Social Media For Events, Wiener Center, UJA


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Lisa Colton presents at the Wiener Center at UJA Federation of New York.

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Social Media For Events, Wiener Center, UJA

  1. 1. Social Media For Events Lisa Colton See3 Communications / Darim Online @lisacolton TODAY’S HASHTAG: #ujaevents #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  2. 2. Agenda 1. 2. 3. 4. GOALS: why use social media at events BEFORE: marketing, recruitment, engagement DURING: conversation, deepening, amplifying AFTER: applying, disseminating, curating #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  4. 4. How Do You Influence? #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  5. 5. What Tools Do You Use? • • • • • • Twitter Facebook YouTube Text Messaging Livestreaming Hashtags #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  6. 6. BEFORE THE EVENT: Create a gravitational center, & exert force. #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  7. 7. Hashtags Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  8. 8. Centralized & Decentralized Use = Momentum #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  9. 9. Build Momentum Facebook shares are highest after someone has committed to the event. Create opportunities and content that’s worth sharing! #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  10. 10. Ian Schwartz Program Associate, BBYO #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  11. 11. Facebook Events Allows RSVP, shares, invite friends, discuss on the wall. #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON Use tactics to encourage RSVP and engagement, e.g. questions for speakers posted in advance.
  12. 12. And Can Be Shared… #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  13. 13. Debbie Seiden Project Manager, Jewish Futures The Jewish Education Project Curating voices around the issue to build momentum and engage a wider audience #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  14. 14. Drive Everything to Registration QR Codes link paper to online event registration Free: Paid has analytics #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  15. 15. What’s Your Gravitational Center? Let’s Practice! #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  16. 16. First: Who Are You? • If you were a car… • If you were a celebrity… • If you were a color … #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  17. 17. What Do You Need to Scaffold? #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  18. 18. Think, Pair, Share! • Pick an event • Articulate a goal • What’s your gravitational center? • What tool would you use? • What’s your voice? Value? • Craft it! #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  19. 19. Pre: Get Organized For Event • • • • • Hashtag & include in materials Live tweeting & Twitter wall plans Live blogging & guest bloggers plans Live stream broadcast Staffing video interviews and clips • Listen to early chatter #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  20. 20. DURING Live Coverage / Broadcast Break down the walls Bridge on site / on line Create sharable content Create connections in the room #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  21. 21. How Do You Influence? #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  22. 22. Live Stream #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  23. 23. Make It Easy: Anticipate Needs! • Display hashtag & handles of key people • Include in introductions • Include in signage and materials #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  24. 24. Twitter Walls: #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  25. 25. Jason Leibowitz Senior Program Manager, National Young Leadership The Jewish Federations of North America #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  26. 26. Design It In • Tweet in questions • Ask for input or reflections by Twitter or text • Like our page and post a photo • What’s one follow up action you’ll take following this event? • Text opt in / donations in the moment #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  27. 27. Text Message Participation #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  28. 28. Abby Wise Activities Coordinator, Beth El Synagogue Center #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  29. 29. Instagram Photo Feed Robinhood Foundation + Black Eyed Peas in Central Park #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  30. 30. Melissa Preminger Marketing Associate Friedberg JCC | Sunrise Day Camp Sh a re Yo u r Su n ris e WA LK S Ex p e rie n ce ! @ n ris e D a y Ca m p Su @ n ris e D a y Ca m p Su # Su n ris e WA LK S @ n ris e D a y Ca m p Su #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  32. 32. Live Tweeting • • • • • Capture key quotes, with presenter handle Share statistics Retweet others Highlight people, insights Share pics, vine videos #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  33. 33. Dashboards: HootSuite #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  34. 34. Live Blogging • May require a team. Who does what? • Do background research for nuggets that others won’t have. • Create a schedule – early, plenary, sessions, hallways, drinks. Think about variety of content. • Every post should have graphics and links. #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  35. 35. Capturing the Moment • • • • • Mini-video interviews Vine/Instagram videos “Roving Reporter” Photos Listening for insights -> guest blogger invites #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  36. 36. AFTER • Provide assets to support decentralized reporting, blogging • Keep conversation going • Penetrate deeper, impact • Keep people engaging with each other • LISTEN! LISTEN! LISTEN! #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  37. 37. Posting Assets for Use #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON • Photos on Flickr (with good tags & descriptions!) • Documents on Slideshare or Scribd • Videos on YouTube Make sure participants know these assets are available for them to use and embed and
  38. 38. Continue Conversation Ask questions & share resources in gathering spaces: •FB event •FB group or page populated by attendees •Using hashtag •Even on your own profile #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  39. 39. Joelle Berman Communications Manager NEXT: A Division of Birthright Israel Foundation #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  40. 40. Listening • Who’s tweeting? Who’s blogging? • Who is carrying forward the issues, not just the event • What memes maintained momentum? How can you build on that? • Who are nodes for next time? #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  41. 41. Measurement • • • • • • • • • Growth of network Activity Peer to peer connection Longevity Opt in Donations Long term retention Curation Amplification #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  42. 42. Final Thoughts • • • • • • Play! Try things personally Think about logistics, implications Get your staff personally connected Be purposeful, don’t just fill space Integrate channels Curate & converse #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON
  43. 43. Questions? Examples to share? #UJAEVENTS @LISACOLTON