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Multinationals emerging in foriegn countries by darlena pagan
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Multinationals emerging in foriegn countries by darlena pagan


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International Business emerging in Foreign countries

International Business emerging in Foreign countries

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance

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  • 1. MULTI-CORPORATIONS EMERGING IN FOREIGN COUNTRY Darlena Pagan Southern New Hampshire University
  • 2. Abstract In this Power Point, it is based on the background of Australia and Bank of America. The country has political, economic and financial risks and benefits. The risks of the country are uncertain because of election, legislation and governmental policies but the benefits are property freedom, financial freedom and other benefits. In slide 3, it provides information on the background of the country and company. In slide 4, it provides data on Political, economic, and financial risks. In slide 5, it provides the benefits of doing business Internationally. In slide 6, it provides the overall risk percentages of the country. In slide 7, it provides the recommendations on doing business in Australia. Moreover, slide 8 and 9 are the references I had used for the Power Point Slides.
  • 3. Country and company background Commonwealth of Australia Bank of America • Independence: 1901 • Oceania • 22 million people • Common law system based on the English model • GDP: $100 billion • Real Growth Rate: 2.4% • Unemployment Rate: 5.5% • Exports: 252 billion • Imports: 250 billion Source: World Fact Book (2014) by CIA • Established: 1904 • Headquarter: Charlotte, North Carolina • Banking and Financial Services • Annual Income: $89 billion • Acquisitions: 1983, Washington State Bank Seafirst Corporation; 1991, Security Pacific Corporation; 2004, Fleet Boston Financial Corporation; 2006, MBNA Corporation; 2007, U.S. Trust Corporation and 2009, Merrill Lynch Source: Encyclopædia Britannica (2014)
  • 4. Political, economic, and financial risks • Delay Decision Making in Legislation • Elective Transformation • Recession Risk • Macroeconomics • Creating Policies Source: Political Monitor (2014)
  • 5. Political, economic, and financial benefits • Property Rights 89.8% • Freedom From Corruption 90% • Financial Freedom 89.9% • Business Freedom 90% • Investment Freedom 90% Source: 2014 Index of Economic Freedom. (2014).
  • 6. Overall risk indicators • 80% Source: 2014 Index of Economic Freedom. (2014).
  • 7. Recommendations It is recommended that Bank of America conducts an empirical research. In an empirical research, it is important to use technology that will analyze the quantitative and/or qualitative methods of the products, services, and pricing. In addition, there are a psychological behavior and sociological relationship that connect with the risks in politics, macroeconomics, and finance. Psychologically, it is important to know the political behavior, the price regulations, and culture behavior, macroeconomic behavior, and how pricing affect buyers, competition behavior, Competitions’ CRS, and the financial risks in the country. Socially, it is important to create a socially political and public relationship. In addition, it is important to learn how the socially economic connects to the country and people. Also, it is important to learn the socially finance connects to the country and people. Moreover, it is important to learn about the Australia and New Zealand Bank for competitive reasons, bribery and corruptions. Also, it is important to learn how legislation had impact the Australia and New Zealand Bank in the nation. Furthermore, it is important to compare 2014 Index of Economic Freedom among other countries for the best results for doing International Business. Globally, it is important to keep an update on legislation, election, recession, macroeconomic and governmental policies.
  • 8. References Encyclopædia Britannica(2014). Bank of America Corporation, Retrieved from Bloomberg. (April 29, 2014). 2013 revenues at Bank of America Corporation totaled $89.8B USD, while annual earnings equaled $0.90 per share, Retrieved from 2014 Index of Economic Freedom. (2014). Australia, Retrieved from The World Fact Book. (2014). Australia-Oceania, Retrieved from
  • 9. References Political Monitor. (2014). Top 5 political risks for Australia – 2014, Retrieved from