Take some time for yourself.


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A selection of the quietest spots in the World selected by Here&There concierge company where I am in charge for the online communication and content strategy.

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Take some time for yourself.

  1. 1. Take s ome time for yours elfThe perfect guide for a secluded and peaceful retreat, selected by Here&There Here & There 2012 H&T 1
  2. 2. Endémico, an eco-friendly capsule hotel in the core of the desert - Mexico This incredible brand new hotel, standing on the top of a hill in the wine-growing region of Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico, is composed of luxury cabins which will allow guests to be in close contact with nature. Endémico is the translation of Spanish Word endemic which means native to a specific region or environment, and this unique hotel was designed just to highlight the isolationSanyou Cave and its hanging restaurant  -  China. of the desert in which the hotel lays. The structu- re of the hotel is composed by 20 luxury cabinsIf you hit the road on a tour in China’s Yichang one of the reasons this cave’s attraction.The Yu with unobstructed views of the valley and eachCity, the Three Travellers’ Cave and the Yu Spring is located next to the Three Travellers’ one has private terrace. The rooms have modernSpring are the two main striking spots that Cave and is another sightseer spot. The “Jade comforts and deluxe touches with an edited se-you should not disregard. The “Sanyou Cave” Spring” (literally translated) is famous for its lection of furnishings. If you are desperatelyis located in a deep valley situated 10 kilome- clear springs and elegant surroundings. This seeking for relax this hotel provides the mosttres away from City of Yichang. It is tempera- spring earned its notoriety and being one of the comfortable space to retreat.te in winter and fresh during the summer with four finest picturesque spots of China.vast and beautiful views. Inside the cave you With all this sightseeing you will for sure be fa-can find three main stalagmites (the three trave- mished and looking for the ideal venue to havellers), which divide the cave into two chambers. your repast. You will not need to search too far.The chamber near the front is wide and brilliant The restaurant near the Sanyou cave above theand along its walls there are more than 40 sto- Chang Jiang River is the most impressive venuene tablets - caved with poems and prose made you will find in these surroundings. It is one offrom the famous poets when they tour this area. the most singular sites to dine due to its parti-The other chamber is murky and cavernous cular placing – it is placed at the top of the riverwith many odd stalactites. If you throw a sto- and, as you may see from the picture, surroun-ne at those stalactites, you will hear the echo ded by a grotto. With its breathtaking view itsound of a bell, will surely pro-yet when the vide you one ofstone falls in to the most un-the water you Concierge Service 24/7 based in Ibiza and Madrid. conventionalwill hear the Exclusive Events, Travel Planning, Luxury Villas, dinners thatecho sound of a Corporate Travel, Daily Comforts. you will everthump. This is www.hereandthere.eu experience.2 H&T Here & There 2012 Here & There 2012 H&T 3
  3. 3. The submerged Hotel: Poseidon Undersea Resort  -  Fiji Amangari Spa and Resort, a secluded retreat - Utha You will surely be impressed sible, which also contributed to a private dining room with a wine with this Resort Hotel. Its name boost its approval from environ- cellar. Two housing wings lead is Amangiri, “peaceful moun- mentalists who care for the local the pavilion into the wilderness: tain”, and it is actually located structure of the desert. The resort 16 suites are located within the in the desert of Utah near the is particularly secluded from any desert ward, and 18 other suites, Arizona border. With 243 hec- kind of commotion since it is lo- together with the Aman Spa, are tares of residential buildings, cated as far as a 25 minutes’ dri- located within the second ward.Located in the South Pacific dations were constructed as the use of acrylic, which has the the Amangiri is the largest hotel ve from the nearest town and 15 The Amangiri Aman Spa is anin the Fiji islands, about three prefabricated modules – with ability to maximize the viewing to be found in a desert in Ame- minutes’ from the famous Lake escape from the strains of thethousand kilometres east of the shape of individual capsu- while maintaining the structural rica. Most of the spaces of this Powell. Amangiri presents in his outside world and has an areaAustralia, a seven-star hotel les – and were arranged on both strength. The material is strong luxurious resort are dedicated luxurious reception a beautiful specialized in flotation therapy.was built. With the cost of more sides along a passageway joi- and completely transparent pro- to an audacious and modern ar- central pavilion which was com- The beautiful desert landscapethan $ 500 million, the Posei- ning the two core areas (where viding each suite with a safety chitecture which blends with its piled around the main pool - this offers a variety of outdoor acti-don Undersea Resort is part of the panoramic lifts lead to the factor of 6:1. The Poseidon’s external environment. The hotel dome embraces a stone cliff re- vities. The resort offers not onlyits premises at the bottom of surface). One of the cores has submarines offer tours, lectures boasts in its architecture colours sembling the resorts’ surroun- hiking and exploration, but aira “pond” at sea (surrounded a library, a conference room, a and other activities for guests, of natural tones and textures with dings. Inside the pavilion you tours, such as hot air ballooningby a coral atoll which forms chapel and a spa. On the other plus a variety of activities on the intention to mingle with the can find the living room, galle- and scenic air flights as well asan almost closed bay). It is the you can find the reception and land such as golf. The service at surroundings as much as pos- ries, a library, a dining room and water-based adventures.world’s first underwater resort a spectacular revolving restau- the Poseidon Undersea Resortand only place where you can rant, which rotates 360 degrees features six restaurants, sevenspend the night in luxury at 12 every 40 minutes. All areas bars, a dive shop, a water sportsmeters depth. This idea was of the submerged structure of centre and a retail boutique.born due to engineer L. Bruce the hotel are transparent. The Despite the high daily rates,Jones, who owns 20 years wor- structure of acrylic of the ac- this hotel has been sold out sin-king experience on submarine commodation provides a spec- ce its opening. Reservations attechnology and is president of tacular view of 270 degrees, the resort cost usually $ 30,000U.S. Submarines. The complex which allows contemplating per couple, per week, includingconsists of 20 underwater sui- the immense beauty of the sea four nights at the surface – twotes measuring 10 meters by 5.1 - sharks, stingrays, turtles, dol- nights at the bungalow in frontmeters, and a master suite – the phins and large schools of fish of the beautiful beaches of theNautilus Suite - with about 1,000 can be seen there. The resort‘s island, and two nights in thesquare meters. The accommo- project makes full advantage of submerged suites.4 H&T Here & There 2012 Here & There 2012 H&T 5
  4. 4. What we doAfter 5 years travelling around the globe, working in more than 30countries for institutions, companies and many of the most presti-gious organisations, this team of young and talented women havejoined forces to offer their clients a unique, unrivalled service, onethat no one can ever forget.We can see from an international perspective that from New Yorkto Milan, Dubai to Tokyo or Singapore to Seychelles, everyone hasunique needs so that is why we take a little from here and a bit fromthere to give personalised solutions, adapted to the taste, traditionsand expectations of each of our clients.Each project is a dream waiting to be a reality, a new challenge to reach.We invite you to dare, to dream… www.hereandthere.eu Text by Luís Silva6 H&T Here & There 2012