Pick ups for orders placed online Smaller Retailers opening designated pick up locations for online orders Mobile Apps for all platforms growing, especially price comparison and those that offer coupons More functionality important and user reviews More user-friendly video clips modeling new clothes or using a new purchase (VFM) Social networking increasing to follow retailers and get discounts (Victoria Secret #1 last month on Facebook) Daily deals and flash sales – Bargain shopping Retail based social networks like Facebook International ecommerce of small niche retailers increasing Deal aggregator sites
    7. 7. ProblemONLINE SHOPPING FRUSTRATIONWhile stores generally have the same labels forclothing sizes, different store sizes can vary.Oftentimes, this can even be the case within the samestore! This is very problematic for individuals who wishto shop online or in catalogs for the majority of theirclothing. Because they cannot try on the clothing, theysimply have to guess what size to purchase.
    8. 8. SolutionMARKETING TOOL FOR INTERACTIVE SHOPPINGThe Marketing Tool for Interactive Shopping is a virtualshopping tool for consumers to make shopping easy andmore convenient. This innovative product allows individualsto fit clothes on a virtual image of themselves and to get anexact fit before buying the item. Individuals can use thisproduct when shopping online, when they are lookingthrough a catalog, as well as, when they are shopping in astore.
    9. 9. Virtual Fit MeAN INNOVATIVE SOFTWARE TOOLA Marketing Tool for Interactive Shopping enablesvirtual shopping for consumers. This unique productcan comprise software that can build a virtual image ofa person. Individuals can input their height, weight andother distinguishing characteristics, and the programcan then, project this information onto a personalvirtual Avatar.
    10. 10. Virtual Self-Depiction HUMAN AVATAR CREATION Virtual self-depiction software In contrast to conventional shopping Visualize article of clothing Confidence in making internet and catalog purchases Enjoy playing “dress-up”
    11. 11. Retailers BenefitsIMPROVE PROFITABILITY Increase online sale by providing in-store experience Decrease returns and dissatisfied customers Gain consumer trust and improve repeat customer numbers Collect statistical data about customers for marketing purposes Increase sales from online fitting and eye shopping Exclusive service to its customers
    12. 12. Consumer BenefitsFLEXIBILITY AND CONVENIENCE Engage in an enjoyable, entertaining online shopping experience Try on clothes 24/7 in the comfort of your own home Match clothing with similar sizes (S, M, L, XL) across different brands with more meaningful measurements Share 3D “virtual you” across all Virtual Fit retail sites Reduce physical stress of standing in lines Elderly and physically disabled can shop online with ease
    13. 13. Competitive AdvantageWhat Makes Virtual Fitme Different• Cutting edge product• New innovation• Differentiation• Low cost• Convenient shopping
    14. 14. Projected Sales GrowthSALES FORECAST $16,000,000.00 $14,000,000.00 $12,000,000.00 $10,000,000.00 $8,000,000.00 $6,000,000.00 $4,000,000.00 $2,000,000.00 $0.00 2012 2013 2014 2014 $16,000,000.00 2013 $8,000,000.00 2012 $4,000,000.00
    15. 15. ConclusionMARKETING TOOL FOR INTERACTIVE SHOPPINGThere is great opportunity for our product in the marketplace.The way of shopping today will not be the future way ofshopping.Shoppers need convenience, flexibility, and accuracy inshopping online and speed and efficiently when shopping in abrick and mortar store.The Marketing Tool for Interactive Shopping willaccommodate consumers and set a global precedence in themarket place.
    16. 16. SOCIAL NETWORKING SITESFacebookTwitterLinked