Detroit social media policy


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Detroit social media policy

  1. 1. Developing a Social Media Policy DETROIT JEWISH EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION SOCIAL MEDIA ACADEMY The Social Media Academy is generously funded through a grant from Produced by
  2. 2. Our Goals for Today • To introduce the concept and importance of a social media policy for your school • To provide a framework and tangible takeaways for hosting this conversation in your school Note: While we will explore important issues, this is NOT the time to decide on particular policies for your setting.
  3. 3. [It doesn't work to] “Just take our organization and add some Internet.” -Clay Shirky
  4. 4. Strategy vs. Policy How to Get There vs. How to Be on the Way
  5. 5. The Value of a Social Media Policy Process Product ...and iterate with the seasons
  6. 6. Elements of the Policy Workbook • What does a SMP mean to you? • Organizational Values in Social Media • Social Media Roles • What Should You Say Online • Monitoring Policy • Responding to Negative Comments • Responding to Positive/Neutral Comments • Privacy and Permissions • Copyright and Attribution • Personal and Professional
  7. 7. Gathering Your Team Whose voices should be represented? How? At what point in the process? What do you want them to get out of being involved?
  8. 8. Existing Policies & Permissions How can/should they be integrated? What are your existing policies? Where is the overlap?
  9. 9. Voice, Vision, and Values Online Your policy can be more than a list of "Thou shalt nots..."
  10. 10. Translating Values Online Value How can we embody this value online? Curiosity/ Discovery
  11. 11. Translating Values Online Value How can we embody this value online? Curiosity/ Discovery • Asking questions (demonstrating our own curiosity) • Showing the students' journeys of Jewish discovery through pictures, videos, quotes, etc. • Talking about the value of curiosity and discovery in education • Sharing photos and asking friends/followers to "find" things in them (encouraging others to be curious and discover)
  12. 12. Pause...Before You Post • What three questions should you ask yourself before posting? • How can your values, mission, vision, or voice guide those questions? Put a pause between your fingers and the keyboard.
  13. 13. Who Can Post? • Who has posting permissions? • Admin permissions? • What guidelines do they need to follow?
  14. 14. • Names & Faces What’s ok to post and tag? When and how do you get permission?
  15. 15. Responding - The Good, Bad, & Ugly What are the implications for different kinds of responses, no response, deleting, reporting? How would this comment affect the community?
  16. 16. Inside & Out: Community Guidelines Define the boundaries of your sandbox... What are the expectations for "playing" in your space?
  17. 17. Monitoring Who is listening? What are expectations for responding? Where is your attention directed?
  18. 18. Personal and/or Professional Consider: • Personal posts • Personal time • Personal spaces • Professional posts • Professional time • Professional (official) spaces Where is the boundary?
  19. 19. Next Steps Use the Social Media Policy Workbook!
  20. 20. Thank You! Questions? Comments? Examples