Spelling Bee Contest Word List La Salle School

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  • 1. La Salle School Cúcuta 2013 Spelling Bee Contest, 2013. Foreign Language Department Backache Ball Basketball Beautiful Bike Bird Black Blue Board Book Bookcase Bread Brother Brown Camera Car Cat Chair Chicken Clock Coconut Computer Couch Cow Crocodile Cupboard Desk Dog Doll Duck Eggs Eight Elephant Erase Family Father Fish Five Four Giraffe Goat Grandfather Grandmother Gray Green Guitar Happy Headache Hen Hippo Horse Jacket Juice Kite Lamp Lemon Lime Lizard Milk Mirror Monkey Mother Mouse Nine Old One Onions Orange Pants Pears Pen Pencil Phone Piano Pig Pineapple Pink Potatoes Puppet Purple Rainbow Red Rice Robot Rug Ruler Sad Seven Sheep Shoes Sister Six Skirt Snake Soccer Spider Stomachache Swim Table Teacher Ten Tennis Three Tiger Toothache Toys Train Truck Turtle Two Ugly Watch Water White Yellow Young
  • 2. La Salle School Cúcuta 2013 Spelling Bee Contest, 2013. Foreign Language Department Across Activities Actor Agency Ahead Airport Anphitheater Asylum Aunt Background Balcony Barracks Basement Beach Bear Bone Bowl Breakfast Brushes Building Bunker Cameraman Castle Caterpillar Cathedral Circus Condominium Comic Computer Corner Cough Curly Daughter Detective Dinner Dirt Disaster Doctor Documentary Down Downstairs Eighteenth Eighth Elevator Eleventh Environment Episode Exam Exciting Explore Fifteenth Fifth Firefighter First Flashlight Flour Foreground Fourteenth Fourth Fruits Fur Glass Grandparent Grandson Healthy Hospital Hotel Hurricane Ice Iceberg Ingredients Interesting Internet Island Joke Left Library Lightning Lunch Magnifying Mechanic Messy Mice Mineral Modern Mouse Movie Museum Museum Music Mustache Naughty News Ninth Nurse Nurse Ocean Office Outside Painter Parent Password People Photographer Plastic Prison Pyramid Recipe Recycle Reporter Reporter Restaurant Review Robber Routine Salt Science
  • 3. La Salle School Cúcuta 2013 Spelling Bee Contest, 2013. Foreign Language Department Second Secretary Seventeenth Seventh Sick Singer Sixteenth Sixth Skater Skyscraper Smell Soccer Son Station Storm Straight Sugar Swimmer Taste Tepee Tenth Tests Theater Third Thirteenth Tongue Towel Tsunami Twelfth Twentieth Uncle Upstairs Vegetables Warehouse Volcano Weather Weekend Wool Worm Writer Yard