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7.2012.semiotica web.casostudiofatw 7.2012.semiotica web.casostudiofatw Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Goals2. Strategy3. Campaign4. Actions5. Buzz Marketing & Tribes Relation
  • 1. Goals
  • Goals Goals• Bring the subject of Net Neutrality to the attention of public opinion;• Put forward the idea of the importance of a Free and Neutral network;• Encourage people to act upon and/or support real or symbolic actions in defence of such principles;• Create a communication platform to involve other business and institutional actors and to promote several CALL TO ACTIONS (both symbolic and political). freeastheweb.com 4
  • 2. Strategy
  • Strategy What is Web Campaigning?“Web Campaigning consists of a set of interactions carried out prevalently (but not exclusively) online, with a tangible and pragmatic objective. These interactions take place over a definite and restricted period of time, involving supporters, allies and opponents of a particular target at local, national or global level”. (Mosca/Santucci: 2008) freeastheweb.com 6
  • Strategy What is Web Campaigning?Il Web Campaigning:1. Develops prevalently online;2. Extends to other media too;3. Involves allies, opponents and supporters at local, national and global level;4. Pursues tangible and pragmatic objectives.Daria Santucci, University of Turin, Laboratory on Web campaigning, 2009 freeastheweb.com 7
  • Strategy Web Campaigning1. It develops prevalently online freeastheweb.com 8
  • Strategy Web Campaigning2. It extends to other media too freeastheweb.com 9
  • Strategy Web Campaigning3. It involves allies, opponents and supporters at local, national and global level• Video has documented the support that millions of Americans gave to Obama’s election campaign, participating in the political process and allowing for the establishment of a movement for change. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcRA2AZsR2Q freeastheweb.com 10
  • Strategy It involves allies, opponents and supporters at local, national and global level• Video has shown Barack Obama supporters gathering for the first time in New York City.• This event, organised by a group calling themselves NYC4Obama, was put together on the Internet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ll2XOJ7FEbcq freeastheweb.com 11
  • Strategy Web Campaigning4. Pursues tangible and pragmatic objectives freeastheweb.com 12
  • Strategy Pursues tangible and pragmatic objectives• Let’s Abolish Them is the name of a petition promoted by Andrea D’Ambra in 2006 against mobile phone recharging duty.• Thanks to 820,000 signatures and to Beppe Grillo, the Government, at the request of the European Commission, abolished mobile recharging duty in 2007.Daria Santucci, University of Turin, Laboratory on Web campaigning, 2009 freeastheweb.com 13
  • Strategy Kinds of web campaignsDaria Santucci, University of Turin, Ph.D. thesis, 2008 freeastheweb.com 14
  • Strategy Kinds of web campaignsDaria Santucci, University of Turin, Ph.D. thesis, 2008 freeastheweb.com 15
  • Strategy Web Campaign Typologies Web Campaign Typologies Interest Opinion Campaigns Campaigns freeastheweb.com 16
  • Strategy ThereforeOur will be more UNIVERSAL and OPINIONCAMPAIGN based on: 1. Internet, but not solely internet; 2. Spontaneous mobilization through strong identification (unafraid of losing control!); 3. Strong personal and experiential involvement (from users/participants); 4. Engagement of a more influential and institutional public that plays the role of Ambassador and a broader, less specialized, mass public that includes a widened user base. 5. Many symbolic and identitarian (but also political) CALL TO ACTIONS! freeastheweb.com 17
  • Strategy Point to “Engagement” freeastheweb.com 18
  • Strategy An involved person Each of us remembers: ·10% of what we read · 15% of what we hear · 80% of our personal experiences Brands need to create “experiences” to make people talk about them! freeastheweb.com 19
  • Strategy From a conventional flow . . . freeastheweb.com 20
  • Strategy …to an unconventional flow Viral Effect freeastheweb.com 21
  • Strategy Value of Communication• Innovators and precocious adopters are people who are willing to spread ideas and new fashions, also in regard to new products and services.• The people who make up the late-coming majority listen to these “influencers”. freeastheweb.com 22
  • Strategy Viral Vs Traditional Message Message people people freeastheweb.com 23
  • 3. Campaign
  • Campaign Big Idea! Big Idea! Strategy Inspire Involve Action BUZZ + PRESS OFFICE + SEEDING freeastheweb.com 25
  • Campaign Big Idea! Big Idea! Strategy Inspire Involve Action Step 1 (nov-jan) – Step 2 (jan-x) BUZZ + PRESS OFFICE + SEEDING freeastheweb.com 26
  • Cultural references
  • Campaign Cultural References freeastheweb.com 28
  • Campaign Cultural References http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjXyqcx-mYY freeastheweb.com 29
  • Campaign Cultural References freeastheweb.com 30
  • Campaign Cultural References freeastheweb.com 31
  • Campaign Cultural References freeastheweb.com 32
  • Campaign Cultural References freeastheweb.com 33
  • Campaign Cultural References freeastheweb.com 34
  • Campaign Cultural References freeastheweb.com 35
  • Campaign Cultural ReferencesDELETE !An artistic installation which has changedthe characteristics of Vienna : ChristophSteinbrener and Rainer Dempf removedall brands from the Old City Centre! freeastheweb.com 36
  • Campaign Cultural References freeastheweb.com 37
  • Campaign Cultural References freeastheweb.com 38
  • 3. Campaign Concept
  • Campaign Naming freeastheweb.com 40
  • Campaign Concept Free as the Web For a free and neutral Internet A personal claim that is transformed into support for a common cause. freeastheweb.com 41
  • Campaign Concept The Movement The movement is an expression of young and motivated citizens,professionals, entrepreneurs, students, univeristies, associations as:Codice Internet* (a no-profit organization that promotes Internet in italy guided by the TV journalist Marco Montemagno) www.codiceinternet.it Ninjamarketing* (a group of cultural creatives) www.ninjamarketing.it RENA*, Net for National Excellence (a young and no politcal association for improving best practices in Italy) www.progetto-rena.it *Endorsements are examples, to be confirmed. freeastheweb.com 42
  • Campaign Concept The Movementthe major Internet players (Google, Libero, Virgilio, Yahoo, etc.) support the movement for a Free and Neutral Net. freeastheweb.com 43
  • 4. Actions
  • 4. Actions (step 1)
  • Actions • PHASE 1 Think Tank ACTION STEP 1 (nov-jan) In the first step of the campaign we will: - create the website freeastheweb.com - create the think thank - recruite the ambassadors - communicate the born of the movement with an inspiring video - seed the viral gadgets - start a banner campaign freeastheweb.com 46
  • Actions • PHASE 1 Declinations Brand Channel Social Viral Media Video Team Think Blog Thank Gadget Widget Video Banner Seeding freeastheweb.com 47
  • Actions • PHASE 1 Think Tank Think TankA high-level “think tank” devoted to the campaign will be set up.Political and sociological strategists, strategy-planners, creative and media anthropologists will all work together: to define every strategic aspect of the campaign; to conceive the viral video; to create content for the blog. A few examples: Magnus Eriksson, Derrick De Kerkove, Marco Montemagno, etc. freeastheweb.com 48
  • Actions • PHASE 1 Think TankDerrick De Kerkove • He is the director of the McLuhan Programme in Culture and Technology, the author of “The Skin of Culture and Connected Intelligence” and a University professor in the French Language department of the University of Toronto. • At present he is a lecturer in the Sociology Facultyof the Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II where he givesCourses in "Methods and Analysis of Web Sources", "The Sociologyof the Digital Culture" and "The Sociology of Digital Art". freeastheweb.com 49
  • Actions • PHASE 1 Think Tank Adam Arvidsson | Derrick De KerckoveMagnus Eriksson | Marco Montemagno | Michelangelo Tagliaferri Luca De Biase | Alex Giordano e Mirko Pallera freeastheweb.com 50
  • Actions • PHASE 1 Web Site freeastheweb.comA blog and a YouTube Brand Channel will be the secretariat of the movement which will launch a series of activities designed to “mobilise” the various Network tribes. The Web Site will contain the Viral Video and contributions from well-known Web names on the topics of Net Neutrality and the Freedom of the Net. freeastheweb.com 51
  • Actions • PHASE 1 Viral Video Viral Video The institutional video of the campaign will be a current and poetic vision of the theme of Freedom. The tone will be exciting, captivating, meaningful and poetic. It will help to touch the depths, to ‘sting’, to soothe and to sear the soul,to strike, to entice and to reawaken in everyone their innate and instinctive sense of Freedom and sharing. This will serve as content to be fed onto the Web through the Social Media Team and YouTube. freeastheweb.com 52
  • Actions • PHASE 1 Cultural References freeastheweb.com 53
  • Actions • PHASE 1 Multimedia Widgets To allow all users to contribute to the causeof a Free and Neutral Net, manifesting on their own sites, blogs, social networks or instant message programs their adhesion to the movement. An electronic widget will be created. freeastheweb.com 54
  • Actions • PHASE 1 Cultural References freeastheweb.com 55
  • Actions • PHASE 1 Multimedia Banner “Im free as . . .” A campaign banner/display advertising will facilitate access to the brand channel. The banner first allows you to write something, then it erases what you have written giving you the following message: "Support the campaign for a Free and Neutral Net” freeastheweb.com 56
  • Actions • PHASE 1 Social Media Team Social Media Team The Social Media Team will deal with: - feeds of and disseminating the viral video; - co-ordinating the contents of the blog/brand channel; - managing the assigned social networks; - monitoring the campaign. freeastheweb.com 57
  • 4. Actions (step 2)
  • Actions • PHASE 2 Think Tank ACTION STEP 2 (nov-X) In the second step of the campaign we will: • activate the CALLS TO ACTION: - free as a musician - free as a director - free as a webber - free as.. • Totem of Internet Freedom • Subscription to the Movement • Traditional Media campaign (TO BE DEFINED) freeastheweb.com 59
  • Actions • PHASE 2 Declinations Web Site Buzz Contests Marketing Ambient Radio Branded Print Ad Entert. freeastheweb.com 60
  • Actions • PHASE 2 Sountrack Music Free as the Web will be a musical track, the soundtrack of every thought and action linked to the movement for a Free and Neutral Internet. A joyous hymn, a chorus, easy to listen to, easy to sing and cathartic, capable of giving vent to frustrations and creating space for the excitement of feeling part of a collective movement.A song to liberate and give vent to everybody’s Freedom. freeastheweb.com 61
  • Actions • PHASE 2 Cultural References freeastheweb.com 62
  • Actions • PHASE 2 Audio Format I’m Free as a Musician The musical movement for a Free and Neutral Net.A creative competition, devoted to musicians and DJs, to realize the official cover of the movement for the Freedom of the Net. freeastheweb.com 63
  • Actions • PHASE 2 Video Format I’m Free as a Director The video movement for a Free and Neutral Net.A creative competition, devoted to video-makers, directors and visual artists, to make their video contribution about the Freedom of the Net. freeastheweb.com 64
  • Actions • PHASE 2 Video Format freeastheweb.com 65
  • Actions • PHASE 2 Photo Format I’m Free as a WebberThe photographic movement for a Free and Neutral Net. A photographic format for all Net users who want to show their faces! freeastheweb.com 66
  • Actions • PHASE 2 Nano-Publishing I’m Free as a Blogger Special White Net Day A day of visual “blackout” of the contents of blogs and of nano-publishing sites. freeastheweb.com 67
  • Actions • PHASE 2 Multimedia Banner “Im free as . . .” The banner first allows you to write something, then it erases what you have written giving you the following message: "Support the campaign for a Free and Neutral Net” freeastheweb.com 68
  • Actions • PHASE 2 Press Campaign Print Ad The search for – Freedom - has not produced any result in any document. What would Net research be like without Freedom. freeastheweb.com 69
  • freeastheweb.com 70
  • Actions • PHASE 2 Outdoor BillboardWhite with the “Free as the Web” slogan accompanied by colours and felt tip pens to encourage interaction. Leave your contribution to Freedom, don’t let the Net stay white! freeastheweb.com 71
  • Actions • PHASE 2 Outdoor freeastheweb.com 72
  • Actions • PHASE 2 Street Video Box An empty space, open to all, where users can registerand share their own video contributions to a Free and Neutral Net, where the camera lens represents the sheet of white paper waiting to be filled. freeastheweb.com 73
  • Actions • PHASE 2 Ambient TotemIn squares, streets and at pedestrian crossings, to inform and involve everyone in the movement for a Free and Neutral Net. Totems with monitors where all the creative contributions (audio, photos and video) created by users and present on the website can be visualized in a random sequence by passers-by. freeastheweb.com 74
  • Actions • PHASE 2 Ambient Installation All we produce does not exist! (they are only files, remember that!).A “monument” created by the web that leaves a real mark, visible and tangible proof, a strong message that does not fear “formatting”. (and especially visible from Google Earth!!!) freeastheweb.com 75
  • freeastheweb.com 76
  • Actions • PHASE 2 Multimedia Widgets To allow all users to contribute to the causeof a Free and Neutral Net, manifesting on their own sites, blogs, social networks or instant message programs their adhesion to the movement. freeastheweb.com 77
  • Actions • PHASE 2 Gadget Knick-knacks T-shirts, caps, badges, plastic magnets with the slogan “Free as the Web” so everybody can show their membership of the movement and contribute to the spread of the campaign as Freedom Ambassadors. freeastheweb.com 78
  • Actions • PHASE 2 Gadget freeastheweb.com 79
  • Actions • PHASE 2 Gadget freeastheweb.com 80
  • Buzz Marketing5.& Tribes Relation
  • Buzz Marketing & Tribes Relation Buzz Marketing & Tribes Relation• To foster access to the site and to spread information regarding its activities online it is necessary to stimulate network buzz through relations with sites, newsgroups, blogs;• The means with which it is possible to support the launch of the site and the initiative are the Internet, the activity of Buzz Marketing and of Tribes Relation;• Launch activities and assessment of viral videos and their activities will be overseen by the viral media centre 2.0 VIRAL BEAT. freeastheweb.com 82
  • Buzz Marketing & Tribes Relation Buzz Marketing & Tribes Relation• The activity of Buzz Marketing+Tribes Relation allows us to: 1. Develop and fuel conversations; 2. Monitor and analyse conversations over the Net;• This activity is aimed at involving the influencers who foster the spread of news.• Everything is aimed at generating general interest and curiosity about a site, a product or in multimedia content. freeastheweb.com 83
  • Buzz Marketing & Tribes Relation Consumer Experience freeastheweb.com 84
  • Buzz Marketing & Tribes Relation Why Internet?• Any discussion and/or judgement present on the Net is able to influence other people’s opinions on that subject;• Because a high number of opinion leaders are on the Net;• The Internet is a “free” medium where everyone can express their opinions freely and where thousands of conversations take place every day. freeastheweb.com 85
  • Buzz Marketing & Tribes Relation Buzz Marketing & Tribes Relation• The activities of Buzz Marketing & Tribes Relation will be initiated and supported by preset activities with the following objectives: • Direct traffic to the site; • Nurture curiosity and word of mouth online; • Increase the element of “coolness” and “current-ness” of the brand; • Generate media buzz. freeastheweb.com 86
  • Buzz Marketing & Tribes Relation The Activity• The strategy at the base of the activity is made up of different steps: 1. Audit 2. Analysis e strategy 3. Relation 4. Reporting freeastheweb.com 87
  • Buzz Marketing & Tribes Relation AuditThe audit phase and predisposition of the basic toolsIdentification and mapping of all the virtual communitiesand people potentially interested in the activity.• These communities are recognised in the form of : • Sites/Forums • Newsgroups • E-mail lists • Blogs• Creation of an ad hoc database. freeastheweb.com 88
  • Buzz Marketing & Tribes Relation Analysis and StrategyThe phase of analysis and strategyElaboration of an approach strategy that respectsthe symbolic and psychological codes of the target.• In order to achieve this it is necessary to study the IT system in which the discussion takes place: who takes part, how the discussion happens, what the rules of the community are and the ways the members relate to one another.• This phase will be managed by an anthropologist who is an expert in online communication and tribes. freeastheweb.com 89
  • Buzz Marketing & Tribes Relation RelationThe relation phaseSeeding information through contact with bloggers,signaling information to selected forums, newsgroupsand sites.• Contact with the “influencers” is often a psychological task requiring initiation in different ways according to particular cases. freeastheweb.com 90
  • Buzz Marketing & Tribes Relation ReportingThe reporting phaseAnalysis of generated conversations and disseminationof news about the campaign.• Periodic reporting to the Client on activity results. freeastheweb.com 91
  • Buzz Marketing & Tribes Relation Reporting• For monitoring activities we will make use of a system of qualitative research capable of monitoring and analysing the conversations generated on the Net, more or less spontaneously.• This system of analysis allows us to monitor periodically changes of opinions present on the Net concerning the brand and its activities.• The discussions generated are collected in report documents processed by our specific software. freeastheweb.com 92
  • Buzz Marketing & Tribes Relation Monitoring• The system of monitoring we have adopted allows us to: • Evaluate the effectiveness of the entire communication campaign; • Monitor perceptions of the brand on the Net; • Single out over time those opinions that could damage the reputation of the brand; • Know the opinion of users about products and services and discover therefore, what their needs and/or desires are. freeastheweb.com 93
  • Buzz Marketing & Tribes Relation Analysis of Conversations: Statistics These images synthesise the data gathered online regarding Dior products.Key Information on opinionsOpinions on product lines Information about who has expressed opinions freeastheweb.com 94
  • Buzz Marketing & Tribes Relation Map of Perception These graphs show opinions expressed by consumers, opinion leaders and other subjects on sites, forums and blogs. The opinions concern specific attributes of the trade mark and/or the product. freeastheweb.com 95
  • Mirko Pallera Giancarlo Catuccijonin - strategic & creative director account managermirko@ninjalab.it giancarlo.catucci@ninjalab.it info@ninjalab.it